Friday, May 29, 2009

T.R. Photo at the Grabbys

Blog writer and porn fan T.R. goes to the Grabbys last weekends and gets some hot shots. Make sure to check out the podcast this week for his take on meeting his favorite porn stars. To see all 27 hot photos, Click Here!

Even as a Blood Thursty Zombie Francois Sagat is Sexy

Here are some shots of Porn God Francois Sagat in Bruce Labruce solo exhibition in LA called "Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project." I don't know about you... but I would let him have some of my flesh.

To see the more of the hot photos check out Francois Web Site

Damien Cross Francesco D'Macho Big Gay Wedding

That’s right boys; Raging Stallion's Damien Cross and Francesco D'Macho are off the market. Damien, stars in award winning films like "To the Last Man" and "Men's Room Ozark Mtn." and is a porn favorite.

He got married in Madrid Spain in front of a small group of friend and family who came from all over the world. Guest "Cristian" writes in his blog "Francesco cried like a baby when Damien was reading his promise... and it was very moving to see the support of their mothers and relatives blessing their love!"

The real life married couple will star in Raging Stallion new DVD Called "Porn Stars in Love" to be released later this month. "My intention is to catch some authenticity, moments of vulnerability and, of course, down-and-dirty sex," director Ben Leon said. "I think these four scenes each have real and distinct personality and intense man-on-man action."

If you haven't seen our photos of Damien from a DC Bar getting nice and nasty, make sure to check them out.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jason Adonis Returns to Porn

The brawny, blue-eyed bodybuilder ends a two-year hiatus with a solo vignette for Colt Studio that is currently streaming online. Adonis will anchor a forthcoming edition of the company's multi-awarded solo-wank series “Minute Man.”

I have always admired Jason Adonis’ physique, but never did I realize just how big he is in real life," studio principal John Rutherford said. "From his hands to his feet, and of course everything in between, Jason doesn't disappoint."

"Whether you are a connoisseur of solo action or not, this scene from our ‘Minute Man’ series will rock you off your chair," a studio rep said.

Adonis shot about 20 films between 2002 and 2007 and has his own Dildo, "Jason Adonis Supercock". He quickly became one of gay adult's most popular performers via such films as "The Farmer's Son" and "Wet Palms" (both Jet Set Productions) as well as "Through the Woods," "Born 2B Bad" and "Taking Flight" for Falcon Studios, which released a "Best of Jason Adonis" compilation several years ago.

Houston Biggest Bottom State in US

If you a Top... get ready to move! So it seems TheSword has compiled some statistics from Craigslist Data and come up with the city that has the most bottoms is Houston TX with 70%. Miami, San Francisco and LA are also high in bottoms and DC and New York seem to have the most Tops around (good news for me).

Gillette Tells us Trimming the Bush Makes the Tree Look Taller

I cant tell you how many times I am asked how to get rid or hair... now Gillette give you some shaving hints.

Sexy Underware Recalled because of Nazi's

A UK fashion retailer has recalled range of men's underwear after complaints it featured an image of Adolph Hitler. Spokesman of the retailer says that it was withdrawing the remaining 5,200 pairs.

"We have checked with the designer who confirmed the image was inspired by Lenin. Nonetheless, if even one customer is offended or upset we are happy to withdraw the range."

I guess they are going to have a big bond fire and burn all the offending undies

Closeted Movies Star Wishes for Bigger Tool

Ok... so this is one of those blind items gossip things, but on they state that a Closeted B list movie and television actor keeps asking his tricks during sex "What do you think of my Dick. Tell me you like it" and won’t shut up. Evidently he's is not getting any repeat business. Though the blog won't say for sure who it is... here are some of the frontrunners.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colt Gear Expands its Line with 3 Ass Toys

Colt and California Exotic Novelties is aggressively moving into the male sex toy market with 3 new ass toys. Colt Buddy, Knocker and Big Vibe are all made just for men.

"We're applying the technology and innovation we put in all of our products into the new COLT products. Our male customers were looking for the durability and versatility that makes an adult toy a pleasure," said Jackie White, CalExotics vice president of sales.

The COLT Butt Buddy and Knocker are a "strong and rugged" vibrating butt plug constructed from "sturdy PVC," the company said. "At its base is a suction cup for secure placement to hold it fast to any surface. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it promises quite a ride."

The COLT Big Vibe is an "anatomically enhanced vibrating dong with continually revolving, heavy-duty metal beads inside it that provide a unique up-and-down motion," the rep said.

Constructed from PVC, the Big Vibe features include a "sturdy, man-sized grip handle, independent control panel with multi-speed reversible bead rotation, and a multi-speed vibration control. Powered by 4 C batteries, the Big Vibe can take you to new places."

Colt sure knows how to make a bottom happy!

Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith Interview Paul Wagner

Head honchos Steven Scarborough from Hot House Videos interviews exclusive Paul Wagner, who debuted in Skuff 3 and HeadHunters 2.

Falcon Works Up a Sweat With 'The Trainer'

All-male production house Falcon Studios is working up a sweat with "The Trainer" starring Adam Killian alongside studio exclusives Ty Colt and Leo Giamani.
Helmer John Bruno directed the film costarring TJ Hawke, Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric and Hunter Vance.

Castmate Trent Davis is a exclusive on loan. Giamani shares co-exclusive status between Falcon and RandyBlue; that deal was announced in March.

"The Trainer" features sports, weightlifting and other cardio training as a backdrop for various sexcapades. "The gym proves to be the perfect hunting ground for hot guys to stretch their muscles and sweat it out," a studio rep said. "Everyone can use a helping hand — and more — when working out."

"All that physical training and body conditioning can be more rewarding with someone sweating at your side. So get with the program, find a buddy and make sure all that hard work pays off on the end."

The four-scene film begins with a duo pairing Hawke and Vance, followed by a much-touted threeway anchored by Killian with Colt and Giamani.

Final two scenes pair the Jarics together (they are real-life boyfriends who only work together) and Davis with Colt.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some of Grabby's Winners

Falcon Studios gets inducted into the Grabbys Wall of Fame for the years they have gotten us off. The Big Winner of the night was Raging Stallion Studios' "The Drifter" that took Best Movie. The hottest tattooed stud Logan McCree wins Best Actor (he always gets me hard just looking at him). Diesel Washington win for Best Pornstar Blog, Dean Flynn wins for Best Versatile Performer and Best Three Way goes to "To The Last Man" and Scott Tanner wins Best Supporting Actor. Best Group: Chad Hunt, Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler and Phenix Saint, Endgame (Dirty Bird Pictures)

Also during the festivities, Hot House Entertainment chief Steven Scarborough was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Steve Jerome, Troy Prickett, Robert Van Damme and Spike were added to the Wall of Fame.

The gala awards ceremony was part of a weekend of events that annually brings together the Grabbys, the International Mr. Leather competition and Bear Pride. Many of the events benefitted Test Positive Aware Network, which raises money for HIV testing and education.

Grabby 09 Chi Chi Jokes with Brent Corrigan about GayVN Drama

This weekend Chi Chi jokes around with Corrigan about scary Russians and Diesel Washington Fierce Mother.

Mr Texas is Winner of IML

I don't know how you would have picked the winner from these hot leather studs but Jeffrey Payne is International MR Leather 2009 and first runner up is Brendan McGovern, Mr. Leather Ottawa and Second Runner up is Alan Penrod, Mr. Atlanta.

Johnny Hazzard get down to Moving Into Light