Friday, September 14, 2007

Mark Dalton Gay Porn Star Parole Revoked

Another porn star in trouble with the law. Mark Dalton will return to a Texas prison. Star of Jocks Video Super Soaked and Prick Tease is serving a 45 day sentence in Denton County Jail and will return to a Texas prison when that sentence is fulfilled. David Forest of David Forest Entertainment where Dalton is a model says "The terrible thing about Mark's latest legal drama is that the gal who accused him of assaulting her and interfering with her 911 call vanished. She had signed an affidavit stating that she made the whole thing up. But in order to validate that, they needed her to appear in court. Without her, they didn't have a leg to stand on. Mark really got screwed (excuse the pun), thus he lost his parole and will probably be locked up for three to six months."

It is not known how long Dalton will have to spend in the Texas prison for violating his parole. He was sent to prison in November 2004 with a five-year sentence, when a "domestic dispute caused his probation (from a drug-related offense) to be revoked." Maybe this gay for pay porn star will get some great new ideas for some hot prison porn or at least learn to take it up the ass.

Gay or not.. they are very hot!

So you think You Can Dance finalist Neil Haskell was shot with his "workout partner" Danny Tidwell also a hottie. Two male dancers without girlfriends doing shirtless partnered workouts sounds like maybe they should get some "beards" like Ricky Martin, no one thinks he is gay anymore ;) .

Factory Video to release first Bareback Film

I’m sure this will be very controversial decision from Factory Video to go Bareback. The studio has chosen to let the models decide whether they want to use condoms, if all models concur, they will not have to use condoms in their sex scenes. Owner Scott Morris says “We have always been a company that prides ourselves on serving our customers and our models first. We want our models to be able to express themselves in a way that reflects the sex that they really enjoy. So we direct with only the minimum of control. The models just have the sex they enjoy the most” "Our other models have been more and more insistent that the choice to use condoms was theirs and not ours to make. We have had to insist on the use of condoms on our videos to honor a vocal minority that insists that gay porn is condoms only. (Something that the straight side of the business has never done.) Finally, we've decided to put our philosophy into practice. Our guys are all adults. They can make their own decisions about using condoms. It's always been our policy with cum-eating."

Director Luke Cross and his real-life partner, videographer Orion Cross, created Raw Rookies. The film stars Will Montgomery, Alexandre Carino, Casey Wood, Erin, Mark Galfione, Enrique Gurrero, Adrian, Justin Side, and both Crosses. All of the models are newcomers to video or barebacking.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Petrov (the Fuck Machine) Signs Exclusive with Jet Set Men

Hard Bodied top Hunk Nickolay Petrov has signed and exclusive contract with Jet Set Men. Petrov , who says “Once my dick gets hard, it doesn’t go down” appeared in Jet Set’s Proven Straight , Code Violators and Just Add Water which debuts Oct 15th. Director Chris Steele says, “Nickolay is a fuck machine. You give him a hot boy’s ass and he just plows into it, always ending with a seismic cum shot. As a director, what more could you ask for?” He joins Jesse Santana, Zach Rockwood and Sebastian Young as Jet Set Exclusives.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dillon Crow the newest Exclusive at Hot House

Hot House Entertainment has signed Dillon Crow to its roster of exclusives. The incredible tattooed hung hunk, Crow is 23 and an expert in martial arts and makes his debut in the Folsom Weekend release Verboten pt 1 and pt 2 directed by one of Evan ( video experts favorites. Crow says, "I came to Hot House because of the studio's edgy reputation and hot men, and they gave me exactly what I wanted. I'll never forget this first experience!" Dillon will appear at the Folsom Street Fair, including the Parade of Stars, Saturday, September 29, and at the Hot House booth, Sunday, September 30. Verboten will be for sale at the fair, but will not be available otherwise until later in the fall. Can’t wait to see him in action! If you want to be notified when the DVD is available make sure to sign up for the mailing list.

New TV Judge Show – the twist – He’s Gay

There are so many different judge shows on the tube lately, I get confused but Judge David Young will be the first openly gay (now that I know that Judge Judy isn’t a drag queen) one with his new show that premieres this week on the CW. I was so waiting to see him snap his fingers and say “Girrrrl now that’s what I’m talking about” but didn’t get that for the first episode. Hopefully a little later! Promos for the show promise "justice with a snap" and a "fresh perspective" on legal issues. He said viewers can expect to hear him talk about his partner of 12 years, Judge Scott Bernstein, from the bench, sing show tunes, and crack jokes with those standing before him. In one episode he warns a gay hip-hop group that there will only be "one queen" in his courtroom and "that will be me”. It’s nice to see gays don’t only have to be fasion guru’s but can fit in anyplace. You go Girrrrrllll, snap!

Car Beefcake Ads for Gays

Daihatsu Car Ad for Germany, it may look like a “Mini” but the new small Trevis car is a grower and a shower. A Cowboy in tight pants, shirtless baseball player and a hot sailor that makes you want more seamen, may be the Gayest Auto web site of all times. The Japanese company leaves no doubt who the target is in the German market. The pink site features a dancing version of each of the hot shirtless guys (if you can read German you can send an e-card). Check out the site.