Thursday, November 15, 2012

Titanmen Rigid Preview

Rigid -- You'll never forget when you first see it, popping out like a missile into your wide-eyed face: stiff as a board and straight as an arrow, rock hard and throbbing to the ceiling, bursting at the veins and twitching for
attention. It's time to get Rigid with TitanMen exclusive Aymeric Deville and his friends, whose intense excitement spreads from the screen.

Raw Violations Trailer from Raw Strokes

Raw Violations You should expect hard fucking and drilling Leo's hole with his 11 inches fat dick and dumping at least a gallon of cum in poor Leo's ass when he's done with him. Do not miss this one!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gay Erotic Artist Iceman Blue Rapes Wolverine Ass

Get ready Comic Book geeks! Nothing brings superheros closer then getting ass rapped and jerked off by robot sex tentacles. After such a hot "attack" whats a superhero to do? Have a 3 way with Wolverine, Gambit and Cyclops. I have always wanted Iceman cock up my ass.

Andrew Christian is All Wet Video

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #339

This week the boys must have had a great time in the election booths, Paulie got confused and was toe tapping the guy next to him. They bring you a ton of news from UPS dropping the boy scouts, Elmo fucking a 16 y.o. to Dorthy's dress selling almost half a million dollars. How much would you pay for a Virgin? They answer that plus your question about "Dirty Bottoms". They also read you emails about odd porn and how they voted. David looks at the new tunnel butt plug from Perfect fit and thinks it looks like a thrill ride. Paulie reviews the new "Fucked Hard" DVD from Raging Stallion and gives it a rough 4 splats. "You would want to meet these guys in a dark alley". Make sure to check out the Blog for video clips and photos that will make you ... stay hard.

Francois Sagat for Obama

This might be the hottest endorsement for Obama. "My name is Fran├žois Sagat and I approve this message."