Saturday, March 29, 2008

Porn Star Profiles #4 Jim Buck

Jim Buck, not a bottom, not a top, but both, and making either role look too easy. Starting off in 1996 with Mardi Gras Cowboy (All Worlds), (which just came out on DVD) and Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard (Big Video), he's the guy that you go to for hot sex performances and acting that doesn't make you laugh out loud, unless its supposed to. Maybe best remembered as one of the few 'mainstream' gay porn stars with a PA with a big ring through it. (Maybe only memorable for me since I once dated a guy with a comparable PA, and the difference in feeling cannot be described!) His last on-screen role appears to have been in 1997, so (at least for me), a lot of impression in a small amount of time.

In A Tale of Two Brothers (All Worlds), Buck inherits money that he has to share with his brother, that requires a search throughout the movie. Mike Donner's direction and the cinematography make this a great movie for repeated viewings. His first scene with Josh Conners is great and setups the rest of the movie as to what type of guy our main character (Buck) is.

Gold Diggers (All Worlds) is a favorite, because I enjoy his scene with Jay Anthony. What starts out as a a very physical fight ends up as great sex and love making by two characters that have been sniping at each other the whole flick. They celebrate their new found intimacy by cumming over a glass-top table. Overall, not my favorite Chi Chi LaRue movies, but it has a lot of my favorites, at the time.

Naked Highway (Big video) a 1997 winner of a slew of AVNs, Grabbys, and Gay Erotic Video Awards. Wash West's great flick is basically a road movie with Joey Violence and Jim Buck on the road. Their sex scene in the desert reveals a lot about the characters, and is really hot!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Gay Public Sex in Voldelpark Amsterdam All Good

Gay men who cruise Voldelpark will no longer face legal sanctions if caught having sex. According to a report in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, local officials reached the conclusion that, within certain guidelines, gay liaisons within the park were not a "nuisance" to other users, and current prohibitions were costly to enforce.

"Naturally there will be strict rules," said one city alderman. "Waste [including condoms] must always be cleared. Sexual activity may not occur near children's playgrounds, and sex must be limited to the evening and overnight hours."

Dutch police have given a nod of approval to the measure and if it works well, they may request the rules be extended to other parks.
American opponents of "the homosexual agenda," of course, are up in arms.

"Clearly, what is happening in the Netherlands is a preview of what will happen here," said Traditional Values Coalition executive director Andrea Lafferty. "Gay activists could care less about the 98 percent of the population who will be defiled by such behaviors in public places. They obsess about sex and want to engage in sodomy whenever and wherever they wish."

Of course, here in the states it’s usually married men who categorize themselves as straight that cruise the parks looking for a fast hookup.

Over 400 Photos of Big Cock in one BIG Book

Now a coffee book that will really get you excited. More than 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments including rare photos of legendary John Holmes and photos from Bob Mizer of AMG, David Hurles of Old Reliable and many more. Not only incredible erotic but also very beautiful photos of my favorite subject… COCKS! Check it out at Amazon.

“Hunky Jesus” Easter Contest Video

Very cute video of San Francisco’s Hunky Jesus contest, some really hot contestants that I wouldn’t mind getting on my knees for.

Funnyman Sacha Cohen terrorizing Kansas as “Bruno” with his Gay Hotpants

The actor who made “Borat” famous is currently fiiming his movie “Bruno” about the over the top gay Austrian TV presenter who makes American people uncomfortable with his gayness. But the gay character's outrageous dress sense has not gone down too well with uptight Kansans and local newspapers have reported that a "European man" was "putting security on red alert" by "stripping down to tight shorts and dancing in the lobby of Wichita Airport".

And the high jinx hasn't ended there - Cohen and his crew are reported to have disrupted an Easter play at a Kansas church by turning up in "chains".

Falcon Studios Signs Newcomer Tony Capucci to Exclusive Contract

With his dark hair, smoldering bedroom eyes and cut body no wonder Falcon snagged this hot 24yo to an exclusive contract. Capucci made a name for himself online under the tutelage of agents Johnny Castle and David Forest, the studio noted. He has been featured at websites like Jake Cruise, Randy Blue and CockyBoys.

A former Christian school student who lost his virginity at 18 and then became Miami "club kid" by 21, Capucci, now 24, has the matinee idol looks and attitude of a star, according to the studio.

"Tony Capucci has every classic attribute a Falcon exclusive should have - the face, the body, the dick - and he's an amazing performer that can keep up with the best of the best," Falcon president Todd Montgomery said. "We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tony Capucci."

Capucci has filmed his debut scene - a gangbang with Falcon exclusives Erik Rhodes, TJ Hawke and Damian Rios - for the movie Afterparty, which is due to be released June 23. He also appears on the cover of Freshmen Magazine's April issue and will make his first live club appearance at Play in Nashville on May 9.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oral Cum Shots. A slippery slope?

Falcon's teaser for their upcoming release Fleet Week has the bloggers buzzing and is forcing some industry leaders to discuss this "sticky" situation (okay, I'll stop with the puns already). Loaded with oral cum shots, Fleet Week, has many people asking if this is one step closer to the studio going bareback. Not likely..but it is worth noting that expert opinions vary on the risk level associated with oral cum shots. Studios such as Raging Stallions and Lucas Entertainment have had the occasional shot in the mouth when requested by the actors, but they aren't usually this prominent.

