Friday, September 12, 2008

DC Cowboys get Wet and Wild

Our local gay cowboy dance troupe hit it big with America's Got Talent this year. I'm sure all their new fans will be happy to know they just came out with another calendar.

Check out their website for a behind the scenes video and don't forget to purchase a copy because 50% of the proceeds benefit Paul Malerba Foundations for HIV/AIDS research.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moments of Silence Mark 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Relatives of victims killed at the World Trade Center arrived at dawn Thursday for ceremonies that will commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and bring both presidential candidates to ground zero later in the day.

Moments of silence were planned to mark the times that two hijacked jetliners crashed into the twin towers, along with the moments that the buildings collapsed. Services were also to be held in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, where a new memorial will be dedicated.

Hunt for Mr Gay Canada Begins

From Sept 18th to 21st the search for Mr. Gay Canada is on! Organizers say they’re looking for brains, not just brawn, in the inaugural nationwide competition to be held at Celebrities nightclub in Vancouver.

"We're looking for somebody who has presence and confidence and can represent our country on an international level," said organizer Terry Costa. Mr. Gay Canada should be articulate, smart, and be able to speak on behalf of the community "about equal rights, an inclusive society and a better world," he added.

The 10 delegates, including five from B.C., will be judged on appearance (15 per cent) and on character and leadership (85 per cent). The competition includes an eco-challenge, photo shoots, bar-hopping, interviews and community appearances. There'll also be Speedos for a photo shoot in Lost Lake in Whistler.

The winner, who will be chosen on Sept. 20, will represent Canada at the International Mr. Gay competition in California this winter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Joy Of Gay Sex Back Where it Belongs!

Library officials in the American state of Idaho have put the book The Joy Of Gay Sex back onto their bookshelves after a lawsuit was threatened.

A local Nampa Public Library Board voted in June to permanently remove The New Joy Of Sex and The Joy Of Gay Sex from the shelves.

The board decided the books should be stored in the director's office, making them available to the public only upon request.

However, last week the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the library, claiming that by removing the books from the shelves violated the American constitution's First Amendment in regards to the freedom of speech.

The Nampa City Attorney told the library board the cost of fighting the ACLU lawsuit would run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the issue was not worth the money.

So the book is back where it belongs, on the shelfs for all to see. Now all boys and girls can try to figure out how to do the position on page 112.

Now You Can Lick Gay Gold Medal Matthew Mitcham

Australia's own gay diver Matthew Mitcham is about to get passed around by millions of Australians, on the front of envelopes.The diver, who scored the highest ever Olympic dive in the recent Beijing Games, will now have his likeness appear on a 50c stamp.

His gold medal win was a big surprise and has excited sports fans, gay and straight alike.
Gay stamp collectors of the world, Click Here to add Mitcham to your collection.

Flight Attendants Want to Regulate In Flight Porn

American Airlines Flight Attendants want to block adult websites on flights that will offer Wi Fi access. They fear that letting passengers to look at any website online “might actually endanger passengers”. Are you kidding me? Not only is the flight attendants job is to give me attitude when I need another pillow, but now they want to dictate to me what they might find “adult” and what they don’t. If I watch porn, my hands will be busy and I wont be able to push the Attendants Button for more nuts.

But American Airlines isn't going to comply just yet. When the company unveiled the expanded Internet access, it anticipated complaints about allowing porn on board. At the time, company representatives said they would ask flight attendants to deal with misbehavior on board as they always have: by asking passengers to move to a different seat or to put away the offending material.

Passengers pay $12.95 to use the Wi-Fi service, which for now is only available on certain flights connecting New York to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. Only flights using Boeing 767-200 aircraft will have the service.

Amateur Gay Porn Star Faces the Hole on Fox TV

The new game show on Fox “Hole in the Wall” premiered on Sunday with a familiar face from Sean Cody website “Ajay”. He was introduced as “Aaron Savvy” that came in third in an arm wrestling contest and was the member of the Six Pack Team. On the show they ask “Are you ready to face the hole?” and you know Savvy was.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Raging Stallion Lifetime Exclusive Ricky Sinz

Multi tattooed muscle hunk Ricky Sinz is named Raging Stallion Studios first Lifetime Exclusive. Sinz’s initial one-year contract as a Raging Stallion exclusive recently expired. During that time he picked up multiple awards for his role as a drill sergeant in “Grunts.”

“We have enjoyed working with Ricky over the past year and his performance in ‘Grunts’ helped make the film a classic,” said “Grunts” director and company CEO Chris Ward.

Sinz knows a lifetime contract is rarely offered. “I was honored when I was offered this opportunity,” he said. “I have never had a bad experience at Raging Stallion and they have treated me like family since the beginning. I have learned so much about this industry and about myself by taking this path in life. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Born and raised in Chicago, Sinz is a mixed martial arts specialist and an amateur boxer. He spent eight years in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces sergeant, First Class. After his army service, Sinz co-founded straight porn company Hole and a Heartbeat Studios, where he worked as a producer, director and performer.
Similarly, Sinz has quietly developed a “male-focused, straight adult” line for Raging Stallion. Five scenes have already been shot.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Channel 1 Releasing Opens First Store

Channel 1 Releasing has announced the opening of its first brick and mortar store aptly named “Chi Chi LaRue’s”. It will be an upscale sex toy boutique and bring the entire Channel 1 catalog of over 2000 titles and products to a single location.

“This is the first time a customer will be able to find every Rascal, All Worlds, Catalina and Dirk Yates title under one roof as it is physically impossible for retailers to stock our full library.” says C1R partner Rob Novinger.

“This place is going to be over-the-top FABULOUS!” says Director/C1R partner Chi Chi LaRue, “I’m thrilled to be opening a store where customers can come and get the full Chi Chi experience. It will also be a great place for us to hold in-store appearances where fans can come and be a part of it all, then take home some delicious porn and naughty goodies.”

The VIP grand opening party will take place at the store, with LaRue's notorious birthday celebration to follow.

Gay Porn Star Allen SilverTalks about Life after 40

True Blood, Were Hear, We Drink Blood, Get Used to IT!

Alan Ball's, creator of Six Feet Under, new show has just premiered in the US. It's called True Blood and follows a race of vampires, who have made their existence public after years of living covertly and have been met with some familiar predigest.

The Vampires face the same struggles of all marginalized populations such as inequality in law, public disapproval and hatred, and so the comparisons between the plight of the Vampires and gay life are not too hard to spot.

They're made even easier by very witty gay-references such as the "God Hates Fangs" sign that appears in the show's opening sequence or "coming out of the coffin", a line uttered by Anna Paquin (Rouge from the X-Men), the show's lead star, in reference to the wooden door each Vampire must crash through to be an out-and-proud bloodsucker.