Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Samuel Colt First American Porn Star in Korea

The very hunky Samuel Colt is the first American Porn star to entertain Korea. Samuel performed live and nud on stage at club Pulse in Seoul. “I fucked myself with a beer bottle in front of 1000 cheering fans,” he tweeted ;-) Too bad, I can find only 1 video clip uploaded by one of Samuel’s Korean fan. He was such a hit that they are already planing having him back with Chris Porter.

Olympic US Gymnast Danell Leyva MenoniPhone

He might have only gotten bronze, but he is all Gold to us.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gay for Pay Actor Teacher Gets Fired

High school English teacher Kevin Hogan, exposed as gay performer Hytch Cawke in November by FOX Undercover News, is no longer an employee of the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School.

Hogan’s contract, which expired at the end of June, was not renewed by Mystic Valley, but instead allowed to run its course, paying out  Hogan — who had not been fired but put on leave — the $58,000 owed to him for the year.

Hogan, who was also chairman of the school's English department and a crew coach, was discovered in 2010 to have performed in three gay videos: Magnus Studio's “Fetish World,” Top Dog Production's “Just Gone Gay 8” and Epic Distribution's “Ass Fucked by a DILF 2.”

Monday, July 30, 2012

C1R Releases New Twin Movie "Two is Wetter Than One"


Identical twins Liam and Luca Rosso are back,in their third outing at C1R. The company said the first two movies, "Brother Fucker" and "Spitting Image: Twin Trouble," were successful and the studio hopes to continue the trend with this new release.

The movie marks the first time that the twins erotically interact with each other and then with Alex Andrews. "The Rosso twins have not disappointed in the past and this scene with Alex is the best so far," LaRue said. "It's been a hot summer so far and it's only going to get hotter with this movie."

Naked in the Woods Twink Dance

When the mood strikes you to move your body and get down, you do it. Even naked alone in the woods, this boy is cute.

US Men's Gymnastics

Damn...these men are fine.