(on a side note, from what I can tell Evan's favorite bird is a duck and Paulie's is a swallow)

Regardless of the controversy, I think this looks like one of Falcon's best.

(Trailer Here)

Popular "Cock" Site RateARod gets new Name Dick.Net and it's Hotter than Ever

The popular site where you rate guys cocks has changed it name and added a cute tagline: ”Social networking for you penis”. It certally can make you penis a star (if it’s a nice one) with thousands of people checking it out each day. Creator Dick Hunter states “It’s basically MySpace for penises.”

In addition to RateARod's traditional public evaluation of men's private assets - which has become a section within the new site - also offers user profiles, videos, blogs, groups, polls, forums, event listings and a new feature called "Cock Fights." In Cock Fights, penises face off head to head, and viewers pick the one they find more alluring. Cock fighters may view their members' stats, including number of knockouts and win percentages., which is aimed primarily at gay, bisexual and straight men - is free to access and does not require registration. Hunter said it also should appeal to women.

"It's always bothered me that RateARod was labeled a gay site, even though the desire to know what people think of your penis transcends sexual preference," Hunter said. "One great thing about the new site is that everyone must specify their sexual preference and gender, making it easy to browse profiles and finally allowing the straight guys to be identified as such."

Boy Butter’s New Male Performance Natural Enhancer Hit the Shelves

Boy Butter is so sure you will like this new “Enhancer” they offer a “Total satisfaction of you money refunded by BBL LLC” When I was asked to try out this new product, wasn’t really sure how it would work out. I don’t have any real erection problems (except getting a chubby when I shouldn’t, like church) but I have to say that my erection was harder than ever.

Male Performance Enhancer: Boy Butter Bonerz is truly revolutionary Male Performance Enhancer created from natural herb extracts offers a safe alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra without a prescription. You will experience larger erections due to increased blood flow. Immediate response within 45-60 minutes.Even if you are enjoying a great sex life, try Bonerz- you will not believe the difference!

As always you should consult a your doctor if being tested for serious medical conditions or are taking prescription drugs. Do not use with nitrates.

**E-Mail Server Problems Fixed**

Thanks to all for letting us know that our mail server was bouncing emails back. The problem has been fixed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

First Gay Porn Triplets sign exclusive to Elite Male

Gay Porn has had gay twins before but now, 3 hot, hunky twink triplets are signed to exclusive contract with Elite Male Studios. Joey, Jimmy and Jason Visconti have it all, pretty faces, washboard stomachs and nice cocks.

"The gay adult industry is known for its fantasy films about twins, but triplets are unheard of - let alone brothers of the magnitude of the Visconti triplets," said Andrew T director of production for Elite Male parent company Valley Pro Video Distributors."This is a coup," he added. "The creative possibilities are endless, and we intend to take full advantage of this opportunity."The Visconti brothers already have shot a scene directed by Joe Budai, according to the studio.

David Hernandez, not the Brightest Bulb on Broadway

From TMZ, Hernandez went to the Big Apple to audition for the cast of “Rent”. While in the airport he ran into a fan that was a Hasidic Jew and took photos with him. David turns to the fan and asks “are you a Pilgrim?” Well at least he’s pretty to look at.

Somebody's Packin'

This frisky cop gets a little more then he bargained for:

Who you callin' faggot?

The New York Times profiles gay mixed martial arts fighter Shad Smith. Even though he has 46 counts of assault and a lengthy prison sentence under his belt, I'm sure a lot of our readers would consider him perfect husband material. Unfortunately he has a partner; a make-up artist in fact. Any guesses on who's the top?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Porn Star Profiles #3 Kurt Wild

So I'm late. Sue me!

So my latest porn star to profile is already the 'it' boy of the gay porn blogosphere. Kurt Wild. New to the scene, relatively, getting his start in the amateur sites. Appearing on Corbin Fischer and ChaosMen, he could have been any other ripped twink. However, during our porncast featuring the top twenty videos of 2007, guess whose name kept popping up. (For those of you playing along at home, give yourself 1 point if you guessed Kurt Wild).

He's got several different looks, but his terrific bottoming performances are consistent. In both Endless Crush (Falcon) and Proven Straight (Jet Set), he gave hot performances (& great head).
In Brotherhood (Colt Studio) he has an incredible threeway with his 'brother' Justin Burkshire and Jordan Michaels, including on the stairs. In Gigolo (Lucas Entertainment), his threeway with Scott Tanner and Ben Andrews demonstrated his spectacular bottoming abilities.

Amazingly, its been reported that he has a wife and a couple of kids, though his enjoyment in all of his scenes cannot be faked. He is a pleasure to watch. Most recently he was in two scenes from new website mybrothershotfriend, where the scenes have been directed by Jim Steel. He's in one scene with Barrett Long and another with Trevor Knight!

The scene with Trevor Knight includes a section where he makes Kurt recite the alphabet while sucking his dick. (Spoiler, he does it better than Big Bird). A hot star I hope we will be seeing a lot more of. (and yes, grammer Nazis, I finished with the sentence with a preposition; to quote Charlene Stillfield of Designing Women "Okay, where are ya'll from, bitch?")