Friday, February 22, 2008

Raging Stallion’s Grunts a Big Winner at GayVN

Grunts was the winner of 2008 Gayvn “Best Picture” and Chris Ward “Best Director” with seven other awards for the smash hit Dvd was the big winner of this years awards. Ricky Sinz accepted his Best Solo Performance award , also for GRUNTS, and quipped, “I never thought sticking AK47s up my ass would get me an award.”

Some of the other winners are Amazonia: Capture and Release from AMG Brasil won for “Best Ethnic Themed Video, and “Hall of Hall of Fame Inductees: Paul Barresi, Rod Barry, Terry LeGrand, Greg Lenzman, Lucas Kazan, David McCabe and Tiger Tyson”

St8 Big Brother 9 Houseguest James Kinkand’s in Gay Amateur Porn

The self proclaimed “Homeless free spirit” James Zinkand is not only an ex stripper but has appeared in several amateur Dirty boy video gay porn. The CBS has his profile as a single straight man who was recently engaged to an older woman. CBS and Endemol Productions, who do extensive background checks on participants, have so far made no statements about the contestant’s interesting past.

The amateur videos has a tagline: “Crazy James". This sexy, tattooed mega-hottie was smoking up our screens long before his TV debut! He biked across the nation straight to our doors and straight into the asses and mouths of a few of the lucky boys in our porn stable!”

Gay or not Zinkand is a cutie with a nice personality (and a nice cock) and I hope does very well. Check out the free teaser

Still no word on why the out Gay Houseguest Neil Garcia was forced to leave the show.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colt hit the market with a new “Popper” named “Fuel”

Colt Studio Group expands it line even more with a new aroma that also can be used as a leather cleaner. John Rutherford, president and creative director of Colt says "In this day and age of oversaturation and [an] abundance of new companies coming out with new product all the time, COLT is and always will be considered ‘The Most Trusted Name in Erotic Products,'" he said. "COLT Fuel" only continued this legacy."

Check out Gay Poppers or Adonis Poppers for a full line of “Aroma and Leather Cleaners”

Gay Porn Star Ryan Idol in Birmingham Mayoral Scandal

The Associated Press has reported that a charity created by Birmingham mayor Larry Langford in 2000 to provide computers to children is now being scrutinized about how the charity managed to spend over $1 million in tax money…with some of it going to a well-known 90’s gay porn star Ryan Idol.

Court records also indicate that some of the funds meant for Langford's program were used to pay for trips, personal credit card bills, vehicle expenses, restaurant bills and casino tabs.Langford, who took Birmingham's mayoral seat last year, has been promoting a new charity to put computers in the hands of Birmingham-area schoolchildren. According to the AP, a major figure in both charities is Langford's friend, businessman John Katopodis.

Documents produced have also shown that $30,000 went to Marc Anthony Donais, who was known as Ryan Idol when Donais was performing as a gay porn star in the 1990s. Donais is also a businessman who worked for the charity and fixed computers… although he lacked formal training in the field.For his part, Katopodis denied misusing the money and computers given to the charity.

S & M Art Exhibit opens in Hollywood

It’s called "S+M: An Exploration of Sadomasochistic Art" and opened on Feb. 14 at Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood Ca. Gallery . owner Rick Castro said he hoped attendees would gain an appreciation of fetish as art and a better understanding of the history of S&M and how it has always been a part of human sexuality.
"What better day to explore the pleasure of pain than on the day of love?" he said. "The opening was a smashing success that would've made De Sade proud."

Artists in attendance included Tony Ward, Adam Kozik, Mitchel Evans, Dillinger, Domasan, AJ Epstein, David G. Crocker, Juan Martin del Campo Jr., Allen Hatch, Don Tinling and Bryan Barnes.

Epstein has a long history in the fetish and adult film world, including work that was exhibited by gay iconographer Tom of Finland. His work also included still-shot photography for classic Joe Gage films such as Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Crew and Closet Set.

"[Joe Gage] reminded me that I designed the poster, the advertising and even designed the signs on the sides of the trucks for Kansas City," he told ANB. "I also was art director and boyfriend of Fred Halsted, another porn classic, and was involved with Colt Tucker, both romantically and creatively."

Several images of Tucker were on display in the "S+M" exhibit.

"This is the first time I have shown many of these images in many years," Epstein said. "I think the public has finally caught up with my art."