Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Gay Comic Story

Bondage Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Straight Best Friends See Each Other Naked for 1st Time

Gay Porn Stars Read Mean Tweets Christmas Edition from - So here we are again, our favorite time of year, Christmas... That magical time of Santa, gifts, trees, tinsel, elves, Rudolph, carols... and MEAN TWEETS!

Banned by Time Warner Cable Nasty Pigs “Give/Receive” Ad

After airing just four times on Logo, Time Warner Pulled the ad. Time Warner Cable issued and official statement about the incident on Friday: "Proper guidelines were not followed in this instance; we made a mistake. We are sorry and we will work with this client to make it right.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Frosty Getting Ready for the Leather Bar

Friday, December 12, 2014

Frenzy with Ray Phillips Hottest all-male Exhibitionists
All-solo entry, director Csaba Borbely captures ten of the hottest all-male exhibitionists anxiously ready to whack off their meat in front of the camera. With his unique ambition, style and class, Borbely filmed his rock hard and horny discoveries on some of the most beautiful beaches, boats, pools and other outdoor locations St. Tropez has to offer.

Frenzy - Scene 1 - Pacific Sun Entertainment brought to you by Tube8

Watch PUMP! Underwear Let's Go!

PUMP! Underwear Let's Go! from Edwin Hernández on Vimeo.

Preview Stick It Fuck It Breed It Leave It from Treasure Island

Treasure Island Media men don’t make love. They fuck. They want to get off. They need cum in their holes. Pump and dump, dump and run, hit it and bounce – STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT is men using other men.

Stick It Fuck It Breed It Leave It
Watch Full HD movie now in Adonis Enterprises

Nick Jonas Plays Gay in Kingdom

Nick Jonas is proud to play a gay character on television and isn't afraid to do a sex scene, either.

On Wednesday night's finale of DirecTV's "Kingdom," it was revealed that Jonas' character, MMA fighter Nate Kulina, is gay. The 22-year-old former Disney Channel star sees the role as part of a new chapter in his life. He opened up about playing a gay man during an interview with Buzzfeed, saying his religious family was "proud" of him for landing the gig.

“I’ve really been trying to make an effort to talk with my gay fan base and find unique opportunities to set up the next chapter of my life and my career with them in it,” Jonas told Buzzfeed. “The attitude I take in the stories I want to share and my personal life and my view is that I think we’re in a time where there’s a new progression. For all people of all walks of life to accept all people … I’d be thrilled if I’m any part of that.”

Nick Jonas Gay Scene from kingdom_nick_jonas on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get Ready for a Huge Stocking Stuffer - Sean Xavier Cock

When it comes to the current crop of porn stars, Sean Xavier stands out head and shoulders above the rest. With a playful smile, charming personality, rock-hard body and a dick you have to grasp with two hands, you’d be hard-pressed to find many that can measure up to him. (Literally and figuratively.)

Sean Xavier Cock from Topco Sales Wildfire Celebrity Series. Lucas Entertainment After hours 11 inches insertable colossal cock with a suction cup base. For solo play or with an o-ring harness.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WATCH: Andrew Christian’s Jingle Bells

Our friends at Andrew Christian are getting into the Christmas spirit!  Topher DiMaggio, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Jonny Manzanares and Pablo Hernandez shake their candy canes in a magical AC winter wonderland. We wanna kiss all of them underneath the mistletoe.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

HBO's Looking Season Two - Invitation to the Set

HBO has released a special behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming season of Looking. The new season will up the ante and we’ll get to know the characters a little more.

Bitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect P by Todrick Hall

"London Uncut" Treasure Island Preview
"If there's one thing we have in London, it's uncut cocks," proclaims Liam Cole. For London Uncut, the director assembled some of the hottest uncircumcised studs Europe has to offer!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Scene from Falcon Bareback 22: Insatiable Raw Ballers[terms]=Falcon+Bareback&search[mode]=exact&search[cat]=&search[sort_by]=name_asc
Classic bareback scenes from these hit Falcon Studios movies: Giant Splash Shots II, Style, Take Ten, Abducted, Round Up.

Falcon Bareback 22: Insatiable Raw Ballers
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

University of Nottingham Hockey Team Strips

The Yummy Boys go nude to fight and bring awareness to homophobia in sports as part of a Voice Your Rights" student project.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BRAVO! ADDICTED SPORTSWEAR 2015 Featuring Bel Ami Boys

BRAVO! ADDICTED SPORTSWEAR 2015 Featuring Bel Ami Boys

Bearforce 1 Wants to be Switzerland's official entry at Eurovision 2015.

