Friday, December 30, 2011

Bel Ami Boys Fleshjacks are Available

Since the Bel Ami boys fleshjack launched, And because they’re so damn hot… We are offering 22% discount on all products molded after Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol. Retail $89.95 Now only $69.95

Dolph Lambert – Height: 6’2″ - Weight: 194 - Dick: 6″ - Sign: Aries

Kris Evans – Height: 6’3″ – Weight: 194lbs – Dick: 6.25″ – Sign: Taurus

LinkKevin Warhol - Height: 5’7″ – Weight: 144lbs – Dick: 6″ – Sign: Leo

The custom molded toys include exact replicas of their mouths, butts, and dicks turned into Fleshjack toys. The boys were in Austin,Texas, recently where Fleshjack did the custom moldings and a photo shoot to promote the new line before heading toChicagofor the Grabby Awards, where BelAmi and BelAmiOnline picked up three awards.

Take a look at Kris Evan’s incredible cumshot below!! Kevin Warhol never saw it cumming!

Titan Star Dario Beck Blames the Bossa Nova

Very hot Dario Beck getting all wet.

Check Dario Beck riding Hunter Marx massive cock

Compliments of RocketTube

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sean Cody Goes Bareback

Sean Cody has just released it's first bareback scene with Brandon and Pierce in "Unwrapped". From the website description "So hot ex-Marine Pierce was going to get fucked by muscle stud Brandon. Pierce was excited about that... but there was also another reason he was excited. They weren't going to use condoms.

This was something totally new for us. But both of our guys had been through a strict testing protocol. So we were all excited... and when Brandon's naked cock went into Pierce's hole, we agreed it was the hottest thing we've ever seen!

Brandon really came out of his shell and gave it to Pierce. There was a real intensity that ended with Brandon spraying a big load all over the place... and then going back in for a few more thrusts!"

"It was awesome," Pierce said afterward. "There was no friction at all... I could really feel him inside me!"

Pre Condom Classic Spread Eagles Bijou World

Pre Condom Classic from 1980 Spread Eagles from Bijou World

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Heat with GuyswithiPhones