Monday, October 12, 2009

REVIEW: The Road Home

A classic in many ways, this second in the Hot House "Road" series is one of my favorites. Starring Todd Gibbs, he plays Calvin, searching for his birth parents. This takes him to the county records office where he uses hot sex as a bribe to get information out of Beau Saxon. He gets a ride from Matt Bradshaw, who he jerks off in the pick up truck, before Matt has a hot go-round with Jordan West. There's also a strange "encounter" with Ryan Idol, playing a priest, who jerks off to Todd's confessions. Todd also has a hot sex with Cole Youngblood and Tony Cummings in the barn, a great scene. Todd eventually finds out his dad had a lover and sets out to find him, happening into Marcello Reeves, Nino Bacci (in one of his first appearances) and Dan Brewer already having sex. We get to see Todd topping and this scene lets us see all of the sex without shorting anyone. The eventual reunion between Todd and his dad occurs during the closing credits. This is a great sex film, one of the early and best Hot House vids. A little plot, a lot of hot sex and Todd Gibbs to the max!

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