Saturday, October 18, 2008

Former Mr. Gay UK Found Guilty of Murder and Cannibalism

It only took a jury two hours and 20 minutes before finding Anthony Morley guilty of killing his lover Damian Oldfield by slashing his throat and stabbing him as he slept and eating part of Oldfields thigh.

The Times reports: "On the day of the murder the pair texted each other and Oldfield — who was the first winner of the Mr Gay UK title in 1993, even though he had a girlfriend — said that he was not happy with his sexuality. In the texts to Mr Oldfield, from Bramley, Leeds, the defendant said he would like them to try again but that he wanted to take things slowly. The two men met in Leeds before going back to Morley’s house, where he cooked a meal for Mr Oldfield. The pair went to bed after drinking alcohol and, Morley claimed, his victim told him nothing was going to happen between them.But he said he woke up to find the other man was performing oral sex on him. The court has heard that Morley was scarred for life after he was groomed and raped by an older man when he was young and that the incident left him confused about his sexuality. He told the jury that he had had a flashback to that incident. He said that he felt betrayed by Mr Oldfield’s actions and feared he might be raped. Morley said he did not know why he went on to kill and claims to have no memory of the following attack, other than feeling pain when he cut his own finger with his knife. He said he also could not remember carving and cooking sections of Mr Oldfield’s body but said he might have done it because he thought he was preparing a piece of meat at work. When police searched the house they found a chopping board with six pieces of human flesh, cooked so they were raw in the middle and browned on the edges. A bundle of fresh herbs, a knife used to chop them, some olive oil and a dish of seeds were found on the work surface near the cooker and a frying pan was on the hob with the remnants of fried herbs and oil in it."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Michael Lucas to Marry Long-Time Love

Michael Lucas and his long-time partner, Richard Winger, will exchange wedding vows during a private ceremony in West Hollywood, Calif., this weekend, the couple announced Wednesday. Los Angeles City Councilman John Duran will officiate.

The men also will be celebrating their eighth anniversary as a committed couple.

"I have loved Michael for eight years, ever since we met at a holiday party, and I look forward to reaffirming our love and our relationship," Winger said.

In addition to exchanging vows, over the weekend Winger and Lucas plan to host a fund-raiser for Equality California, a statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights and advocacy organization. The group has spearheaded the "No on Prop 8" campaign in an effort to defeat California's Proposition 8 ballot initiative, which calls for the elimination of same-sex marriage in the state.

"I'm very excited about the upcoming ceremony, and I'm proud to be having it in a state that accepts our relationship," Lucas said. "This is not only a declaration of our love, but [it also is] a way to show that gay people can marry just like heterosexual couples. While it's difficult to believe these rights may be swept away by such ignorance [as passage of California's Proposition 8 would imply], it's moments such as this when we need to come together and fight for a cause."

Gay gang spread HIV at sex orgy

HIV-positive men told a Dutch court on Wednesday how a three-member gay gang tried to infect them with the AIDS virus at sex orgies.

"I feel fear, anger, sadness and anxiety," one of the alleged victims testified before the district court in Groningen on the third day of the week-long trial. The three accused, all HIV-positive, are charged with drugging gay men at sex orgies, raping them, and injecting them with blood contaminated with HIV. They are aged 39, 49 and 50.

The trio were arrested in May last year after 14 alleged victims -- 12 of whom are HIV-positive or sick with AIDS -- lay charges. It is not known whether they had contracted the virus before the orgies. The prosecution alleges the victims were sedated with a combination of ecstasy and the date rape drug GHB (gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid), before being raped or injected with a cocktail of their assailants' blood. The combination of drugs leaves a victim helpless and often with no memory of what happened

They face charges of aggravated assault, rape, and illegal possession of drugs and face up to 21 years in jail.

Queer as Folk “Brian” Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Former Queer As Folk star Gale Harold (now on Desperate Housewives) has been seriously injured in a motorcycle in L.A.

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry told the Associated Press that Harold was also suffering from some swelling to the brain but he had been told that the actor would make a full recovery.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No shirt, no shoes -- no degree from BYU.

Chad Hardy, the creator of the Morman Beefcake Calendar not only has been excommunicated from the LDS church for his 12 months of hotties, but now will not receive his degree from BYU.

Even though he completed the academic requirements to graduate and participated in the graduation ceremony, Hardy just got a letter from Brigham Young University saying he’s been “deleted from the August 08 Graduation list” because he wasn’t in “good honor code standing.”

