Friday, April 22, 2016

"How To Build The Perfect Grindr Profile"

CITEBEUR - Gay video - Episode 7 "Little Notes"

CITEBEUR - Gay video - Episode 7 "Little Notes"

Serebro - Gun (Gay Version) from Marte Eduardo García Hernández on Vimeo.

Gay Porn Star Rafael Alencar is a Muse for Gay and Lesiban Art

Rafael Alencar poses for the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art , in New York (check their website)

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art from RAFAEL on Vimeo.

Gay porn stars bare all in fab magazine's underwear

Dildo Drone

Winner of the Week "Blows a Hot Load"

This weeks winner of "Man of the Week" contest has a nice fuzzy ass and blows big loads.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

King Cobra Director Talk about Taking on 8 Guy Orgy

King Cobra promises to be one of the wildest movies at the Tribeca Film Festival. “We all discussed what each person was comfortable with. Each scene or scandalous moment is really only there if it helps push the story forward,” he told EW at Tribeca, where the movie premiered Saturday. “So it’s not just about having sex scenes because the story involves gay porn. It really is a part of the story and pushing characters towards their goals — or not.”

Public Massage Chair Erection Video

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cock Ring Enhancer and Anal Toy all in One- Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Video

Cock Ring Enhancer and Anal Toy all in One- Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock- Armour Tug lock features the Armour Tug cock ring which is attached to a butt plug with a 5.5 inches circumference for added stimulation. The strap gives the user an amazing separation of your penis and scrotum while giving a bigger lift. It is designed with a revolutionary anatomical shape that hugs your torso and pushes your gear out entirely from your body to enhance your penis and scrotum.
Perfect Fit - Armour Tug Lock | Hot Stuff Sex Shop from Hot Stuff on Vimeo.

Hands Free Prostate, Poppers JO Video Description - Get ready for some great Ass Pleasure and an incredible mind blowing orgasm with the Extra long Prostate stimulator. This new Prostate will send pleasure shock waves through your body and will make it your favorite toy in your chest. If that's not enough, it also comes with bonus cock rings for you or a partner.

popper, prostate cum powered by XTube

Brent Corrigan Lashes Out At 'King Cobra' Production For ‘Bastardizing’ His Life[terms]=brent+corrigan&search[mode]=all&search[cat]=&search[sort_by]=date_newest
Gay adult film star Brent Corrigan is far from pleased with James Franco's new feature project King Cobra.

The film tells the story of the real life murder of gay porn producer and owner of Cobra Video, Bryan Kocis, who died in 2007. Corrigan (also known by his legal name, Sean Paul Lockhart) was a featured star in Cobra films at the time.

Corrigan Tweets - "Its not about me." “These filmmakers didn’t care about anyone but their take on it all (and not getting sued). “It doesn’t matter what A list celebrity is involved. The screenplay & content didn’t jive. I passed it up."  “Even with the time that has passed, the memories are still very real and raw for me.”   “I look forward to finally telling my story, beginning middle and end, with an earnest stroke. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!”

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sean Xavier Collection, 11 Inch Top
  Celebrate one of the biggest dicks to ever appear in a Lucas Entertainment film by picking up the Sean Xavier Collection. This handsome, ripped, and ultra-hung (11 inches and counting) black man shows off his encounters sucking and fucking in front of the camera. Experience again Alex Andrews Hans Berlin, Colden Armstrong, Duncan Black, and Alexander Garrett the way Sean Xavier knew them: holding their breath waiting to take Sean’s endowment! And in a never-before-released-on-DVD scene, Michael Lucas fucks Sean Xavier with his uncut Russian cock.

Bel Ami Boys team up with Addicted Swimwear

Bel Ami Boys team up with Addicted Swimwear.

Ricky Martin's Boyfriend Lets it all hang out in Naked Photos

Ricky Martins new guy Jwan Yosef is one hot guy!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bel Ami Boys team up with Addicted Swimwear

Bel Ami Boys team up with Addicted Swimwear.

Kyle Kash Interview - Nob Hill Theatre Exclusive!

Justin Simpson interviews one of the sexiest, nicest, and cutest men working in the world of Gay Porn today, Kyle Kash. In this interview, Kyle talks Dance, Madonna, Spin Class, and his aspirations outside of the porn world. Enjoy

Straight Boys Gay Drama (Episode 7)

Straight Boys Gay Drama (Episode 7)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Supernaturals Jensen Ackles Double in Vintage Gay Porn

 It looks very much like Jensen Ackles, star of WB's Supernatural or a photoshop insert, in this Vintage Gay Porn.