Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: "Gay Dorm Whores"

Studio: High Drive Productions - Spunkstar
Director: Brady Mayo
Year Released: 2009
Running Time: 105 minutes

Sometimes the only thing a gay-porn feature has going for it is the title. And such is definitely the case with Gay Dorm Whores. It’s a great title, sure. But on the whole, it’s not such a great DVD. And the title is a bit deceiving. The guys featured are definitely gay, they’re definitely whores (literally and figuratively; more on that later), but there isn’t a dorm anywhere in sight. And the model’s ages flashed on screen at the beginning of every scene are not entirely accurate (more on that later, too). The DVD is a series of scenes shot for twink-porn website, and not a straight-forward narrative. But if you’re watching Gay Dorm Whores you’re not really looking for plot, are you? No, you’re looking for hot young twinks getting down and dirty. And almost all the lads on view here share similar attributes: they're wafer thin, hairless bodied, ready for sex at the drop of a hat, and all in desperate need of a sandwich. Let’s duck into the “dorm” and see what these young pups are up to.

Scene one starts out poolside with Chad Fitch (18) & Lewis Cannon (21). Inquisitive Chad asks Lewis if he can teach him the “backstroke”. Lewis joins the little cutie in the water for some lessons, but they don’t have much to do with swimming. Chad mentions having a girlfriend (ha!) and equally inquisitive Lewis asks him if he’s ever been with a guy. Chad says no (double ha!), and you can quickly tell where this is going: straight to Lewis’ bedroom, where he promises to show Chad “what real swimmers do”. Well apparently real swimmers love to suck cock, as he chows down on Chad’s dick (which has a great downward, throat-friendly curve to it). Chad returns the favor and works on Lewis’ completely shaved crank (showing considerable cock-sucking skills for a supposedly straight dude). The action features a split screen at times, but both images show exactly the same thing. So it really adds nothing unique or interesting to the proceedings and it just comes off as unnecessary.

Next comes the fucking as Chad lowers his “virgin ass” onto Lewis’ love stick. If Chad has a virgin ass, then I’m Lucille Ball. He slides his hole smack down onto his partner’s pole with the ease of a warm knife going through butter. But he looks so friggin’ adorable doing it! Chad’s cock stays rock hard throughout and because of the forward curve to his dick, it stands straight up in the air as he rides Lewis’ sausage. I love the fucking here thanks to the very audible squishing sounds. They definitely didn’t skimp on the lube! IMHO, we need more juicy, sloppy, squishy-sounding anal pounding in gay porn. Very hot, indeed. They move into a spoon fuck, then missionary with Chad’s sweet feet way up over his head as Lewis pokes his cute pucker. Both jerk off and shoot their loads and the cum shots are repeated again for our pleasure in slow motion (my favorite kind of cum shot, actually).

Scene two features Lucian Alexander (18) & Vance Caldwell (18). Think Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Lynde reincarnated as cute twink porn stars and you’ll get an idea of their personalities. They sure ain’t butch, bless their hearts. Not hatin’…just sayin’. Vance can’t get his car started and asks Lucian for help. But it’s actually Vance that’s having trouble getting started. And it doesn’t take him long to convince Lucian to assist. Soon they’re stripping off their clothes and making out on the hood of the car. Vance strips to reveal a neon pink wrestling singlet that is hysterical and hideous at the same time. Lucian, stripped down a designer black jock strap, kneels down and inhales Vance’s cock. Vance sucks on Lucian’s love missile a bit before Lucian is back at it again on Vance’s pole.

The scene moves quickly to anal with Lucian flat on his back on the hood of the car and his legs in the air. He’s a truly passionate, vocal bottom and in sheer heaven while taking Vance’s cock in his sweet ass in a variety of positions. His moans and groans of pure ecstasy never let up and never come off as fake or forced. This kid was either born to be fucked or is an Oscar-calibur actor. It’s difficult to focus on Vance with such a scene-stealer like Lucian on hand. But some credit should be given to top-boy Vance, who must doing something right to elicit such intense bliss from Lucian (although Vance does look at the camera one too many times, which is a bit distracting). Also distracting is the video camera atop a tripod in clear view in certain scenes. Come on, I know this scene was shot primarily for your website, but step up the production values just a bit. It just looks sloppy and careless. Both performers make out and jerk themselves off to a sticky and sweet finish.

