Thursday, August 23, 2007

Francois Sagat to Appear at MJ's After Micky's Fire

As a result of the Micky's fire, Francois Sagat, who was set to appear in tonight's Cocktails With the Stars, will instead appear at the premiere of The Porno Palace at MJ's Silver Lake. He will join Jayden Holloway, who was already scheduled to appear.
The Porno Palace, a new weekly event, kicks off at 10 p.m. and is hosted by Jason Sechrest. Tonight's festivities will include free porn giveaways, autographs, dirty dancing, and interviews with the stars. Sounds like a blast!

Also on Friday August 24th a benefit at Eleven Bar starting at 4pm to help raise money for the staff of a bar that serviced the West Hollywood community for decades.

Head bartender Jason Beers says that the benefit will undoubtedly run late. In other words, don’t be discouraged if you cannot show up exactly at 4pm, the party will continue all night!
All donations will go to the employees of Micky’s nightclub. In addition, Tim Meepegama, general manager of Eleven, says that the bar will donate a portion of their sales to the Micky’s employee fund!

Sponsored by Eleven Bar, AVN, Cybersocket, and NakedSword, please join us at ELEVEN BAR for cocktails, fun and giveaways as we aim to raise money and support for a bar that has always been there for us!

Gay Mormon and Christian Talk Show Host on Survivor China

Todd Herzog from Utah, a 22 y.o. gay Mormon flight attendant. This in not Survivor’s only gay Mormon (who knew there where more than one?). Survivor Guatemala featured Rafe Judkins, a very handsome red head with a blinding smile.
In his video cast on CBS Herzog say his greatest asset are his social skills and is prepared to gather wood and shit. He thinks the Spice Girls are the most significant historical event of the past 100 years and is unbelievably stoked that they are going on a reunion tour this winter. (O.M.G. he really lost my vote of confidence there) Todd’s hobbies include shopping, traveling and drinking coffee. His biggest challenge will be not having a Starbucks on the Island, but most likely the Christian radio talk show host Leslie will be a bigger challenge. Doesn’t sound like he will last that long, but will be nice to watch as long as he does.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Uncle Buttfucker

I have no idea what sort of publication Vice Land is, but this is possibly the best article I've ever read.

The columnist's babysitter was none other then super-hung 80's pornstar Chad Douglas. She's not shy about the details either. "so around the time that Uncle Chad was my cool babysitter who gave me rad colored tights, he was also shooting the scene in which he cums inside his nephew, then inserts a buttplug so the cum won't dribble out."

Jesus Christ I had such a boring childhood.


A large fire broke out late Tuesday afternoon at West Hollywood landmark Micky's nightclub. The fire is still burning (as of 6pm PST) and at last count had drawn 7-9 fire trucks and several dozen fire fighters. One person was rescued from a second-floor office and treated for their injuries. Micky's has been the location for dozens of gay adult biz parties over the years.

Let's hope they find a new location for the popular weekly "Cocktails with the Stars" meet-and-greet. Ever since I heard the story about people taking shots out of Jeremy Hall's foreskin I've been collecting change for a Hollywood trip.