Bearforce1 is back! With Action Man, we hope to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2015.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Highlights from Folsom Fair

Highlights from Folsom Fair from Daily Xtra on Vimeo.

Movie "Stranger by the Lake" French Nude Cruising Beach

Stranger by the Lake star Pierre Deladonchamps, talks about cruising, being naked on set, and the same-sex marriage fight in France.

A nude beach, cruising & hardcore sex- Pierre Deladonchamps in Stranger by the Lake from Daily Xtra on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gay Of Thrones Parody Preview Part 4

Next Door J Howling Balance and Love and good Chi

A professional energy worker, J Howling is an intuitive fellow. Working with energy is his passion and his goal in life is to bring balance and love and good Chi everywhere....including the bedroom!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Colt Gears New 3 in 1 Sex Toy will Blow you Cock and Mind

Colt Sex Toys has come out with 4 new toys this week, but the one that stands out is the new "Colt Manhole". It is a Masturbator with intense gripping action for a mind blowing orgasms, Butt Plug that is a perfect size for any ass and a Cock Sheath that will add girth when you are fucking a buddy, all in one!

Colt also released a anal beads called "Colt Buddy Balls" with a Cockring attached to the end that also has multi uses. You can use solo or while you are fucking someone or you can use the cockring and use the buddy balls on a partner. They have also released a "Jumbo Colt Anal Probe" and Colt Bum Anal Douche.

Gay Of Thrones Parody Preview Part 3

Dildo Fucking with Cock Sheath Video
Get ready for the fuck of you life with is incredible stretchy silicone and TRP Cock Sheath. What make this different from other "Cock Sheaths" is this cock sheath is not anchored to a cock, but inserted in his ass and  the "knot" on the bottom makes it stay in your hole while getting fucked. The shaft is lined with soft Ridges that make fucking or jacking, super hot.

Dressing Room Fun with a Hard On Video

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Look Out! Looking Season Two Is Coming

In just a few months the second season of Looking is going to debut.

A teaser trailer has been released featuring our favourite characters.

It doesn’t reveal too much but we’re guessing Jonathan Groff’s character is going to have a tough choice picking a lover in the next season.

Theres Something About Jack Harrer - Jack Off Video

There is Something about Jack... is it his great body, his mischievous personality, or his huge dick? It really doesn't matter, as we should all agree that there definitely is something about Jack, and that makes him irresistible.

Gay Of Thrones Parody Preview Part 2

Lucas Entertainment Reveals 1st Look at 'A Very Merry Bareback Christmas'
Lucas Entertainment is excited to announce the DVD release of “A Very Merry Bareback Christmas,” featuring the bareback film debut of Russian-born Dato Foland. (Check Dato Below with Tomas Brand)

The holiday-themed DVD is slated to release on Nov. 21. Shot on location in a gorgeous mountain resort, “A Very Merry Bareback Christmas” is the latest in an expanding roster of non-condom sex scenes from Lucas Entertainment.

In the title, a group of seven Lucas men travel to a mountain retreat and celebrate the holidays the way everyone wants to: by hooking up all vacation long. Alongside Dato Foland stars Nigel Banks, Tanner Bradley, Donnie Dean, Lucas Knight and Santiago Figueroa.

“I had a blast directing this movie,” said Jake Steel, director of studio production at Lucas. “I was extremely impressed with the cast and their amazing sexual chemistry on camera. Everyone jumped into the holiday spirit to make this movie come to life. And watch for my fun little twist at the end: someone special comes to town.”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gay Of Thrones Parody Preview Part 1

Gay or Thrones - Watch men wage war and besiege each others inner walls as the battle rages on!

Shane Barrett, Scott Reeves Look Fucking Hot in Jocks

Shane Barret (also known as Shane Barrett, Scott Reeves, Kevin Arbor and Albert Masak) doing a very hot shoot for Staxus

Jonny McGovern’s Hey Qween with Porn Star Mitch Vaughn

Jonny McGovern’s Hey Qween with Porn Star Mitch Vaughn

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bravo's Below The Dick... I mean Deck Kelley Johnson Naked

How did I miss this, love the very hung and very shaved Kelly Johnson, Johnson :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Liveshow Hustlaball 2014 3 Way Bareback Fuck

Last Friday night, the two ARB by WAN-Film all-time favorites Joe Bexter and Ken Taylor partnered up with Kris Kurt for a hot threesome in front of 1,000s of horny Hustlaball visitors.

