Friday, November 9, 2012

Handmade Piggy Popper Holder for the guy on the Go!

This is what happens when artisan meet sex, a handcrafted pewter Piggy Poppers Bottle Necklace. This is for the Ultimate Piggy, hand crafted pewter Popper holder and empty bottle for the guy on the go. Put your favorite popper, aroma or *nail polish remover* in this container or it fits most popper bottles. Hang it around your neck and guys will know that you are a sex pig and you mean business. You will never have to "borrow" a tricks poppers, just use yours. Handmade and amazing in detail with seal inside so there will be no spillage, Made in the USA.

New Gold Rush PPP *Nail Polish Remover* JO Video

Now the Internationally Best Selling, Rush "Never Fake It" Brand with PPP (Power Pak Pellet) has a premium Gold formula. Now when you only want the best and strongest available, get Gold Rush. Treat yourself like a King (or Queen) and get some gold in your life.

William Higgins Pre Condom Classic "The Big Surprise"

 "The Big Surprise" It's no surprise that the cast of this movie went on to become Superstars! Steve 12" York, Buster, Steve Grant, Chuck Niles and the others became overnight sensations upon this films release. Cute, Young, and Horse-Hung...what's not to love! This movie packs it and we dare you not to whack it , when watching this classic piece of porn history. Digitally remastered.

David Beckham's Sexy Holiday Campaign

Spicing up the holidays already, David introduces new products to his H&M Bodywear line. Hitting select stores and online at the end of November, sexy ads are released.

"I've always been in the process of design of some kind, but to have something that was actually mine, that was something different and special," David added. For the update to the line, the focus was on warmth and comfort for winter, as seen in the hooded morning gown, draw-string pajama bottoms, and long johns with padded elbow and knees, which actually are something he looks to for inspiration when designing. The holiday collection also includes lounging shorts, Tees, and surprisingly, a towel (hopefully at least in box with one of our favorite UK studs on it). View the pieces on, and off, David in the behind-the-scenes video below and hear more on his design process and work."

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bath Interview with Porn Star Jessy Ares

Porn Star Jessy Ares is not only beautiful and full of talent, but smart too.

Condom law passes in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County voters have decided that porn companies must start using condoms in all their scenes. The measure, which was on the local ballot in Tuesday's election, passed with 55.9 percent support.

Porn producers are threatening to quit filming in Los Angeles after voters approved a measure requiring adult-movie actors to wear condoms during shoots to protect them from sexually transmitted diseases.

“It doesn’t change anything -- we’ll simply shoot in Hawaii, Mexico or the desert,” Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, said in a telephone interview. “We’ll fly to Cabo for a week or 10 days. It’s not a big deal.”

 Of course, supporters of the mandate are overjoyed that the measure has passed, saying it will help protect workers in the industry from sexually transmitted diseases.

“This is largest vote ever on the safer sex issue. We expect interest far beyond L.A.,” said Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the group that pushed for the measure. He promised that his group would be making sure the law is enforced by health officials.

Taiwan says it's Time to get High and Gay in the US

I love the way how Taiwan sees the American election. BTW... I dressed in the same leather outfit when I voted.

Justin Bieber Furious over Sold Out Sex Doll

The Bieber has been turned into a sex doll "Just In Beaver" that is being marketed to both woman and men, and he is not happy about it. The Biebs has already got the lawyers trying to get the sold out doll off the market.

"TEEN heartthrob Justin Bieber is reportedly furious after a sex toy company has put his name to a blow-up love doll for gay men. The 18-year-old superstar has been turned into the anatomically correct ’Just-In Beaver’ model. A topless Justin Bieber lookalike features on the front of the box, with various cringy slogans. One reads: “I wanna be your boy boy” while another says: “Beaver tells all” and makes reference to his long-term girlfriend Selena Gomez. Insiders claim his legal team are already on the job to get it pulled. Last night, one claimed: “Justin is absolutely incensed with this monstrosity. “He’s already set his lawyer on these sickos.” The Bieber doll has been produced by seedy Yank firm Pipedream – who has already released other inflatable sex partners based on Katy Perry, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. The £20-a-time doll is now “out of stock” on the company’s website. The insider added:” They are running scared of Justin’s legal team.”

I can't wait to see all the X-Tube videos of young jocks fucking the Bieber Doll.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Season 3 "So You Think You Can Fuck" Trailer

Matthew Rush is hosting again for the reality porn show. Who will be the winner this year?

Monday, November 5, 2012

PETA: Veganism Makes Your Dick Bigger

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #338

Hey Guys, The boys have been blown by Sandy and didn't like it (first time Paulie didn't like a blow). They are back this week with news about Trumps Rat Nest of Hair, Bad boy porn stars in Jail and is Grindr the best place to get your political news? If you have any sexy Halloween Pics make sure to share them with the boys and will be posted on the website and blog. Make sure to move your clocks back and Stay Hard.