All this for a calendar that didn’t even show Dick!

British Gay Men Perfer Prince Harry

British gay dating website “” ran a poll which price do you think hotter and Harry (on the left) got 73%. Maybe its that smooth crotch shot of him in the fatigues and the red hair bed head.

The website's spokesperson said, "Being part of an inclusive, modern monarchy, William and Harry will be delighted that [they] can arouse such strong emotions from Britain's homosexual subjects."

Hopefully someday my prince will CUM!

India Wants Proof Why They Shouldn’t Make Gay Sex Legal

The Delhi High Court has slammed India's central government for relying on the views of religious books and scholars to justify the country's continued ban on gay sex, despite being asked to come forth with solid scientific evidence to support their case.

"We should not accept religious literature instead of scientific report," a bench of Chief Justice A.P. Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar said.

"These are not scientific reports. These are articles quoting Bible, which is propaganda. Your arguments should be based on scientific reports. Show us scientific reports which justify criminalisation of such (gay sex) acts," the court observed.

The court asked the central government to bring before it the reports of the World Health Organisation on the issues of health hazards that can arise from the criminalisation of gay sex.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even Betty White Knows Palin is a Crazy Bitch

Conn. Supremes OK Same-Sex Marriage

Upon the high court's reversal of a lower court's decision, Connecticut became the third U.S. state to allow marriages, not just civil unions.

Connecticut joined Massachusetts and California in what has become a growing national civil rights movement when the high court overturned a lower court's ruling that civil unions provided sufficient equality for gays and lesbians.

"Interpreting our state constitutional provisions in accordance with firmly established equal protection principles leads inevitably to the conclusion that gay persons are entitled to marry the otherwise qualified same-sex partner of their choice," Justice Richard N. Palmer wrote in the majority opinion. "To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others."

The 4-3 decision came just weeks before Californians will head to the polls to answer an historic ballot question about their state's gay marriage law. The only surprising thing about the Connecticut justices' decision was that it was a close one. The state was the first to pass laws affirming and protecting gay civil unions.

Right-wing "family values" groups, on the other hand, expressed outrage about the decision.

"Even the legislature, as liberal as ours, decided that marriage is between a man and a woman," Family Institute of Connecticut executive director Peter Wolfgang told the Associated Press. "This is about our right to govern ourselves. It is bigger than gay marriage."

The state's civil union law was precipitated by the same case on which the Supreme Court ruled. In 2004, eight same-sex couples sued Connecticut claiming their constitutional rights to equal protection and due process were violated when they were denied marriage licenses.

The New European Gay Porn Awards Announced

The first EGPA Web Awards have been finalized in 26 categories of online endeavor. The awards were created by EGPA Ltd., which for two years has produced the European Gay Porn.

The EGPA Web Awards are determined by consumer voting at the awards' website.

"We invite our visitors to first nominate and then select those individuals and companies that they feel deserve one of our much-longed-for and much-deserved awards," an EGPA spokesman said. "It's an essentially European celebration, of course, but the Web knows no geographical boundaries; hence, we welcome nominees from every quarter of the globe. So long as it serves the worldwide online gay community and it's hot, hot, hot, we're more than eager to revel in its glorious achievement."

Winners of the inaugural EGPA Web Awards are:
Best Amateur Site: CollegeDudes247
Best Blog: Queerclick
Best Black/Latino Site: Tiger-Tyson
Best Cam Site: LiveTwinksCam
Best Celebrity Site: MaleCelebrities
Best Community Site: JustUsBoys
Best Dating Site: Gaydar
Best Escort Site: Rentboy
Best European Site: MenAtPlay
Best Fetish Site: SportLads
Best Link List: MenOnTheNet
Best Muscle Site: ManifestMen
Best New Site: HDKRaw
Best Non-European Site: Badpuppy
Best Original Site: CollegeDudes247
Best Porn Star Site: FrancescoD 'Macho
Best Review Site: JustUsBoys
Best Solo Site: FraternityMen
Best Story Site: GayStoryContent
Best Stud Site: HDKMen
Best Thumbnail Gallery Post: PornoSleuth
Best Tube Site: GayTube
Best Twink Site: CzechBoys
Best Video Company Site: HotHouseEntertainment
Best Video-on-Demand Site: HomoactiveTV