Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Channel 1 Exclusive Cameron Marshall gets "Cocky"

The newest Gay Porn star that gets his member immortalized is Channel 1 Exclusive Blond bombshell "Cameron Marshall". Star of "Big League 3", "Forever Young", and "In Your Face", just to name a few. Cameron is known for his hard furious fucking and now you can experience it for yourself. Molded directly from the sexy tan star with SensaFirm material measuring 7 inches long and 2 inches wide it is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, fits just right. It also has a suction cup base for some no hands riding and is waterproof for some hot shower fun. Rascal's Cameron Marshall Dildo will knock your socks off... hands down.

Spain Answers Stupid Comments from Pope with Condoms

Spain announced that it will send a million condoms to Africa to fight the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS in the continent.

The announcement comes a day after Pope Benedict XVI said one of the dumbest comments ever, that condoms conversely "increase the problem." On his way to Cameroon, Benedict told reporters, "You can't resolve [AIDS] with the distribution of condoms."

The disbursement of the condoms are to fight HIV with a proven method, the Spanish health ministry said in a statement today. "Condoms have been demonstrated to be a necessary element in prevention policies and an efficient barrier against the virus."

The Pope's statements on Tuesday were the first time he had addressed the use of condoms since taking over as the head of the Catholic Church in 2005, according to the New York Times. The Vatican is strongly against contraception including birth control pills and condoms, and Spain's government, headed by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has been clashing with Vatican sentiments since 2004 when he entered office.

US Endorses UN Gay Rights Text

The Obama administration has formally endorsed a UN statement calling for the worldwide decriminalisation of homosexuality, which Bush refused to sign ...

The move was the administration's latest in reversing Bush-era decisions that have been heavily criticised by human rights and other groups.

The United States was the only western nation not to sign onto the declaration when it came up at the UN General Assembly in December.

Webster Dictionary Recognizes Gay Marriage

Gay marriage may not yet be recognised by most American states, but one of that nation's leading dictionaries now does ...

The changes actually were made several years back, well before gay couples could legally get married anywhere in the United States.

But the changes have only just gained widespread attention this week after a far-right news site published an article about the Merriam-Webster entry.

The company now includes a secondary meaning for 'marriage' that includes same-sex relationships.

A Merriam-Webster spokesman says the 2003 update reflected the frequency with which the term 'same-sex marriage' had popped up in print and common usage.

Gays Get Sidelined for St. Patty's Parade for 18th Year

For 18 years the Ancient Order of Hibernians which organizes the parade has barred Irish gay groups from marching.

At 57th Street, a small group of Irish American gays and lesbians staged a quiet protest. But among the hundreds of thousands who lined the streets they were virtually invisible.

The Hibernians claim the parade is a private, religious procession in order to to justify keeping LGBT groups out.

In the early 1990s, the parade committee used the argument to defeat a discrimination claim brought by the NYC Human Rights Commission.

A federal judge ruled that the organization could bar the gay group on the grounds of religious freedom.

The New York parade is the nation’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but gays are also rejected at marches in other cities, including Boston.

First Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Runs in Mexico

Miguel Antonio Galán has become the first openly gay politician to run for a mayorship in Mexico, throwing his hat into the ring in the race for the city hall of the populous and traditionalist city of Guadalajara, the Mexican Social Democratic Party.

The 31-year-old Galán will contend on July 5 for the mayorship of Guadalajara, which with its more than 3 million residents is one of the country’s economic engines.

The NotieSe news agency, which specializes in reporting on sexual diversity, said that there had never been in Mexico other openly homosexual candidates seeking to win a mayorship, but there have been both state and federal lawmakers of that sexual orientation.

Dark Alley Releases "Dirty Raw Whores"

Dirty Raw Whores is the first release from Dark Alleys newest acquisition PrimePorn Amsterdam.

The film tracks the fetish-heavy, condomless sexcapades of "uber-slut" Peto Coast. In the film, Coast gets a haircut and dons a pair of assless chaps "to cruise the streets of Barcelona, looking for trouble," the studio said. "What he finds is a night filled with pissing, fisting and eager holes for him to tear apart with his huge, raw cock."

Coast is joined by supporting players Kid Chocolate, Miguel Fresno, Marcel Hoffman and Tom Louis.

Capitalizing on a recent trend in gay adult towards extreme fetish, the sexplay in the director's cut edition of "Dirty Raw Whores" includes fisting, watersports and S/M.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Treasure Island Adds Keer to Exclusives

Treasure Island Media has added Keer to its stable of exclusives.
“Keer has the passion, honesty and pure sexual energy that we love and support at T.I.M.,” said Paul Morris, founder and owner of T.I.M.

Keer’s debut scenes are in “Drunk on Cum 5” and the soon to be released “Bone Deep.”

Dimitri Romanov Joins Lucas Stable

Newcomer Dimitri Romanov has joined Lucas Entertainment as the company's latest exclusive. The 25-year-old Russian native will make his erotic debut in the forthcoming "Entrapment."
"I met Dimitri three months ago in Russia and could tell he had the raw talent to become a star," said Michael Lucas, director and studio principal. "I helped him come to the U.S. and signed him as an exclusive right away."

