Thursday, April 14, 2011

US Military Protects Crown Jewels

The US wants bulletproof undies to protect its military's collective manhood. The US Marine Corps has ordered 27,500 pairs of impenetrable undies. Apperently groins have always been a problem for the armed forces around the world "because necessity dictates they need to be free for mobility purposes".

Due to the fact they must remain unprotected and unsecured, the groin is an "attractive target" for enemy forces. With the rise of landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices, soldiers' tackle "has become something of a hot spot" (preaching to the converted, guys).

Injuries to that region damage much more than pride (and would freaking hurt, we should think!). A lot of blood flows through a groin and shredding(?!) can quickly lead to death or rapid infection.

The solution to the military's problem down below lies in ballistic underwear, made from fine double weave silk.

It doesn't stop direct hits from shrapnel, but at least it's tight enough to stop the flying pieces of heavy metal from reducing Marine man-bits to mincemeat.

The tackle-protecting technology was developed in the UK where 60,000 soldiers have already been fitted with "combat codpieces" which also include a piece of detachable pelvic armour for those times when you need to get it off in a hurry.

Jeff Stryker... Reality Star?

Move Over Nene Leaks! Will Jeff Stryker be the first Gay Porn Star to have their very own Reality Show? Why not Filmmaker and author John Waters called Jeff Stryker “the Cary Grant of porno and has 17 gay best selling titles to his name.

Michael Musto of the Village Voice reported the the super hung Porn Star is working with producer Larry Kennar from the L Word for his own show. Jeff Styker was the first really big porn star (no pun intended) with the first stars dildo and was one of the first to try singing and acting career. So why not a reality show, would be worth it just to see his bulge. Check his some of videos.

* Stryker was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame for his body of work in adult films.
* Stryker was featured in a 1991 portrait by artists Pierre et Gilles.
* Stryker was inducted into the Hustler Porn Walk of Fame (outside the West Hollywood store and cafe) on January 15, 2004.

Francois Sagat Cameo in Funny Slick It Up Commercial

Punish Fuck from Cole Maverick

I have been a bad boy too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joshua Jackson (Baby Doll) Pranks James vanderBeek with Gay Porn

RealTouch Masturbator Hits the Shelfs

Save $50 Bucks off of retail for a limited time. Now you can feel what it's like to fuck Brent Corrigan or get deep sloppy head from Roman Heart, some of the biggest gay porn stars around. You can choose from 8 different varieties and niches of gay sex, including bareback, twink, black, blowjob and cowboy.

The RealTouch was designed by an engineer who used to work with NASA. This masturbation machine for men is designed to give sensory feedback to allow your body to have better gaming experiences and to make them feel real.

RealTouch is one of the latest inventions to male masturbation devices. This device is web connected and gives you a virtual sex experience. It combines adult videos that are encoded along with technology that is haptic. This masturbation machine for men allows you to view onscreen sex acts as you are feeling everything that you see on the screen.