Friday, November 11, 2011

Stephen Colbert Takes on Michigan's Blueprint for Bullyiing

Reese Rideout on the "Bill Cunningham Show"

Randy Blues Reese Rideout iand his wife are at it again telling all about being "Gay for Pay" on the super Conservative talk show and why his wife allows it ( for the money he gets fucking guys with his limp cock, I would imagine ). She says in the British Marie Claire in an article about being gay for pay “I don’t watch any of his videos because I’d feel strange seeing him touching anyone but me, But I’m comfortable with him doing something he’s so good at. He’s just been nominated for porn star of the year. Finally, I’m proud of that.” Check him out trying to make art with his body parts.

Compliments of RocketTube

Jeff Stryker shows up on a Bankruptcy Website

That's Jeff Stryker, one of the first Big Gay Pornstars appears to be the face of an L.A. Bankruptcy attorney, who is reported to be his wife. I don't know if this means you get fucked by the horse-hung stud while you are declaring chapter 13, but can only hope. Check out Stryker in his prime with Steve Hammond getting his big 10" tool which can be seen in Best of Jeff Stryker.

Classic scene Jeff Stryker fucks Steve Hammond bareback. brought to you by PornHub

gaysex in the stable brought to you by PornHub

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pope Condemns Porn; German Catholic Bishops Publish It

It is probably not a coincidence that Pope Benedict XVI used the occasion of a visit from the new German ambassador to the Holy See on Monday to give a “lecture” on the ills of pornography, among other venal sins. Only last week it was “revealed” that Weltbild, Germany’s largest Catholic-owned publishing house—and the country’s largest bookseller after Amazon—“has been selling thousands of pornographic novels with titles such as Sluts Boarding School and Lawyer's Whore with the full assent of the country's leading bishops,” according to The Independent.

Funny Photo with Porn Protester

A Christian fundamentalist anti-porn protester at Utah campus when a funny counter protester photo bombed.

These Gay Penguins Don't Have Happy Feet

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Treasure Island Knocked Out Jerked Off #6 Sneak Peek

Treasure Island has just released #6 of it best selling series "Knocked Out Jerked Off" where straight guys get some kind of sedative (and it must be strong, because they don't move) and get sucked, licked and Jerked Off. It is both erotic and kinda creepy, listen to the music in the Sneak Peek.

Listen How Stupid Westboro Baptist Church is with Brick Stone