Saturday, October 17, 2009

REVIEW: Butt Bouncers

Looking over list of movies to review on the blog, I could have sworn I reviewed this video on the porncast. This Robert Van Damme video should have been reviewed on the podcast by virtue of the first scene alone. In that scene, Bobby is recruiting bouncers for his bar's Halloween party and first up is Brodie Newport. Van Damme gets him into the kitchen and proceeds to fuck him in dozen of positions, kissing him in each one of them. Great sex, but it ends with Van Damme throwing him out of the bar, on the theory that if Bobby could take him that easily, he wouldn't make much of bouncer.

Scene two has a hot threeway between delivery guys Josh West, Mike Power and Geoffrey Paine. Scene three rivals scene one in degree of hotness, with bartender C.J. Madison putting his help Dean tucker through his paces, with a snowballing finale. DJ Brad Rock and Peter Axel follow in the next scene, with Peter as an active bottom. The final scene, the found bouncers, Tyler Saint and Coby Mitchell, hook up with Tyler bottoming in a scene that is both hot and romantic. Overall a cool and hot movie in Robert Van Damme's reletively new line of flicks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

REVIEW: My Bareback BFF (Best Friend Fucker)

First, why can't it be "My BBFF"? Seems like a catchier title, but of course it violates #9 of the 10 Things I Hate About Gay Porn; "Our customers are too dumb to know its bareback unless "bareback" is in the title." That aside, this is a pretty good BB video.

Its not at all heavy on plot, but there is some genuine hot sex. The first scene is between Adian Storm and Andrey Barclay, with a flip-flop, and scene two has Dustin Myers fucking Jack McCoy. Scene three is not only physically intense, with Felix West giving it hard to Talon Dragotta (which is literally a "drag" name), but verbally intense as Talon barking out orders, behaving like the ultimate pushy bottom. Scene four has a pair of Calebs, Caleb Thorn and Caleb Storm, in a nice scene. In the last scene, five of the boys from prior scenes are up on a balcony with Talon Dragotta sucking them all off in turn. Caleb Thorn's mouth is the receptacle for all of the cum shots in the last scene, it what has become traditional bareback finish. As I said before, not a bad video, with an emphasis on twinks.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Look at South Beach Diaries Exposed

South Beach Diaries Exposed 2 Disc Get an inside look at the 5 time gayvn nominated debut of one of the most talked about companies in porn ASG entertainment. Featuring never before seen moments of the making of this film as well as Angel Skye and Brad Star together for one last bow!

Monday, October 12, 2009

REVIEW: Young Gay Cum Eaters Orgy

Okay, the title is no a lie. They are young, they are gay and most of them eat cum. And while most listeners to the porncast know that orgy videos are not my favorite, I must review this video because I know the videographer (a Mr. I.M. Blind, if you must know). The video starts out with the YGCEs dancing, although some are apparently incapable of dancing (think spasming) and the rest are too cool to dance. Mercifully the sex starts and the dancing stops.

Normally, I complain about orgy flicks because as soon as you get interested in one couple or threesome, the focus shifts to some others, less interesting. No danger here (from my perspective) because they are equally attractive or not. Some of the sex is okay, but nothing to write home about. Which raises the question: "Evan, why are you reviewing this?" Hey, if this was in the bargain bin, might be worth picking up, as the sex is not bad, but that's not saying that much. Consider this a "buy" rating if nothing better is available.

REVIEW: The Road Home

A classic in many ways, this second in the Hot House "Road" series is one of my favorites. Starring Todd Gibbs, he plays Calvin, searching for his birth parents. This takes him to the county records office where he uses hot sex as a bribe to get information out of Beau Saxon. He gets a ride from Matt Bradshaw, who he jerks off in the pick up truck, before Matt has a hot go-round with Jordan West. There's also a strange "encounter" with Ryan Idol, playing a priest, who jerks off to Todd's confessions. Todd also has a hot sex with Cole Youngblood and Tony Cummings in the barn, a great scene. Todd eventually finds out his dad had a lover and sets out to find him, happening into Marcello Reeves, Nino Bacci (in one of his first appearances) and Dan Brewer already having sex. We get to see Todd topping and this scene lets us see all of the sex without shorting anyone. The eventual reunion between Todd and his dad occurs during the closing credits. This is a great sex film, one of the early and best Hot House vids. A little plot, a lot of hot sex and Todd Gibbs to the max!


Okay, first, a funny story. I'm reviewing this video, and my partner Fang notices the cover. His eyes get like sauers and he's asks what this video is for. "I reviewing it," I say and I think I see relief on his face, that I'm not going to "make him do " anything depicted. I'm not sure I would even if he wanted to, because, as advertised, this video is extreme.

If looking at the cover doesn't send you running for the hills, this might be the video for you. As the cover says, this video runs the gamut (including "fucking" of all things). The first scene has Nick Piston and Ty Hudson, and the second has Daniel Dixx and Rick Powers. You might think that two scenes is not too long, but at two hours the scenes are quite long, and seem really long if you're not into the particular fetish. This includes extreme vacuum pumping, sounding, whipping, and deep punch fisting. If that's not your cup of tea, avoid this one; but if you're into fetish, this is everything wrapped up in one tidy package.