In a complete 180-degree turn from the last scene, the third segment features some of the most robotic, joyless, and emotionless sex I’ve ever witnessed in porn. Kenny C (21) & Blake Carter (20) are supposedly step brothers (definitely a hot concept) who are both shirtless and tossing a beach ball back and forth on a sunny day in a field. Tossing a beach ball but they’re not at the beach? Was a football just too butch for them to pull off? Or maybe couldn’t afford a football? Something tells me it’s the latter. Anyway, they both say how happy they are to be stepbrothers (you gotta love bad porn dialogue sometimes) and Kenny asks Blake (who has a cute Southern accent) if he’s ever “messed around with a guy before.” Blake of course says no, and a few seconds later Kenny drops to his knees to give Blake a truly half-assed blowjob. It’s almost like he’s yawning rather than sucking. It’s really difficult to watch this entire segment, because the look on Blake’s face tells you he’d rather be anywhere but here. Almost like he’d rather be home playing “World of Warcraft” then having sex on camera with a cute Southern boy. Blake gives Kenny a marginally better blow job, and rims his ass in the back of their minivan. Kenny fucks Blake in a number of positions, also in the minivan, and both remain silent throughout. Blake does come while getting fucked, which was nice to see, while Kenny lies besides him and jerks some ropes of his own (with the shadow of the cameraman featured prominently on Kenny’s leg). It’s scenes like this that the fast-forward button on your remote control was built for.

Our next scene is another 180-degree turn from the last, but this time it’s for the better. Aaron Landcaster (18) plays a gardener and Brendan David (25) is his boss. Brendan complains to Aaron about his lack of work around the yard, and Aaron replies smartly that he wants a raise. The only thing getting raised here is Brendan’s MASSIVE dick as he whips it out of his shorts for Aaron to snack on. With Brendan’s wasp waist and tightly-trimmed pubes, his dick looks ginormous! Brendan tells Aaron “the only reason why I hired you is because I heard you were a good cocksucker”. And boy, were those stories true. Aaron looks quite happy and very fetching with a huge dong in his mouth. Aaron puts one leg up on the patio table and boss-man Brendan rims his sweet hole. Brendan looks equally as fetching with his tongue in a tight pucker.

Big-dicked Brendan sits down on a patio chair and Aaron squats ass down onto his meaty fuck stick. More split screen action featured here adds nothing to the heat of the scene, and the occasional flashes of light from the still camera man are annoying. Brendan’s cock looks fantastic sliding in and out of Aaron’s bung with his huge balls slapping noisily against his ass checks. Aaron has that “hurts so good” expression on his face and it’s a pleasure to witness a bottom who truly loves being fucked. The ass pounding moves to the patio table with Brendan nailing Aaron from behind. More Ed Wood-esque production values rear their ugly head yet again (this time it’s the lights that sneak into the frame) and take your concentration right out of the scene. The fucking turns to missionary, with Aaron knowing just how he likes to get fucked and telling Brendan exactly when he’s hitting the right spot. He comes while getting pounded (nice!), and Brendan blows a sweet, hot load all over Aaron’s happy and satisfied face.

Our final scene takes place in an apartment overlooking the ocean (I’m thinking this was shot in Florida, maybe?) featuring performers Kyle Baglie (18) & JD Stone (21). JD is rocking a really unfortunate wife-beater-t-shirt-and-sunglasses tan line (seriously, he looks ridiculous) and seems far too old to be in a twink video. He and cute Kyle make out on the couch naked, jerk each other off and trade blow jobs. JD swoops Kyle off his feet and carries him into the bedroom (admittedly a nice romantic touch) and plops him down on the bed. But the two really have no sexual chemistry or sparks, and both phone in the sex featured here. JD plants his hole down onto Kyle’s crank, riding him cowboy style on the bed, and shortly after they move to semi-doggy style with JD’s chest and arms flat on the bed and his feet on the floor while Kyle nails him from behind. Then it’s time for a flip-flop fuck as JD lies back on the bed and Kyle mounts his ass onto his dick, which segues into doggy style and then missionary. Kyle blows his load onto JD’s face, and JD blows his cream all over the mirrored-closet door. And I guarantee you won’t give a shit about any of this. Nothing kills a sex scene faster than two performers who cannot fake they are attracted to each other.

The special features on the DVD contain three interview segments with six of the performers. What’s interesting is the fact that some of the models confess to actually being older than the ages that are flashed onscreen for them at the beginning of each sex scene. For example, Lucian Alexander is actually 24, not 18. And Vance Caldwell says that his first name is actually “Viva” (???). Why make up fake ages for these guys and then feature interviews with them that contradict that information? Again, it’s the shoddiness and sloppiness of the whole production that bothers me and points to director Brady Mayo’s apparent lack of respect for his audience. Oh, and almost all of the models confess to working as escorts. Hey, ho’s gotta eat, too. There’s also a cum-shot compilation reel, a slide show (which would have been nicer if it allowed you to advance to the next slide using your remote control, rather than the images moving along on their own), and previews for other titles including “After-School Jizz Fest”.

