Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3 Proclaimed Nation's First 'Naughty America Day'

July 3 marks the inaugural “Naughty America Day,” a day when Americans are encouraged to celebrate their collective naughtiness by teasing and flirting with their fellow citizens. Naughty America Day is the brainchild of Naughty America, the authority on all things naughty. NA spokesman David Moye credits the spirit of American naughtiness for inspiring important political documents like the Declaration and the Bill of Rights.

To help kick-start Naughty America Day, the company has come up with more than 40 ways patriotic Americans can be naughty on July 3, including flirting with the boss, asking a homeless guy for a dollar, wearing a short skirt but no panties (guys can wear a kilt), going to a baseball game and rooting for the opposition or quizzing your parents about their sex lives.

Now this sounds like a holiday I could get into! Should make it a federal holiday.

Los Angeles Knows how to celebrate Independence with Party and Porn Star

"Independence Weekend with the Porn Stars" begins Thursday night and continues through Sunday at several Los Angeles-area venues.

"Porn Star Alley: Silver Lake" begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at MJ's Bar. Hot House Entertainment exclusive Ross Hurston and Christian Owen will make guest appearances.

On Friday the fun continues with "Porn Star Alley: WeHo" beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Here Lounge. Personal appearances are expected by the boys of RentBoy and Brandon Baker.
On Sunday, the weekend edition of "Porn Star of the Week: Silver Lake" will begin at 6 p.m. at MJ's Bar. Expect to find Dominik Rider on stage.

All we get here in D.C. is Larry Craig in a port-a-potty trying to give head.

Lee Snijder from HGTV Design on a Dime starts Porn Company

Lee Snijders made money first as a Disney Imagineer, then became host for HGTV's Design on a Dime. On the side he started a porn company called DoaD, for which he helped film video of his porn star girlfriend Jett Angel, and others for skin flicks.

The press had called HGTV to ask for a comment but they have not replied. HGTV sometimes airs re-runs of Lee Snijder’s “Design on a Dime” show. Guess there is more money in "wood" then design.

McDonalds too Gay for American Family Association

The anti gay, non profit group that thinks there is a "culture war" going on has "Beefed" up its boycott against McDonalds.

AFA has blasted the fast food chain's commitment to gay causes and sponsorship of pride parades. What has made them even more pissed is that McDonald's has refused to back down like some other companies like Ford Motor Co.

In a newsletter the AFA states "What the boycott of McDonald’s IS about. It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage."

Now I just need to know what one wears to a "Culture War", fatigues make my ass look big.

The First Pregnant Man Gives Birth to a Girl

Thomas Beatie the transgender man who made headlines as the "pregnant man," gave birth Sunday to a healthy baby girl.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HIS Video Releases ‘His First Twink'

HIS Video has released His First Twink, directed by Alex de Large. In one of the video's five scenes, Pablo Monterro takes sailor boy Gabriel Diniz back to his place for some boy-on-boy action. They take turns at cocksucking and ass-splitting.

"His First Twink shows young, slim bodies and big, juicy dicks, along with these insatiable young assholes," says Michael Glaser, sales manager for HIS parent company Hustler. "What these twinks do to each other is unbelievable. If you love your twink films, His First Twink should be added to your collection."

Castration might make you think Twice about Cheating

A man in Manila who discovered his boyfriend had an affair with a woman went into a crazy jealous rage and castrates his partner.

Jose Feliciano Valderama, 35, is charged with attempted murder.

Police allege that Valderama and Marvic Manquera, 21, sought a room at a Quezon City hotel after a night of heavy drinking.

While they were having sex Manquera allegedly told Valderama that he had previously had an affair with a women.

While Manquera slept an angry Valderama reportedly severed his lover's penis.

Responding to screams from the room hotel employees found Manquera on the bed in a pool of blood and Valderama with a bloodied knife ready to commit suicide.

Employees prevented Valderama from taking his own life.

The workers told Police they asked Valderama what he did with the severed organ and the man said he flushed it down the toilet.

Manquera is reportedly in serious condition in hospital but is expected to survive.

Gives new meaning to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Cyndi Lauper Rocks it out As the World Turns

For those who haven't kept up with doings in Oakdale, Ill., young Noah (Jake Silbermann) and young Luke (Van Hansis) fell for each other last year.

That's a fairly significant step in the often traditional world of soap opera. But those who applauded that step then became frustrated that "Nuke" was seemingly not allowed to express physical affection.

A watch sprung up, counting the number of shows on which they had not kissed. Proctor & Gamble, the corporate mothership, said there was no kissing ban, that their relationship was just developing slowly.

Finally, they did kiss. But anyone who thinks this signaled some sort of "happily ever after" clearly has never watched soap operas - and sure enough, three weeks ago, their relationship took one of those turns.

Luke: "You want to break up with me?"
Noah: "I can't think when you're here!"

Gay or straight, that's just not a good conversation. So let's say Cyndi Lauper isn't arriving a minute too soon.

Wisconsin Gay Couples Could Face Jail For Marrying In California

Same-sex couples from Wisconsin who go to California to marry could find themselves facing criminal charges when they return home. A little known Wisconsin law makes it a criminal offense to enter into a marriage outside the state if that marriage were illegal in Wisconsin.

While the law was passed decades ago to prevent underage couples from crossing state lines to marry it could be used against same-sex couples the Madison Capital Times reported Wednesday. The penalty is a fine of up to $10,000, nine months in prison, or both.

LGBT civil rights group Fair Wisconsin is warning couples they could face arrest if they marry in California.

It is not known how many gay and lesbian couples from the state have wed in California. One couple from Madison who are preparing to marry say they are willing to take the chance.

"It would be interesting to be prosecuted," Bob Klebba who is planning to marry longtime partner David Waugh told the Capital Times. "It would really bring up a reaction in the public sentiment."

Boy Butter Launches First Gay Lubricant TV Ad

BBL, the maker of the Boy Butter lubricant line, has launched the first gay lubricant television ad on the Bravo channel.

The 30-second spot played to 330,000 households throughout the Los Angeles area on Monday, June 30.

The commercial was made up of two 15-second spots that aired back-to-back.
The first spot showcased Boy Butter Personal Lubricants, a lube that targets the gay market. The following 15-second spot featured the female-targeted Lucky Personal Lubricant, a doctor-recommended line.

“Bravo is the perfect channel for these commercials and the best platform for a little bit of gay TV history,” Boy Butter and Lucky creator Eyal Feldman said. “With shows like Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List and Project Runway, gay and women-friendly programming like this is absolutely perfect for spreading the word to my target demographic groups.”