Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking for a Few Good Gays?

According to Inside Higher Ed Journal, University of Pennsylvania, along with with fencing and debate club experiences (and Future Homemakers of America) in high school, will be looking for whether applicants are gay:

"This year, in what may be a first nationally, the University of Pennsylvania is applying the idea to admitted applicants who are gay. Several experts on college admissions say that they do not know of any other colleges that have taken this step...Penn is identifying gay admits through information they provide on their applications -- groups that they are members of, or statements they make about themselves in their essays. One question on the Penn application asks applicants about the communities they would like to be active in at the university, and the answers include academic interests, social and cultural organizations, and -- for some students -- gay life at the university. Furda said that an admitted applicant wouldn't be identified on the basis of one stand-alone fact, such as membership in a gay-straight alliance at a high school, given how many people are members of such groups these days. The university is looking for admitted applicants who have indicated in some way that gay issues are very important in their considerations."

I know some people (Paulie?) who where reportedly so gay in high school they could have gotten a full scholorship. Oh, to be young again.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maryland Likely to Recognize SSMs Performed Elsewhere

In news from Paulie's backyard (BTW, where is Paulie on the blog?), Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler said the state could recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, and the state's highest court would likely rule that way.

According to a story in the Washington Post: "The policy implications of the opinion are not immediately clear, and Gansler says in a one-page summary that his conclusion 'is not free from doubt.' Gansler's opinion concludes 'that the Court of Appeals, when it ultimately rules on this question in a particular case, will likely apply the principle that a marriage that is valid in the place of celebration is valid in Maryland. The opinion reaches this conclusion in light of the evolving state policy, reflected in anti-discrimination laws, domestic partner laws and other legislation, that respects and supports committed intimate same-sex relationships.'"

Good news for Paulie if he can find some man to marry him and still give him some play on the side. Any takers? (the ad: young (?!) GWM seeks old, blind, GM from state that allows SSM to give me benefits but let me play like the slut I am)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VPSotW: Beau Saxon

Beau Saxon was hot and probably still is! Not a huge resume of porn flicks, but I liked him in everything I've seen. I haven't seen "Trucker's Sex Dog" (where he ws billed as "Curt Adams") but all of the rest would be recommendations, at least per Beau's performances. Stand outs: the two hopeful flicks from Hot House ("The Road To Hopeful" & "The Road Home"), "Forced Entry" with scenes with Doug Perry and Kevin Dean, and "One Man's Poison" in a hot sex scene in an elevator with Stephan Bertoli and David Logan.

Videoography (excluding compilations):
Backstage Pass (1994; Bullwhip Video)
The Road To Hopeful (1994; Hot House)
Trucker's Sex Dog (1994; Street Trash Video)
Bottoms Up (1995; Plain Wrapped Video)
Forced Entry (1995; Studio 2000)
Mavericks (1995; Studio 2000)
One Man's Poison (1995; Hot House)
Rear-Ended (1995; Bullwhip Video)
Call to Arms (1996; Plain Wrapped Video)
The Road Home (1996; Hot House)

Tales of the Arabian Nights, follow-up to Arabesque

On the porncast a few weeks ago, we talked about Michael Lucas deciding that Lucas Entertainment will no longer put out big budget epic flicks, like "La Dolce Vita" and "Dangerous Liaisons." Sad news from my point of view, but gladly not all studios are headed in this direction.

Raging Stallion is releasing "Tales of the Arabian Nights" as a follow-on to 2005's "Arabesque." Issuing as a 6-disc release, the studio is is promising the “grandest and most lavish porn event of the year—beautiful sets, top-notch direction and the most stunning cast.” They have also released a few teasers, such as Aybars, pictured at right.

“Aybars is the standout discovery of this movie,” said Chris Ward. “His beautiful body, warm eyes, perfect cock and wonderful personality make him one of my personal favorites. When casting, I thought Steve [Cruz] and Aybars would be perfect—both are distinctive in their looks and I always like to cast similar guys together. I figured that if you are into hairy studs, this will be a dream pairing.” Check it out when its released later this spring.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Johan Volny launches studio and produces first DVD

Fifty movies after he started a career in gay adult entertainment, Czech performer Johan Volny has added producer, director and studio founder to his list of credits. (Pictured, left, with Julien Breeze) Exposed, the eponymous studio’s first DVD, is expected to hit store shelves in April. Volny said his DVDs will mirror the content of the fan site, for which he films himself and friends having no-holds-barred sexual adventures. Volny also reports from backstage on the Czech gay-porn scene.

features Volny in various clinches with Jimmy Call, Robin Few, Dominik Trojan and Alex Stevens. Chad Ward and Patrick, two of Volny’s school chums, will celebrate their porn debuts with the title’s release. In all, the DVD encompasses 120 minutes of solo, duo and group action.

“Finally I can realize my biggest dreams, with porn work both in front of and behind the camera,” he said. “Both on my site and in my DVDs, I always try to show the feelings and affections between the models. I want to demonstrate just how much they really enjoy hard sex together, and as such make every effort not to just show fast, unimaginative sex, which, to be honest, can be really quite boring.

“I’m proud of my work,” he added of the body of videos in which he has performed during the past six years. “I’m also very happy about all the many photos that have appeared of me in magazines, which I try to collect. In years to come, as an old man, I shall be able to look at these hundreds of images and will appreciate everything that I’m now doing."