If you’re a die-hard twink fan, then perhaps shoddy production values and lackluster sex scenes may not bother you all that much. Three of the five scenes were watchable, with two really standing (but that’s comparing them to the rest of the scenes featured on the DVD, which isn’t saying much at all). But for me, that’s simply not enough to recommend this feature. Two and a half splats for Gay Dorm Whores.

Mobile hookups just got easier

The number of people in your area on Grindr is about to expand a whole lot. Grindr, the notorious iPhone location based all male social networking app is about to be released to Blackberry users. Blackberry users too will be rolling their balls soon in search of their next connection.

The app is currently in beta testing to 5,000 user, with no announcement of when it will be available to the masses. Visit to become a Blackberry beta tester.

Also this week, users of Adam4Adam (my personal favorite hookup site. I agree with Paulie, Craigslist is the "pennysaver of hookup sites") saw this on the home page after loggin in.

Dear members,

The Adam4Adam mobile version is finally here! M.ADAM4ADAM.COM This version works best on medium to large screen mobiles. The flashing 'new mail' alerts don't work yet and for IPhones the upload images feature is disabled by Apple. We're still working on these features. Thank you for your patience.

The Adam4Adam Team
I am an iPhone subscriber and when I first went to the site there were no user pictures. But they must have gotten that all squared away because they are now there. Also the mailbox is now flashing too.

Happy hunting!

Coyote Point Review

To follow up on Evan's podcast review, here's a taste of today's release, Titan Men's latest, Coyote Point.

Studio: Titan Men

Director: Joe Gage

Release date: April 9, 2010

Run time: 120 minutes

Tagline: “Hot guys getting even hotter in the Vegas desert.”

As Titan Men continues their tradition of movies filled with gorgeous men, Coyote Point is certainly no exception. This is also a real piece of cinema, definitely shot at better quality than most other flicks today. Gage's directorial work is simply unparalleled for these kinds of masterpieces. Chapters, trailers, and a cumshot reel make this an excellent buy.

Set in the 1953 town of Calienté (appropriately titled), the film opens with cinematic shots of the Las Vegas desert. From here we enter a small post-war tract house, where three gentleman are doing gentlemanly things like drinking beer and talking about life.

As it turns out, Tucker, played by JR Matthews, has just come home from police duty during the war and is staying with his old high school coach, played by Tyler Saint, until he finds his own place. After a confusing bit of sexual tension flashbacks, Saint and single-named Slade begin talking about how they will find a girl who will sleep with Matthews. There is a backup plan if that doesn't work: driving to a place called Coyote Point, touted as a “real live Lover's Lane.” Apparently this abandoned house is where all the crazy sex in the town takes place.

The next scene begins with David Anthony, looking as sexy as always, who walks outside to talk to a young Conor, played by Luke Cassidy. Luke seems to be doing yard work for Anthony, who sold his parents their new house. Anthony goes on to tell Cassidy that his mom asked him to give her son “the talk.” Somehow this leads to them both pissing in the back yard, where Cassidy starts to get hard, and they proceed indoors.

Both men strip down to just their shirts, as Anthony begins his fatherly role. By asking questions like “do you beat off?” he gets Cassidy to demonstrate to make sure “everything is in working order,” and this hot oral session begins.

Both begin stroking themselves while Cassidy sits on an armless chair and Anthony stands, and then Cassidy nervously begins his descent to manhood, slowly sucking and rubbing his new daddy's massive dick. Both men stand, in an awkward 'almost-kiss-but-not-quite' way of showing that Anthony is only here to teach young 'Conor' to be a real man. Anthony begins to reciprocate teasingly, pushing his lips down and then quickly coming back just as soon, over and over again. They switch back and forth a few more times before Anthony passionately releases his load all over his partner's chest, and Cassidy shooting his back onto his own neck. As with all the cumshot scenes in this movie, they are played within the take, then replayed in slow-motion, then played again at various angles, making the cumshot reel that much hotter.

The scene cuts back to the original gentleman, as they prepare for a double date with two local girls. When Saint asks Matthews what he plans to do for work now that he has returned home, we find out that he has no real plans. In true 1953 fashion, Saint says he'll put in a good word at the nearby Department of Energy plant, where the crew is developing the H-Bomb.

This sets the background for the next scene, in which to pals are chatting in a garage. This is presumably the Dept. of Energy, because they begin to talk about the new bomb plans, though one is working on cabinetry, not physics. This scene easily has the most comedy of the film, though it is very subtle. The cabinet-worker, played by Scott Campbell, and his police officer friend played by Dakota Rivers are excited to see the first detonation of the bomb, which apparently will be safe because Campbell has been given plastic goggles.