Halloween Week - Captain America Rides a Dildo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best of Titanmen Cumshots pt 2 Video Preview
Who doesn't love a big thick cumshot!? After the huge success of Cumshots Volume 1 we had to bring you the next batch of creamy TitanMen Cumshots compilation volume 2. Over 3 1/2 hours of nonstop cum-spurting cocks! We've pulled together over 100 of the finest TitanMen, shooting tons of cum for your pleasure. These TitanMen all-stars shoot load after load, erupting in some of the biggest and best cumshots in TitanMen history.

Video Preview "Men for Sale"
"Men for Sale" explores the subject of human sex trafficking. Jimmy gets his ass fucked by Jarec. This is the first scene for Jarec, and he doesn't disappoint. Next, Jarec gets sold to the highest bidder Tom. Watch as Jarec can't help indulging his tongue into Tom's hot tight bubble butt. The two fuck in an amazing scene with a great climax. In the final part of "Men for Sale" versatile Dirk takes a dick as hard as he gives it. Tom and Jarec are hot as fuck getting off with Dirk in this amazing scene.

Wisconsin Man Finds New Uses For Sex Toys

If you think you have thought about every way one can get pleasure from a sex toy, but Konrad Peters, 28, of Milwaukee, has found a new one: Throwing them out of his car window at teenage girls.

According to police reports, on September 4, two teenage girls, both 14, observed a black car drive past the alley where they were walking, then slow down to a stop about 100 feet in front of them. The driver then opened his door and placed an object on the ground, which turned out to be a "giant purple dildo," after which the car drove a short distance away, and as the girls came closer to the dildo to check it out, the driver stared at them from his open car window.

But that's not all! Five days later, yet another teen, 15, reported to police that a man threw what turned out to be yet another dildo, this time wrapped in clear plastic tape, out of his car window, and when the object rolled under his car, he parked and waited for the girl to react to it. (No word on what that reaction, if any, was.) And finally, on October 8, still another teenage girl, 13, who was walking near her home saw a driver fling yet another dildo out his car window, and the action scared the gal enough that she walked past her house, not wanting the driver to know where she lived.

A hearing has not yet been held regarding the incidents>

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mystic Daddy - "The Man" (Official Music Video)

Mystic Daddy - "The Man" (Official Music Video) from Mystic Daddy on Vimeo.

Titanmen Dario Beck and Alex Graham in Day Into Night

From Titanmen- On a balcony overlooking a pool at night, Dario Beck is approached by Alex Graham —whose smooth, muscular chest catches his attention. They kiss, Alex unbuttoning Dario’s shirt and pulling the hairy-chested stud in closer as their jean bulges touch. Alex reaches down to stroke Dario’s thick boner, his own big cock soon released.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gay Fire Ball

Gay Fire Ball from John & Joe on Vimeo.


Live! at HUSTLABALL NEW YORK 2014 from HustlaBall 2014 on Vimeo.

Helix Studios Releases 'Body Language' Short Porn Film Video

Helix Studios has released "Body Language," a new short film from director Alex Roman. The movie stars Liam Riley and Max Carter and was filmed in Rich's gay club in San Diego.

In additon to cameos by several Helix Studios stars, the movie also features Trenton Ducati.

The studio said coming off the success of "Sex En Rouge," inspired by cabaret and live sex shows from the red light districts of Europe, it plans to create a new category of gay adult entertainment.

"We are in an era when porn is merging with mainstream entertainment, so we have an opportunity to create beautifully shot films that bring your wildest fantasies to life, combining music, art and erotica like never before,” creative director Chris Duran said.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amateur Guys in Bareback Casting 7 Video Preview
Bareback Casting 7 Amateur Studs Looking To Get Ahead by giving up some Ass!

RuPaul's Drag Race Courtney Act Kicks off Mardi Gras Campaign

The parade and party will be held on March 7 with an array of awesome events including Harbour Party and Fair Day beginning throughout February.

Folsom Street Fair with Mr Pam

Gay porn director mr Pam brings you highlights from the 2014 Folsom Street Fair. From whips and chains to pornstars Christian Wilde and Michael Lucas, we bring you the best and sexiest from San Francisco's annual leather and fetish festival.

