Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cock Ring Enthusiast Unite on New Website is a new free site that caters to cock-ring fans, exhibitionists and voyeurs. They have every category of cock-ring to share experiences and share photos of, rubber, chrome, steel, leather even some ball stretching

Webmaster “HotProwl” says "There are thousands and thousands of guys who own and use cock rings daily," he said. "Now, they can show it to the world and get people's reactions and comments. I think this site will mainly attract gay guys, but there are a lot of bisexual and straight guys that are fascinated and get turned on looking at a hot cock," he added. "I'm also hearing that there are a lot of heterosexual couples that enjoy playing with cock rings. Hopefully, they will enjoy posting and viewing pictures and experiences, as well."
So if you really enjoy wearing and sharing photo of you in cock-rings or you just want to check out some hot cock, check it out.

Crazy James from Big Brother Talks about Gay Porn

Check Out the Video
No. But James did reveal to us that everyone in the house knew -- including Chelsia -- that he had had sex with men and considered himself a bisexual. "They just didn't know I did it with men on videotape," he chuckled. James did not know that his Internet nickname was "Big Brother 9.5" but he laughed wildly when we told him. "That's great!"

On closer inspection, it's a wonder they allowed James to EVER take his shirt off. Let's just say ... not only is our favorite Crazy houseguest inked in many places ... he has an eye and mind for controversy. On his shoulder one sees an image of a priest, about to shoot himself in the head, who is contemplating two young boys having sex at the same time. Under his Brawny tattoo (and they showed the Brawny part on TV) there is a expletive we cannot repeat. Let's just say it starts with the third letter of the alphabet and it's what Joshuah called Amanda. Yup, that one. On James's buttock is the phrase "I am God."

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AMG “Carnaval” Celebration of Anonymous Sex Hits the Shelf’s

If you haven’t heard Evan’s review of this scorcher porn listen to Podcast #151 where we give it a Four Splats “Rock Hard” score. Carnaval is filled with the 9 of the hottest Brazilian men, the film celebrates the pleasures of anonymous sex during Rio de Janeiro’s notorious pre-Lenten festival of sin and excess.

"It was an obvious choice, but one that I wanted to get right," AMG president and Carnaval director Dennis Bell said. "There's something about Carnaval [the festival] that can't be explained easily. Everyone knows Carnaval as this half-naked street party, but the feeling you get when you're there is complex. It's like there's sex in the air, in the water, everywhere."

"There are a lot of things that are acceptable in Brazil, but gay sex in public is not one of them," Bell said. "If it was, we'd have a whole 'nother line of DVDs on our hands. What we are showing here is what happens in the alleys, side streets and private residences. We are showing what happens when that air of sexuality drives people to have sex with the closest hot body, even if it means doing it under a public stairwell."

"In the end, Carnaval really is about just letting go and having a good time," Bell said. "And this film is about forgetting the hang-ups of the day-to-day and just going for it. It's about having [safe] sex with strangers and not worrying about the consequences."

UK Criminalizes “Extreme Porn” but Could Effect S&M Images

As part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, which is expected to be "given the Royal Assent" (approved) on May 8, citizens of the United Kingdom will no longer be allowed to own, even for purely personal use, images which the government has deemed to be "too extreme" for them to possess.

Besides images of bestiality and necrophilia, which Americans can possess based on the U.S. Supreme Court's 1969 decision in Stanley v. Georgia, the newly criminalized porn includes depictions of acts which "threaten or appear to threaten a person's life" and which "result in or appear to result in serious injury to a person's anus, breasts or genitals."

The new law, which has been working its way through Parliament for nearly four years, was instigated by the murder of Jane Longhurst, a teacher in the resort village of Brighton. When her killer, Graham Coutts, was tried, evidence was introduced that Coutts had frequented such Websites as Club Dead (, which features images of violence, and, "where all the extreme RAPE action is," according to a banner on the site. This led Longhurst's mother Liz to campaign for a ban on the possession of sexually violent images.

However, while video producers continue to be bound by the 1959 Obscene Publications Act, the new law shifts criminal responsibility to consumers of the violent images - and according to groups which oppose the law, the new prohibition risks criminalizing thousands of people who use images of, for instance, bondage/domination or sadomasochism as part of their consensual sexual relationships.

Lord Hunt, who is shepherding the bill through the House of Lords, denied that the measure has been given less than full consideration even though he admits that it is being rushed through to meet a deadline. His overall response has been one of "Trust us," claiming that only those images that are "grossly offensive and disgusting" will be targeted.

Estate of Murdered Cobra Video Producer Wins Civil Suit

The father of Bryan Kocis has won a civil lawsuit against two men charged with murdering the gay porn producer last year.

The court must still assess damages in the case, and it is doubtful that Michael Kocis will ever receive any money.

Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra are charged with murder and the prosecutor in the case is seeking the death penalty.

Kocis was the owner of Cobra Video - a man police say Cuadra and Kerekes saw as a competitor in the gay porn industry. Both have pleaded not guilty to the killing and have a “Myspace” page called “wrongly accused” and are requesting donations.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix 1968 Sex Tape Released by Vivid

It has been a rumor for over four decades that their was a sex tape of Jimi Hendrix (unfortunately with girls) and now you can see for yourself at with a DVD edition scheduled to hit the shelf May 6th. Shot in a hotel room circa 1968, the film purports to show Hendrix in "an erotic liaison with two slender brunettes."

"This new movie shows that Jimi Hendrix could have been as great a porn star as he was a rock star. He could clearly play more than just his guitar," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. "It's easy to see that he turned women on with his music and his passion." Rumors of the explicit Hendrix film began to circulate in October 2007, when Vivid registered several Internet domain names for the project. Vivid acquired the rare 8mm home movie footage through distributor Howie Klein of Blue Vanities, who brokered the deal with a collector who bought the reel (labeled 'Black Man') at a London auction.

Vivid consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage, including author Pamela Des Barres, known for her groupie memoir "I'm with the Band," and the notorious Cynthia Plaster Caster. Both women contributed commentary to Vivid's DVD, which is billed as "a sexual documentary that gives insight on the uninhibited rock 'n' roll scene of the Sixties."
Plaster Caster is famous for creating plaster molds of the penises of rock stars, including Hendrix. "No doubt about it," she says in the commentary. "That's Jimi Hendrix' dick and I should know."

But several sources have come forward to dispute Vivid's claim that the man seen in the footage is Hendrix. "It is not him," said Kathy Etchingham, a former girlfriend of Hendrix. "His face is too broad and nose and nostrils too wide for Jimi. Also the hair is too low on the forehead."
Des Barres says in her commentary: "Hendrix liked to be filmed having sex. He's the ultimate adult film movie star. I understand why everyone wanted to sleep with the guy. He played like an all-encompassing rock orgasm. He reeked of sex. You wanted to strip to keep up with him when he played 'Foxy Lady.' [...] The footage proves that Hendrix was fabulous in bed and really wanted to please his partner."

Etchingham told a different story in a telephone interview with the New York Times. "He would never have allowed anyone to see that," she said. "In private he was very shy and would cover up."

Hendrix, who headlined the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969, died of a drug overdose in 1970.