Lucas praised Romanov's "unbridled sexuality" and notes that he is "versatile and enjoys fucking and getting fucked, which I find valuable in a performer."

Romanov is "incredibly sexy," said mr. Pam, Lucas Entertainment creative director. "His fun personality and bubble butt are so adorable. Plus, watching his fat, uncut cock stand at attention while he's getting his ass pounded is mesmerizing."

Entrapment" drops on March 23. Romanov will next be seen in "Wall Street," Lucas Entertainment's 100th adult feature.

Why didn't I think of that?

Can someone please let me know where I can get this t-shirt? Don't let the cut cock fool ya, I'm told it is made by a UK company

Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 Grabby Awards Nominations Announced

Nominations for the 18th Annual Grabby Adult Erotic Video Awards have been announced. A gala presentation ceremony will occur at the Hard Rock Hotel during "Grabby Weekend," an annual Memorial Day celebration that brings together the Grabbys, the International Mr. Leather competition and Bear Pride.

The Grabby Awards are presented by Gay Chicago Magazine and Behind Closed Doors. Proceeds from many of the weekend's events benefit Test Positive Aware Network, which raises money for HIV testing and education.

Best Movie: Best Man 1-2 (Falcon), Black Balled 6: Under the Hood (All Worlds Video), Black Meat White Heat (All Worlds Video), Endgame (Dirty Bird Pictures), Home Invasion (Titan Men), Hung Country for Young Men (Jet Set Men), Paging Dr. Finger (Hot House Entertainment), The Drifter (Raging Stallion), To the Last Man (Raging Stallion)

Best Director: Jett Blakk for Endgame (Dirty Bird Pictures), Doug Jefferies for Black Meat White Heat (All Worlds Video), Joe Gage for Home Invasion (TitanMen), Chi Chi Larue for Black Balled 6 Under the Hood (All Worlds Video), Ben Leon and Tony DiMarco for The Drifter (Raging Stallion), Steven Scarborough for Paging Dr. Finger (Hot House Entertainment), Chris Steele for Hung Country for Young Men (Jet Set Men), Chris Ward, Ben Leon and Tony DiMarco for To the Last Man (Raging Stallion)

To see the Full List of the Nominations go the

Carlo Masi's is Colts Newest Dick!

Colt Studio's hairy hung stud Carlo Masi is the newest porn star to get his cock copied!

COLT Studio Group President & Creative Director John Rutherford says, “Carlo Masi has been working with us for over five years. Last year we appointed him COLT Man Emeritus for his loyal service to not only us, but to his long-time COLT admirers.”

The COLT Carlo Masi Genuine Cast is, undoubtedly, the stuff sexy dreams are made of. The genuine PVC casting is hand finished and colored with an artisan’s touch for complete satisfaction. With a sturdy suction cup base, this item is ideal for solo play—or as an addition to lovemaking with a partner. It includes a premium storage bag for extended life, and--at 8” x 2” (20 cm x 5 cm)--there’s a lot to love!

Gay Porn Star Barrett Long Claims Sex with Dallas Cowboy

Bet some guys are getting nervous in the locker room (or turned on). Barrett Long, the hung porn star (Star of the Barrett Long Amateur Hour Series) , was on Howard Stern. He admitted to accepting oral from males for cash when times were rough, but insisted that he’s straight. He also said a member of the Dallas Cowboys once went down on him. Refused to mention the player’s name. Artie Lange instantly yelled “Tony Romo!” but Long denied it was him. Then Long asked about Emmitt Smith, to which Long also said no. It almost sounded like Long recanted the whole thing when Artie asked about Michael Irvin, looks like maybe he was sorry to have opened his mouth.

Harlow Cuadra Found Guilty

UPDATE: Harlow Cuadra Sentenced to Life in Prison

After three and half hours of deliberation the jury found Harlow Cuadro guilty of murder. Sentencing could be decided as early as today. Cuadro could potentially get the death penalty. No matter how you feel about him, you have to sympathize with his family. And you thought coming out to your family was tough? Can you imagine?...

"Mom, Dad we need to talk. I'm gay, I'm in porn, I'm an escort, I'm on trial for stabbing an industry competitor 30 times and burning down the house to hide the body, oh and I might get the death penalty." You won't find that in a PFLAG brochure.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Reason to Love 'Family Guy'

The Parents Television Council is filing an indecency complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Fox's "Family Guy". They took issue with last week’s episode. The PTC are not known for enjoying low brow comedy, or anything funny for that matter. I thought the episode was hilarious, but not funnier than PTC’s press release.

"Fox treated viewers to everything from an ‘eleven-way’ gay orgy to baby Stewie eating a bowl of cereal with horse sperm instead of milk ... if that isn’t enough, the show’s leading character is also shown fanaticizing about his wife and moaning while a horse licks his bare behind. Clearly, the explicit content was not isolated to one instance in one segment of the show; it permeated the entire program."

The PTC is notoriously homophobic, which is why “Family Guy” creator, Seth McFarland’s response is so great.

“That’s like getting hate mail from Hitler. They’re literally terrible human beings. I’ve read their newsletter, I’ve visited their website, and they’re just rotten to the core. For an organization that prides itself on Christian values—I mean, I’m an atheist, so what do I know?—they spend their entire day hating people. They can all suck my dick as far as I’m concerned.”