Thursday, December 31, 2009

Real World DC premieres

Okay, I feel like I'm the only one that cares. If you go to, the show isn't even featured on the front page. But, still, for me, its cool to see this venerable series at your own metropolis so that you recognize all of the local landmarks. As I have said, I passed by the house regularly when they were filming. (On a related note, the house is literally a shell of its former self). So, for example, when Ty is coming up from the Dupont Circle metro station at the same time other cast members are getting into a cab near the Lincoln Memorial, he would have to more at a snail's pace to not beat them to the Real World house on Connecticut Ave.

But since this is the GPT blog, lets get to the hotness of the matter and talk about the young guys. Ty, hot black guy from Baltimore, is muscular and combative, so if you tune in you should see a lot of him. Mike is the bi-sexual guy that is really a gay guy, but not up to owning up to it. (Funny thing, while Mike has said in the press how he's not like the stereotype of a gay guy, he is the epitome of the stereotype of a gay guy in D.C.). Josh, looks and acts like a rocker from south Philly, and struggled to hold my interest. Last, but not least, is Josh who is weird, a liar, and a lanky twinkish dude. Doesn't seem to have a gay bone in his body, but easily is the most watchable of the boys. Even if you've grown to hate the series, check it out so that you can be surprised or reinforce your feelings.