Although I would have never guess straight guys discuss things like this, Campbell also tells his girlfriend has been complaining about how hairy his ass is, and asks Rivers to help him shave it. After some convincing, Campbell removes his pants and bends over the cabinet to display the problem. “It's a jungle in there,” says Rivers, to which Campbell actually replies “That's what she said.” I literally laughed out loud because he's so serious!

After Rivers returns with the shaving supplies, he begins an intimate massage with the shaving cream, slowly rubbing his fingers all over Campbell's ass, which is actually not very hairy. After he has been shaved Rivers slowly starts to introduce his pal to the wonderful world of gay sex, slipping his tongue and fingers into Campbell's freshly clean backside. Both men have now removed their pants, while Rivers wears an unbuttoned uniform shirt and both keep on their work boots. This leads to Campbell being sucked, then reciprocating, and as the tension finally climaxes, so do both guys, onto Campbell's kneeling torso.

This doesn't stop them from going forward as the scene cuts to Rivers slowly shoving his dick into his buddy's eager ass. It actually does seem like his first time, since he seems to derive equal pain and pleasure from the experience. Things start to pick up a bit as he gets comfortable, and the camera zooms in on his dangling dog tags, Gage's way of showing the character's masculinity while also playing to the military fetish. Campbell continues to moan loudly, while Rivers pulls out, and he kneels onto the ground once more. Rivers finishes first with a great spurt, which lands onto Campbell's pulsing dick, just as he releases his load with a loud groan.

After Matthews and Saint have supposedly been stood up by their dates, they decide to drive to the house near Coyote Point. Inside the house is gutted, containing a few sparse pieces of furniture covered with sheets, and a small table holding a basket of blindfolds. Saint places one over Matthew's eyes, and leads him across the room, where Luke Cassidy and David Anthony enter, totally nude except for their shoes. Cassidy begins to work his new oral magic on Matthews, while Anthony and Saint partner up. After some hot sucking, Matthews asks “Is she pretty?” to which Saint replies sarcastically “Real pretty.” It is only after Matthews removes his blindfold later on that he realizes there are only men, but he quickly overcomes this and continues enjoying the action.

Soon after, Slade enters the house and the scene cuts to him, Matthews, and Saint stroking themselves while Anthony fucks Cassidy from behind. Clearly, they have been training for this. The scene quickly fades to Saint with his ankles in the air as he bottoms for Anthony (as if anyone could blame him). Matthews and Slade are now the audience, and then they begin their own oral session on the sidelines. As Anthony plunges his dick deep inside, he flashes the cutest sex face I have ever seen; a combined smile and grunt. Saint rubs jacks himself off as Anthony finishes inside, and the scene changes yet again.

This time we cut to young Cassidy with his sneakers in the air, bottoming for Slade. The only kissing in the entire movie occurs between these two, and it's only for a few brief moments. They then switch into a 69 position with Slade eating out Cassidy as he begins to stroke both his own dick and his new partner's. Moth guys get off easily, covering Slades abs with their releases.

The next scene shows Anthony slowly slipping his big sick into JR's virgin ass, and he is easily brought to orgasm, cumming all over his own chest.

We quickly move to the final scene, which begins with Matthews sucking off Saint. Soon Slade enters, and Matthews switches back and forth, pleasing both men with his eager mouth. This cuts to JR bouncing on Saint's dick atop a nearby table, while Slade kneels down to reciprocate the boy's oral favor. Next Slade become the top, as Saint moves to the couch to watch and jack himself off. With Matthews' boots swinging in the air, Slade pulls out to finish onto JR's throbbing balls. Once Saint rubs out his hot load, Matthews spurts all over his abdomen, ending the film with a passionate kiss with Slade.

All in all this movie contains very hot pairings, hot models, and high-quality storytelling. If you like an interesting plot to go with your fiery sex scenes, this is definitely a great choice from a respected director and company. In my opinion, Joe Gage can do no wrong (except that he let Slade keep those terrible highlights, but we'll get into that another time). I give Coyote Point 4 splats!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Part 2 of Hot Str8 Guys Wrestling

Watch the guy in Blue (still has hard on) stick his face in the Red’s tight delicious ass (sorry drooled a little). Damn I going to take up wrestling.