Folsom Street Fair with mr Pam from Daily Xtra on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Best Selling Rascal BlackBalled Dildo is Back! Watch Guys Taking it All!
Channel 1 Releasing is bringing back Rascal Toys’ signature’s Black Balled realistic black dildo. Inspired by the hung stars of gay director Chi Chi LaRue's “Black Balled” video series, the dildo measures 12-inches in length, 9-inches in girth and features realistic detailing – down to its large balls.

The Black Balled is harness compatible, with a suction cup base for hands-free enjoyment. It is also waterproof, and can be used in the shower or bath.

LaRue helms the entire line of Rascal Toys gay-oriented products, which encompasses lifelike replicas of penises from leading new and classic gay stars. It offers exclusive collections like Super Star Cock and Fuck Like a Porn Star.

Watch some videos of Guys taking it all in.

Paddy O'Brian Gang Banged for First Time "Prisoner Of War "

In Prisoner of War - Paddy O'Brian is the one to get gang banged for the first time ever in the hottest gay porn scene of the summer! The sex is passionate and yet also rough. Paddy's straight ass gets pounded by Alex, Damien, Allen, and Gabriel in a finale that will leave you begging to be a Prisoner of War.

Video Preview Staxus "Hard For Teacher"

"Hard For Teacher" When twink boys need to get that A-grade, they'll do almost anything! The teacher doesn't mind though, not with his balls full of cum and a desperate need for a hole to sink his boner into.

Red Carpet LIVE! at HUSTLABALL NYC 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Porn Star Scott Hunter Calendar Shoot Video

2015 Scott Hunter Calendar

Falcon Studios "Naughty Pines Part 2 " Photo Gallery
'Naughty Pines 2' is the second satisfying part of Falcon's Fall Blockbuster, and it's filled with non-stop, man on man action. Boyfriends Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels haven't had much excitement in their love life lately, so it comes as a total surprise to Colt when Owen whisks him away on a surprise weekend trip. Their destination: Naughty Pines, a private men's retreat nestled deep in the northern California mountains, where steamy hookups are as plentiful as trees in the forest. For muscular, handsome men displaying a full range of lust, tenderness and passion, Naughty Pines is the destination.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Titanmen Cumshot Collection

These TitanMen all-stars shoot load after load, erupting in some of the biggest and best cumshots in TitanMen history. If you love the sight of fat, hard cocks shooting jiz then you can’t afford to miss this latest TitanMen cumshot presentation.

Cockring and Anal Fun

Friday, October 17, 2014

Very Hot 18 y.o.Strips and Shoots Video

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Liberace gets Animated from blank on blank

A 1968 interview with Liberace by Jay Kent Hackleman has been discovered and animated for PBS. Porn Studio Opens World's First Erotic Haunted House

As if getting rabbit fucked by a guy who is packing 12 rock hard inches is scary enough., the world’s largest producer of BDSM and fetish entertainment has opened the world’s first erotic haunted house. “Hell in the Armory” runs all this month in the 100-year old San Francisco Armory where the company shoots its adult films. While the erotic haunted house isn’t nearly as explicit as the company’s films, parental guidance is strongly suggested.

“We know that many people find Kink’s films scary, so we wanted to have a little fun with that,” said Andrew Harvill, the producer of the event. “The Armory building itself is actually haunted, so setting up a real haunted house tour using our dungeons and sets was a natural fit. It’s both terrifying and, depending on your kink, arousing.”

    A one-hour tour, Hell in the Armory takes guests through Kink’s various themed sets for eight separate horror vignettes. In the course of events, you’ll meet, among others, a deranged doctor, a duplicitous dominatrix, a voodoo queen, ghoulish psychopaths and a party of zombie-types with a penchant for show tunes. If you’re lucky—or not, depending on your kink—a naked vampire woman soaked in blood may lick your face.

    Though at times more campy than creepy, the tour, which ends with a claustrophobia-inducing maze in which various freaks startle and screech, is not for the easily shaken. It’s also not for the kids. In addition to full-frontal nudity, the tour contains loud noises, strobe lights, mild torture, tight spaces, blindfolding, fake blood splatter, strangers touching you and various other surprises. If this sounds like hell, and not the fun kind, it may not be for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boot-Licker Sub Really Loves His Job

Boot-Licker Loves His Job from Gary Gaga on Vimeo.

Gardner Takes a break in the Shead for a very Hot Poppers Jack Off
Damn He Blows a HUGE hot load with a bottle of Poppers on his Chest