Friday, January 4, 2008

Topco Sales Adult Sex Toys Turns 35 and Goes Green

Topco Sales, makers of Adult Toys Lines like Rascal , Hustler, and TLC celebrates 35 years in the business and announces for the New Year a company wide “Commitment to Green” initiatives. Recycling, water filtration, solar energy, and other ways of reducing carbon footprints are all either being implemented or considered.

Desiree Duffie, public relations for Topco states "As a leader in adult novelty manufacturing for 35 years, we now look ahead to the next 35 years—and beyond. We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and the responsibility we have as one of the world's largest novelty manufacturers. Topco Sales' 'Commitment to Green' will help shed a positive light on the adult toy industry as a whole. It starts at the top and our efforts will benefit our distributors, online retailers, brick and mortar stores and ultimately the end-user,"

Now you can get off and take care of the environment at the same time!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

4 Pack Dvd’s More Porn Bang for your Buck

Now a four pack of Dvd’s for only $34.95 (that’s only 8.73 per movie) from Blue Pictures is cheaper than renting or downloading. The Dvd Pack is themed like “Bareback” ( with Bareback Forest, Totally Bareback, Bare My Back, and Bareback Fantasies ) or “Huge Cocks” (with He's so Big, Size Does Matter, Hung, and King Pin). All the titles are classic and have been re-mastered . Make sure to check them out.

Bad Boy Sebastian Young Bottoms for 1st time

Top, tattooed bad boy, Jet Set Men exclusive, star of videos like Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2 and Proven Straight ,bottoms for the 1st time (at least on screen) for Chris Steele’s latest “Big Dick Society”.

I’m sure he wont forget his first ass pounding any time soon when he found himself on all 4 atop a pool table with Hung 10 inch Trevor Knight getting his cherry. The scene is part of a threeway that also debuts newcomer ultra hung Darren Rodman.

Chris Steele says “Young initially was hesitant to bottom on film. Every time I have worked with Sebastian, I couldn't take my eyes off his ass. I kept telling him with an ass like that he was going to have to give it up sooner or later. Finally, he agreed."

This late spring release also stars Chad Hunt, Barrett Long, Cort Donovan, Tommy Deluca, Cam Kurtz, Antonio Madiera and Jonathan Lowe. Should be a “Huge” Hit!

Science Proves the difference between St8 Guy and Gays are a few Beers

Well... not exactly, but it does add credence to what all gay men know. A few beers and the straightest guy will get off with you.

Fruit flies that develop homosexual tendencies when drunk may help reveal how alcohol loosens human sexual inhibitions, claim researchers. Scientist feed alcohol to fruit flies in an experimental “flypub” have demonstrated that once intoxicated, the sexual inhibitions of male fruit flies are loosened and the flies begin to demonstrate a willingness to copulate with the same sex. They even have little fly gang bangs. reports:
"The researchers got the flies drunk on the fumes of an ethanol-doused cotton pad placed at the base of the chamber, and filmed them using a camera held above the Flypub’s transparent ceiling. Male Drosophila will normally only court females, following them and vibrating their wings in a courtship 'song', before attempting to copulate. The first time they were exposed to alcohol, groups of male flies became noticeably intoxicated but kept themselves to themselves. But with repeated doses of alcohol on successive days, homosexual courtship became common. From the third day onwards, the flies were forming 'courtship chains' of up to five amorous males."

The temperature-triggered release of the brain chemical dopamine was identified as the key element behind the change in behavior.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Homosexuality trumps war, poverty, genocide among Pope's concerns

On Worlds Peace Day, Jan 1st the spiritual leader of more than a billion people of the world thinks that being gay is more a concern than poverty, looming crisis of nuclear weapon, environment and war.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict (Hitler) XVI issued his message for World Peace Day. Entitled "The Human Family, A Community of Peace," the message argues that peace begins with the family. That's a reasonable point. But then the pope writes, "Everything that serves to weaken the family based on the marriage of a man and woman ... constitutes an objective obstacle on the road to peace."
Having implicitly named homosexuality as an obstacle to world peace in his fifth paragraph, the pope then waits until the seventh paragraph to mention the environment, the ninth to mention poverty and the second-to-last to mention war and violence.

It’s hard for me to fathom that love between two people, any sex can be such an issue to top all the things going on in this world.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Titan Men Media Teams up with Doc Johnson

Powerhouse Doc Johnson sex toys has announced a partnership with Titan Media beginning in 2008. Doc Johnson will exclusively produce all Titan Men molds as well as other products. Can’t wait to see what hot studs will cast their huge cocks.

Doc Johnson began shifting its manufacturing process in 2007 with the introduction of the Sil-A-Gel component, a cadmium- and latex-free additive that gives products its nontoxic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Beginning in 2008, the company's entire U.S.-manufactured line will include Sil-A-Gel.

Happy New Year for some Gay Couples in New Hampshire

37 couples of gay and lesbian couples entered into civil unions early moments of New Year’s Day as a new state law legalized the partnerships after midnight.

New Hampshire's civil unions law — enacted by the Democrat-dominated Legislature early last year and signed by Democratic Gov. John Lynch in May, gives same sex couples the same rights, responsibilities and obligations of marriage without calling the union a marriage. New Hampshire is the fourth state in the nation to allow civil unions.

After making brief group vows together, couples walked through an archway decorated with rainbow ribbons and a "just married" banner to meet officiants for individual ceremonies. As they walked through, fireworks from the city's New Year's celebration lit up the sky.

What a great way to celebrate the New Year and bet you never would forget an anniversary.