VPSofW: Ryan Idol

Ryan Idol describes himself as "the creation of Marc Anthony Donais;" I think of him more of a creation of Matt Sterling. Although he retired in 1996, he is still recognizable, even by younger gay porn viewers. Ryan Idol got started modeling for "Playgirl" and that lead him into work for the adult industry. Standing 6'2", at 195 lbs, he had a wonderful body and a 9" dick, but wasn't in that many flicks. In 1998, he famously fell from a third-floor window that he considered a near-death experience. More recently, in 2008, he was mentioned in court documents in connection with allegations of misuse of funds donated to a children's charity. I prefer to recall him as he was in his videos, with my personal recommendations being Idol Eyes, Score 10, and Idol In The Sky.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Idol Eyes (1990, Matt Sterling)
Ryan Idol: A Very Personal View (1990, Matt Sterling)
Idol Worship (1991, HIS Video)
Score 10 (1991, Matt Sterling)
Trade-Off (1991, All Worlds)
Idol Thoughts (1993, Catalina)
Idol Country (1994, HIS Video)
Idol In The Sky (1996, Odyssey Men)
The Road Home (1996, Hot House)

1993 Gay Erotic Video Awards, Best Oral Scene: Idol Thoughts
1994 Adult Video News, Best Actor: Idol Country
1996 Men in Video Awards, Most Seductive Eyes
1996 Men in Video Awards, Probe Porn Legend

Wrestling With a Hard On

Damn, the guy in blue is Hung like a horse and gets a huge hard on, and if that’s not hot enough, the guy in red has an ass you can bounce a quarter off of.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diesel Washington interviews Jake Lyons

Washington loves the facial expression of Lyons while he is getting fucked (by 10 cock in Pizza Boy Gangbang) and tells about his lawsuit for $1.1 million from Corbin Fisher for using his photos for Escort work.

Falcon and Next Door to Announce Strategic Partnership

Leading gay adult brand Falcon Studios and award-winning gay adult company Next Door Entertainment have confirmed that the two companies will be making an official announcement of a strategic partnership at this week’s Phoenix Forum.

While details of the announcement have not yet been released, the partnership is expected to combine Falcon’s production of iconic gay content with the online marketing expertise and well-established know-how and reach of Next Door Entertainment’s affiliate program, Next Door Buddy Profits.

A spokesperson for the two companies confirmed that the details of the partnership will be announced tomorrow by officials of the two companies, who will be in attendance at the annual gathering of adult industry leaders. The spokesperson said, “The announcement will signal a significant occasion for both companies and the gay adult industry as a whole. Many of the industry leaders who will have a direct interest in this new partnership will be at The Phoenix Forum. We could think of no better place or time to make this announcement than in Phoenix.”

Terrence McNally weds in DC

Things I haven't mentioned on the porncast: Fang and I have been attending Terrence McNally's "Nights at the Opera" at the Kennedy Center. It's a series of three plays by the noted playwright, the first being "Golden Age" second "The Lisbon Traviata," and the last "Master Class." Fang's first response was that he didn't think we had signed up for any operas. Since they are all plays, it took a little explaining.

This is all an intro to the news that Terrence McNally married his partner Tom Kirdahy, a Broadway producer and lawyer, on the banks of the Potomac River in D.C. During the small ceremony, Kirdahy read from McNally's play "Corpus Christi," in which a gay Jesus figure marries two apostles: "It is good when two men love as James and Bartholomew do and we recognize their union . . . Love each other in sickness and in health." Actors Tyne Daly, who's starring in "Master Class" and John Glover and Malcolm Gets, who are starring in "The Lisbon Traviata," served as witnesses.

MiamiJ Intro

Greetings fellow porn lovers! I'm MiamiJ from sunny Miami, FL. I'm 32 years old, 5ft 11in, 215 lbs, pretty hairy, but still a bear-in-denial. I'm one half of an 11 year relationship with my college roommate. Not quite right out of a porn, but it was pretty damn close. We have an open relationship which sometimes makes people treat me like a circus side-show freak.

I think the very first porn that I ever watched was from my dad's stash. Of course it was a straight flick, but I still enjoyed it quite a lot. I have no idea what it was called, but do remember that it had to do with dancers. There was something so hot about watching a muscular man in his dancing tights. I know that he had a cod piece on, but I couldn't wait for him to peal it off. I wasn't disappointed! I won't go into to the details about all the straight sex, this is Gay Porn Talk after all.

I'll be sharing my experiences enjoying an open and committed (no, that's not an oxymoron) relationship. What it takes, how to approach the conversation with your boyfriend/partner/roommate/whatever, and what you should be ready to expect if you do open your relationship. I also look forward to reviewing plenty of porn, and just recently started posting self-flicks online. I'll also share some of my experiences living in South Florida and some news that might be interesting for others living or visiting the Miami area.

Stay tuned men!