Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hunger Games Hottie Has A Sexy Past

Alan Ritchson stars as Gloss in the new Hunger Games film Catching Fire and has a seriously sexy past. Some VERY hot underwear shoots and gay kissing scenes with Trevor Donovan in "90210".  Insert all the "Hunger" puns here :).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meet Luke Adams The newest Next Door Male

The Newest Next Door Male, Luke is a San Diego native who loves the beach as much as he loves the outdoors. Surfing is his number one, but gymnastics also holds a special place. We love his attitude, great looks, perfect tan and all his piercings. Particularly the two you CAN'T see in this video. Enjoy!

Luke Adams - Next Door Male from NextDoorStudios on Vimeo.

Science Confirms Homophobes Have Intense Homosexual Impulses

A new study from the University of Georgia has found that homophobic men may actually be attracted to the same sex.

Homophobic men were shown three, four minute sex clips. One included straight sex, the next showed lesbian sex and the final was gay male sex.

A device which is triggered by sexual arousal was attached to each participant's penis and for the gay male sex clip, the guys got excited.

Non-homophobic men were shown the same clip but didn't show any sexual arousal. These findings suggest that homophobia is associated with gay arousal that homophobic people either deny or are unaware of.

Russian Artist Is Really Nuts

Russian artist/activist Pyotr Pavlensky recently nailed his balls to the cobblestone in front of the Kremlin to make a statement against oppression. You have to admire someone who goes "Balls to the Wall" quite literal.

Introducing aussieBum Milk... Underwear That Makes your Ass feel Smooth

aussieBum has a new range of underwear called milk and they've released a sexy promo clip to match. The range uses real milk fibres which nourish your skin and leave it feeling tender and smooth.

Robo Cop Having Sex

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tate Ryder Gets Kinky for Lucas Raunch

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tate Ryder’s bitch ass on Lucas Raunch, but he’s always in desperate need of hardcore attention. That’s why we saved a very special someone to take out his aggression on the bottom: Alessandro Master. He’s an Italian porn pig who slaps on a black glove onto his hand, greases it up with some thick creamy lube, and works it right up Tate’s ass. And not only does he slip into Tate’s ass, but he keeps it there and tests his limits! There’s even some dual fucking and fisting going on here, and when there’s no fisting there’s plenty of pissing!

Shaving and Jerking in the Shower