Saturday, October 1, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

Adonis Man of the Week Winner

This Weeks Winner of Man of the Week Contest, Has some sexy Feet.

Fun with Auto Fucking Machine
pupstriker on the fuck machine powered by XTube
riding my fuck machine powered by XTube

Popperbate training w/ cum

Popperbate training w/ cum powered by XTube

Hot Stud Poppers and Jerking

Popper Gooning powered by XTube

Get Doubled Fucked by Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland has added 4 more Anal toys, Just for Men, to its line. If you have ever had the fantasy of getting doubled fucked by 2 guys, now you can experience the thrill. Along with the Double Fuck is the Anal Screw, Double Butt Plug and the Girth Enchancer.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

GAY PRIDE 2015 - R o m e

GAY PRIDE 2015 - R o m e from Monica Rinse on Vimeo.

Legendary Pro Skater Brian Anderson Comes Out as Gay

Zero Tolerance, Perfect Stroke Get Ready to Get your Mind BLOWN!

Discover the first pump and stroker combination that lets you start right from the beginning of your fantasy with patented Accumulation Technology! There's no need to prime yourself first you can start 'soft' and let the full experience unfold from start to glorious finish! With a life-like mouth for entry, you can enjoy incredible fellatio with pleasure bumps for added sensation. Use with Perfect Stroke lube and cleaner for best results and longevity of your stroker. Rinse with warm water after washing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Guy Gets Fucked by an Elephant Trunk

STAXUS - Cum Harvest

STAXUS - Cum Harvest - Given the country backdrop, it’s perhaps rather fitting that young Brit, Clyde Walton, should have a penchant for country-and-western music – but to be fair that’s not the element of his personality that particularly attracts Czechia’s very own slut par excellence, Ray Mannix

Los Angeles GoGo Boys | West Hollywood Gogo Boys Answer Boxers or Briefs



Classic Bijou Video "INCHES"

Powerful visual symbols, strong acting and characterization, realism, and great sex all are to be found in this vintage gay porn film from director Steve Scott. Almost all the men (including Al Parker in the starring role) are bearded, with average athletic bodies. The sex ranges from sleazy to romantic, with two outstanding anonymous sex scenes. Inches explores the conflict between the need for committed relationships and the ease and pleasure of anonymous encounters, and shows you can mix substance with hot sex and achieve excellent classic porn. Year: 1979

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hard Hitting Tops from Lucas

Lucas Entertainment's cast of "Hard Hitting Tops" has one goal in mind: to fuck their bottom guys so good their eyes roll up into the back of their heads! Exclusive model Ibrahim Moreno makes his debut, and it's riding the fat cock of Gabriel Taurus. Devin Franco gets his first taste of raw Russian meat, and it's Alex Kof who delivers it. The king of rough and unforgiving macho tops, Viktor Rom, takes Lorenzo Ciao's ass for a spin -- let's just hope he's up for the challenge. And Michael Lucas breaks in Rex Cameron for his first L.E. scene. Would you be able to prove your bottoming mettle with these "Hard Hitting Tops"?

KING COBRA - Official Trailer (2016) James Franco, Christian Slater Erotic Thriller Movie HD

Former Disney star Garrett Clayton takes on a sexy role in his latest film. He stars as notorious porn star Brent Corrigan in the erotic true-crime thriller, King Cobra. Written and directed by Justin Kelly (I Am Michael), it tells the story of Corrigan’s rise to adult industry fame and the deadly controversy he got caught up in.

The first trailer provides a steamy adrenaline-fueled string of sexy clips from the film, only grazing the surface of the movie’s campy, dirty drama. The movie also stars James Franco, Christian Slater, Alicia Silverstone, and Molly Ringwald in a jaw-dropping cinematic experience.



Boys For Rent from MEN Previews

Kristen Bjorn Hot Hit "Bare To The Bone 1 " Preview

12 of the world's hottest men in 6 different scenes get together to fuck and suck the cum out of each other! With 2 and a half hours of bare, man-sex action, this DVD is guaranteed to make your bone shoot over and over again!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Boxers Or Briefs: Washington, D.C. Edition

Are you a Cum Pig? "Guzzle That Cream" Preview

Are you ready for "Presidential Erections"

Next Door Studios proudly presents Presidential Erections In the campaign office, interns Alex and Brett take some time out of their hectic day for a hot session of cock-in-ass stress relief. Sexy intern Luca helps the Senator work out the kinks on the campaign trail, sucking and fucking his troubles away. Dylan has seen some dumb moves as a lawyer, but what Markie was caught doing on CCTV takes the cake. Nothing a hot naked quid pro quo arrangement can't fix! Derek makes a terrible first impression on club owner Brett, but by the end of the interview, he leaves him wanting more... much more!

Rednecks from Bromo Previews
f you like country boys, big trucks, tight jeans and thick dicks, then you're in for a treat! Tobias and Brandon Evans get horny when riding their truck in the back country and decide to make a pit stop. They start blowing each other's huge cocks until the excitement is too much to handle. Tobias then flips Brandon over his big red truck and starts pounding his perfect ass bareback until they both blow their big loads.