Thursday, June 17, 2010

BelAmi Releases First Bareback DVD

I know what you're thinkin': 'Evan, didn't BelAmi already release bareback stuff?' Well, Lukas Ridgeston released 'Taboo' with the Peters twins that contained a bareback scene (technically not BelAmi) and BelAmiOnline has had bits of bareback thereon. But unless I'm wrong, the studio released this week its first full-length bareback DVD.

'Skin on Skin,' directed by Lukas Ridgeston, is a 90-minute collection of condomless scenes featuring popular BelAmi models. The pairings include Milo Peters with Ennio Guardi, Julien Hussey with Florian Nemec and Marco Bill with Dario Dolce. In addition, Henri Gaudin, Manuel Rios and Trevor Yates perform as a threesome. BelAmi has always been pretty strict with its DVD products; perhaps this is the shape of things to come (cum)?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Warrant Out for Alleged "Gay for Pay" Murderer

26 y.o. Jason Richard Andrews who goes by "Addison" on gay porn sites has a warrant out and accused of killing a tatoo shop owner Dennis "Scooter" Abrahamsen in May.

Police said that Abrahamsen was found facedown on a massage table in his home, with his head reportedly bashed in, possibly by a sledgehammer and also stabbed in the back.

Amanda Logue, a 28-year-old prostitute, was also arrested at her home in Leesburg, Ga., and charged with murder in the first degree. She is being held without bail at the Land O' Lakes Jail, according to the report.

When Abrahamsen was found dead, investigators found that about $6,000, a laptop, a video camera, a digital camera, and a credit card were missing from his home. Andrews was initially pegged by police after Logue said he murdered him, but after a round of questioning, he was released due to a lack of evidence. He did, however, have the missing credit card at the time of the arrest.

Ex Cop Kris Evans Bottoms for First Time

BelAmi’s latest headline-gobbling scandal ended the career of a Hungarian police officer, but Kris Evans found the experience liberating in some ways.

Evans’ rising star at the European gay adult studio landed him smack in the middle of a hometown scandal when enterprising rumor rags uncovered the ostensibly straight cop’s performances at The indignity ended his law-enforcement career in resignation. Undaunted, Evans embarked on another right away. this week released Evans’ first bottoming scene, not only does the hot Kris Evans bottom for Bel Ami for the first time it a 3 ways with the super hung Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios with a mouthful of cum in Evans' for the climax.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VPSofW: Marco Rossi

As I review gay porn as a part time job, I'm not sure that I have a type. I think I can find the hotness in all kinds of guys, whether they be twinks, bears, bodybuilders, etc. Before I started reviewing porn and if I were to be looking for someone to catch my eye (other than redheads), it would be somebody that resembles Marco Rossi. Standing only 5'9", with brown hair and eyes, he is the epitome of the cut bodybuilder. Advertised as having an 8" dick (which I think was on a good day), he only topped, but it was still a treat to see his scene partners come close.

My picks of his flicks: 'House Rules,' with Marco playing an innocent virgin introduced to sex by brothel-boy Christian Fox; 'Masquerade' with two hot scenes, a first with Danny Bliss in a shower/bath and a second with Kevin Kramer; and 'Knight Gallery' where Marco plays a boxer, at maybe his most cut, and has interesting sex with Alec Powers. While these are my main picks, having seen almost all of his work I can say there are very few scenes I can't recommend. Check 'em out!

Videography (excluding compilations):
Body Worship 36 (BG Enterprise)
Body Worship 38 (BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Fight 22 (BG Enterprise)
Fantasy Oil Wrestling 3 (BG Enterprise)
Ace in the Hole (1993, Catalina)
Day of Decadence (1993, Vivid Man)
The Getaway (1993, Catalina)
Grease Guns (1993, Studio 2000)
House Rules (1993, Falcon)
Military Issue 1 (1993, Forum Studios)
Mirage (1993, Jocks)
Night Heat (1993, Studio 2000)
Total Corruption 1 (1993, HIS Video)
Double Vision (1994, Mustang)
Driven To It (1994, Studio 2000)
Hard Body Video Magazine 3 (1994, Odyssey Men)
Idol Country (1994, HIS Video)
License to Thrill (1994, Fox Studio)
The Look of a Man (1994, Mustang)
Masquerade (1994, Odyssey Men)
Stripper Service (1994, HIS Video)
Stroking It: Uncut #1 (1994, Junior Studio)
A Wanted Man (1994, Vivid Man)
The Bartender (1995, Forum Studios)
Fame & Flesh (1995, HIS Video)
How To Get A Man In Bed (1995, Forum Studios)
Knight Gallery (1995, Vivid Man)
Latex Meltdown (1995, Can-Am Prod.)
Leather Obsession 2: The Sex Pit (1995, Forum Studios)
Long Play (1995, Triple X Prod.)
Mess Hall Maneuvers (1995, Tyger Films)
The Urge (1995, Vivid Man)

Hot Capital Pride

This weekend was Pride in DC and the very hot humid day didn't stop any of the festivities.