Thursday, August 21, 2008

Muscle God Zeb Altas' 1st Gay Porn Top Scene

The day has finally come for muscle fans and gay porn aficionados... the first photo of Zeb Atlas topping a guy in gay porn.

The upcoming film Best Men from Falcon Studios sees Atlas get sucked and eaten out by fellow muscle man Matthew Rush as well as getting to plough his first dude!

The guy who gets the honour of being the first to cop it from Atlas on film is the former Playgirl model Adam Killian.Best Men is set to be released in mid-September.

Rascal’s Josh Vaughn Blow Job Stoker Review

This week the Rascal Exclusive Josh Vaughn stoker / masturbator was released by Topco Sales, the “Green” sex toy manufacturer. It was molded directly from the twink porn stars face from his nose to his chin and has his fuck-able pouty lips. I was really surprised by the reality of the CyberSkin with Virtual Touch texture. It was both soft and solid and has a tight ribbed “Deep Throat” simulating tunnel that feels incredible (minus the gagging sound you sometimes). Just like a real BJ, I put the head of my cock on the lips, applied a little thrust and it felt like it was sucked down to the base.

Very easy clean up with open ended back, just rinse out. Just pop one of Vaughn’s DVDs in the player and get a nice long blow job that you will love!

One of Disney Stars Jonas Brothers Ready to Come Out of the Closet!

Which of the three Jonas Brothers is in fact gay and has been threatening to defy his parents orders to stay in the closet and may be getting ready to come out very soon?

The bother - who is far from being the virgin all the three brothers claim to be - has been dating a much older guy from The Jonas Brothers' home town of Wyckoff, New Jersey for several months.

The Jonas Brothers have been playing on their wholesome image as committed Evangelical Christians - their father is a former pastor - and sources fear they may loose their core audience and their lucrative contract with Disney when the truth comes out. They could always turn to porn and make a bundle!

Drinking Really Does Make Everyone Look Better!

What we've all suspected for a while has been proven true: a few beers under your belt really does make that guy in the dark corner of the pub or club seem more attractive than he really is!

A scientific team from the University Of Bristol in Britain carried out the research on 84 drunk straight uni students, getting them to rate the attractiveness of people in photos.

Both the drunk men and women found the faces in the photos hotter when they were pissed than when they were sober.

One of the head researchers, Dr Marcus Munafo, says alcohol twists our perceptions of attractiveness and makes us focus in on hooking up with potential partners in "environments conducive to sexual encounters".

While such "conducive" environments are probably more prevalent on the gay scene, the research also unsurprisingly translates to same-sex attraction.

An Aussie psychologist with the University of Queensland, Bill von Hippel, said the fact that alcohol made drunk people find people of their own sex more attractive was "puzzling".

Now, of course the von Hippster was refering to straight dudes finding other guys more attractive - gay guys feeling that way is a given, but it certainly opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities for experimenting with straight lads!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Girls / Guy Gone Wild Joe Francis Files Lawsuit for Civil Rights Abuses

The fonder of Girls and Guys gone Wild Joe Francis states in video press release "I was extorted...that's not justice and that's not the American way." So he suing for $300 million, claiming civil rights abuses from law enforcement officials in Florida.

Francis spent 11 months in jail after he pleaded no contest to child abuse, prostitution and other criminal charges. He also pleaded guilty to bringing contraband — sleeping pills, prescription drugs and $700 in cash — into a Bay County, Fla. jail, according to an article by the New York Times.
Francis now alleges that he was coerced into the no-contest plea and is seeking $300 million in damages for the “illegal conduct” of Bay County officials, according to the press release.

"Panama City officials began their persecution of Joe Francis with open deception, continued with perjury, and concluded with illegal imprisonment," Francis' attorney, Robert E. Barnes, said. "That may be what counts for justice in Panama City, but it’s not American justice."

Francis' lawsuit names the parents of six of the girls as defendants as well as lawyers and county officials involved in the Panama City case. Francis claims Judge Richard Smoak conspired with the girls' attorneys to illegally imprison him and extort millions from his company.

“They threw me in jail and refused me bail,” Francis said on his website. “I was released 11 months later, but only after I was extorted by the judge to pay his former law partners a multimillion-dollar ransom. That’s not justice and that’s not the American way."

In addition to the filing today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Francis also is facing a myriad of other legal problems. Federal prosecutors indicted him on charges of tax evasion in April 2007 and he could receive up to 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine if convicted.

The charges state that Francis deducted $20 million in fraudulent expenses on corporate tax returns filed by Mantra Films. A trial is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Los Angeles.

He’s also being sued by Steve Wynn of Wynn Casinos, who claims that Francis owes a $2 million gambling debt.

Francis has pleaded not guilty to the tax evasion charge last month and insists that Wynn provided "alcohol, prostitutes and illegal drugs" to lure him into gambling. Wynn responded by suing Francis for an additional $10 million.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Pics from LoadXXX New Twink Release

The new release from LoadXXX/ Rentboys UK “Bare British Footballers” is packed with smooth Huge Cock, Twinks that will make you Randy Baby.

Bare British Footballers shows us what these English soccer lads get up to in the changing rooms! The boys are practicing for their local team by kicking a ball around in the park. However, when nobody is watching, they get very naughty!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Uncensored Japanese Gay Video Hits the Market

Boykakke Films has released "Tokyo Cum Swap " the first Uncensored Japanese Gay Video ever and It is HOT!

"Despite their love for all things kinky and naughty, it is illegal in Japan to show any private parts in Japanese porn," producer DannyZ explained. "There are literally thousands of gay Japanese DVDs for sale, but all have blurred mosaics around the genitals, which is a total turn-off for most consumers. As you can probably imagine, the pent-up demand is huge for uncensored Japanese porn."

All Boys president Rob Ragan added, "Not only is the title uncensored Japanese, but it's also the same quality consumers have come to expect from the line. We've sold more of this already in pre-books than we did [Boykakke's] first film in the first month, showing that they're really starting to build an audience. I expect after all is said and done, this film will be one of the best, if not the best-selling Japanese gay films ever."

All Boys' vice president of operations, Craig Rivas, said the high-definition title includes "tons of raunchy cum action, hot Asian boys and plenty of hardcore butt-pounding Asian action."Boykakke Films has really carved a niche for themselves as leaders in the gay Asian DVD market, and this title is sure to be another hit," he added.

Michael Phelps Gets Some Tail

The sexy 23 yo Michael Phelps lent his fishy skills to an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot that recreated a scene from The Little Mermaid. (Julianne Moore plays Ariel.) It's part of a series that puts "celebrities inside their Disney fantasies."