Friday, November 27, 2009

The Real World DC premieres Dec. 30th

I am willing to admit that I still watch the Real World on MTV. It has been ground breaking with respect to introducing gay and lesbian people into world's living rooms. December 30th is the premiere of that program in our (Paulie and mine) fair city, and it includes some GLBT people. As a side note, the real world house was around the corner from one of my porn rental shops, so I got to see all of the goings-on. (Some porn companies don't give us review copies, forcing (?) me to schlep to rental places to find the material for my reviews). More details on the porncast (GPT#228).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In preparing this review, I tried to remember when Titan first began the Titanmen fresh series. I think the first video in the series was "Rising Sun," but it might have been "London Calling." All of the flicks in this series feature European models that are younger and smoother than your typical "Titan man." They have evolved into videos, like RSVP, featuring three long scenes instead of the traditional four or five, and usually multiple cumshots per scene. This one directed by Richie Oldmann fits the mold with the theme of this flick being a party, with the guests who show up hopefully properly RSVPing in advance.

Scene one has Luke Taylor and Jarek Soldan finding a spare bedroom to fool around in. Scene two starts off with Luko Marshall and David White followed by Brian Brower to make the duo a threeway. Scene three has Marco Mark, Milan Johanson, and Adam Zarsky fucking around the house, ending up in a tub with Marco and Milan taking turns on Adam's hole. The extras include a cumshot compilation and trailers (imagine Paulie going "wha wha"). The guys are young and hot, as is the sex. If you liked the other Titanmen Fresh titles, chances are you'll like this one too.

The Hanky Code Makes a Comeback on iPhone Apps

The first time I heard of the hanky code I was watching the Al Pacino movie "Cruising" where he wore the wrong color hanky and the trick he picked up got mad he wasn't into it.

Seems the hanky code started in the mid 19th century in San Francisco with the shortage of women to dance with so men would wear them in their back pockets to say they would take the "Male" or "Female" role in square dancing. Then in the 70's some cleaver gays adopted the secret code for sex.

Now the Hanky Code takes a technological leap into the 21 century with the new iPhone App. Here is how the creators Jonathan Leach and Karl Burkart say it works "Suppose you were at a bar and you saw someone with a real hanky in their back pocket, you could just pull up the app real quick, click on the color and it would give you the meaning. The app also will light up your screen with a picture of whatever hanky you are so the iPhone actually becomes the hanky. If you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant somewhere and you’re working on your computer you can have your iPhone to the left or to the right of your computer or your coffee and guys walk by and the notice it and they’re like ‘hmm.’"

Like they say everything old is new again.

Finally... A Reason to Watch Football

Chicago Bears, Devin Hester has one nice ass.

Diesel Washington Really HATE Twinks

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Morning Glory for Adam Lambert

Good Morning America has cancelled a scheduled appearance by Adam Lambert after the singer's sexually suggestive performance at the American Music Awards turned heads.

ABC reports that it received more than 1500 e-mails protesting Lambert's performance, in which he kissed a male keyboardist and enjoyed a simulation of oral sex by a male dancer.

"Given Adam Lambert's controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning," a spokesperson for the network told CNN.

Lambert has since been snatched up to perform on 'The Early Show' on rival network CBS.

Of course, plenty of bands have toned down their sexually suggestive evening shows to suit the staid atmosphere of morning television. The option of rejigging his performance for early risers has been denied Lambert.

Still, he can still take heart from this controversial setback. After all, you only create this kind of heat when you're hot.

Secret Gay Sex with An Elf in New XBox Game

Playstation new XBox game Dragon Age has a hot secret gay sex scene with an Elf.

"Access to the hands-on scene can only be granted if the player uses the right combination of cheesy chat up lines to seduce the warrior elf. In a clip posted online, the gamer-controlled human character runs through the correct list of options, starting with the inevitably cheesy, 'I want to discuss something personal' – one of four dialogue options available He then makes his intentions explicit with 'Can you join me in my tent?' before coming in for the kill with, 'I bet you’re good at a lot of things'."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bravo Capitalizing on Porn Star Chef Contestant

Bravo's Chef Academy student, Emmanuel Delcour, aka Jen Valijean cast member info says he is a "Graphic Artist and has acted in commercials and televisions series" and works as a "personal trainer", but what he is really known for is “the premier straight porn practitioner of analingus on female co-stars.” He has won the AVN Male foreign Performer of the year in 2007 and from the clips he blows Huge Loads.