Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Damage of "Anti Sissy" Treatment

Just in case anyone's unaware, George Rekers, who conducted this "research" is the same George Rekers who was caught not to long ago with a rent boy half his age whilst vacationing whom he claimed had been hired to "help him with his luggage."

Anthony Weiner's Weiner-Gate gets Bigger with Weiner

Before all we had was a nice six pack shot with family photos behind him and a nice packing underpants shot but now we have a photo of a Phone photo of Weiner's dick, looks pretty nice. Maybe he should be a porn star after his time in politics.

The photo comes Andrew Breitbart on the Sirus XM Opie and Anthony show. Breitbart said he wouldn't release the picture because "I don't think I want to put his family through that type of thing." But since Breitbart is a liar and keeps his Weiner cock shot on his person at all times (wouldn't you?), he shared it with the guys on his phone. Then they took their own snapshot and put it on Twitter.

Disney Gay Days 2011

Just got back from Disney Gay Days and here are some photos and videos of the hot time.

Gay Days Bears at Country Bear Jamboree

Party at the Hard Rock

Some Hot Bears at Tidal Wave Saturday Pool Party and at the Park