Thursday, August 16, 2007

AMG Brasil’s Guess the Porn Star Contest

AMG Brasil is having a great contest to promote their hot new two part release. Amazonia: Capture and Amazonia Release. Can you be the one to guess who the hot well known mystery porn star is? Go to this link and check it out, Prizes include an iPhone, props from the flicks, and signed DVDs. AMG will post 3 clues and photos of the mystery stud each week and the contest runs until Aug 26. Evan and I are very excited to see who this lucky stud is, to be in gang bang with all those hot Brazilian men. Make sure to check back to see who is revealed as the Mystery star. We will post the answer here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Video Reviews from GPT#112

Okay, I've pre-hashed about both the week's videos before. Rush and Release is Matthew Rush's video directorial debut and Falcon has been touting it to beat the band. It's fairly run-of-the-mill for Falcon and for a directorial debut, I would give it high marks. It's not outstanding (three splats worth) but there are some really hot moments. The last scene with Eric Rhodes and Marc Williams is the best and they seem to have the most on-scene chemistry. I also liked Matthew Rush's commentary and the behind-the-scenes stuff. I know it sounds like I wasn't really wowed by it and I guess it was good but not great. I prefer to see more of Mr. Rush in front of the camera than behind it.

The second video, Carioca: Sarado, from AMG Brasil, I am a bit more excited about. Sure it got the same number of splats {***} as the other video, but you see that this is a series of solos. Long time listeners might know that I tend not to be a big fan of the solo JO videos, so three splats from me might be the same as a rave from someone else. I thought that the 1st, 4th and 6th scenes were the best, with Yago Mendoça (on the cover), Diego Marques and Kauã Campos, respectively. All of the scenes are sensual and the models do a great job of making the viewer into the voyeur that they need to be to enjoy the action. Having a hot body is one thing (and a very good thing!); knowing how to use it is quite another! Great video and I look forward to seeing all of these Brazilian guys in action (with other guys) soon!

Video Review from GPT#111

Let’s talk about process. Think of it like a peek behind the curtain, here at GayPornTalk, or GPT, as we insiders call it. In terms of video reviews, leaving out toy reviews, we do about 100 video reviews a year. I say we, because Paulie is as much a part of the video review process as I am. I pick out the videos, write up the notes, but Paulie adds another dimension to the review process. (Faithful listeners will recognize this scenario: I start out a review, say that Paulie should remember the video, Paulie doesn’t and then half way through the review, he suddenly remembers the video!) The review process is not arduous, but it does take time.

Normally, I probably watch at least four times as many videos a year as I review on the podcast. (That’s about 400 videos, for the math challenged). I normally watch a video three times over the course of a review: once for general impression, generally with some fast forwarding; a second time with emphasis on scenes and things that I think should be noted in the review; and lastly, reviewing the scenes to find screen captures and annotate weird dialogue. I think that if I were writing the review online, I would probably watch them more, but I think that for oral reviews on the podcast, this is enough.

There are several studios that forward screeners to us and other studios that do not. Right now (hint, hint) sending in a screener is a great way of getting your video reviewed, because a majority of the ‘big’ studios don’t send us screeners. Other times, the sponsor, Gay Cheap Porn, will send we a video to review and other times I scour video stores to find videos to review. I also try to review videos from several studios and try to always get to the studio’s ‘big releases.’ In general, if I don’t like a video, I won’t review it on the podcast because there are so many other videos that I do like that I can feature.

That brings me to “Rocks and Hard Places” from Sarava Productions, directed by Kristen Bjorn. I found it a local video store, had been wanted to see and review it. I loved this movie, as it was cinematic, hot sex scenes, where there was real mystery about what roles the actors will play. (Unlike a lot of other videos, where we know who’s a top and never will bottom) The sex is fluid and the scenery adds to the passion evidenced in the scenes. I gave it 4 splats where the two disc set is worth every splat! After we did this review on the podcast, I got a call from the webmaster for Gay Cheap Porn that they couldn’t find the video from any distributor. They usually feature the videos we review prominently on their site and I hate to be the wooden shoe in the gears. I am glad to report that Sarava has officially released “Rocks and Hard Places” so that it is now featured at Gay Cheap Porn. Go get this truly exceptional video.