Friday, April 23, 2010

Arizona Shows Us How To Be Racist

If you have brown skin in Arizona, you can be detained by authorities and forced to show proof of citizenship thanks to the new extreme law from Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ). They need no other reason for stopping you then not being white. Let's hope that you just didn't get a nice tan.

Maleflixxx Announces 2010 People's Choice Award Nominees

V.O.D provider Maleflixxx released the list of nominees for its 2010 People’s Choice Award. For the sixth consecutive year, the winner chosen by gay porn fans, will be revealed during the Grabby Awards gala over Memorial Day weekend.

People’s Choice Award nominees are selected based on viewer response, overall production quality and the strength of each production’s erotic content. In random order, this year’s nominees are:

Paging Dr. Finger (Hot House)
Copperhead Canyon (TitanMen)
El Rancho (Kristen Bjorn)
Muscle Heads (COLT)
Desktops (Cazzo)
Some Like it Big 2 (BelAmi)
Orgies of Black Scorpion (Black Scorpion)
Cum! (Lucas Entertainment)
Benjamin Bradley (Rascal Video)
Jock Tease (Jet Set Men)

“This is a great opportunity to not only recognize some of the top studios in the industry, but to also acknowledge the amazing fans that support their work,” said Eric Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Sureflix Digital Distribution, which is the Private Media division that contains Maleflixxx. “At the end of the day, we are here because of the fans, and it is our goal to ensure they have a voice.”

Falcon's White Hot will Burn You UP with Desire

With tatted, chiseled bad boy John Magnum on the cover, viewers may suspect Falcon’s new White Hot is exactly what the title implies. Magnum and seven other studs do their best not to disappoint.

Together with Falcon exclusives Landon Conrad and Leo Giamani, plus Brandon Lewis, Dayton O’Conner, Gavin Waters, Blake Montana and Josh Griffin, Magnum stirs up enough heat in the production to set a chemistry lab on fire. The guys exude raw sexual energy, and when they come together, combustion is sure to follow.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: "AMG Theater Film Classics: Teacher's Pests "

​Studio: AMG
Running Time: 70 minutes
Year of Release: 2009 (re-release)
Starring: Eddie Dancer, Russ Carlson, Richard Thayer, Jay Howard, Ron Nichols, Tony Rome, JJ Kent, Jeffrey Eden, Billy Farrell, Tony Ray, Steve St. John
Tag line: It’s not just the teacher’s pests who are ready for a sexy party in this collection of film classics!

If you’re looking for hardcore porn, this isn’t the movie for you. If however, you find the male form erotic, you might want to check this one out. You won’t see any sloppy blow jobs and no visible penetration in this collection of classic films from the AMG archives. All of the films have been restored (as much as possible for skin flicks from the late 60’s and early 70’s).

Chapters: The chapters on this DVD are actually separate movies from the AMG archive.
Teacher’s Pests - Jay Howard and Tony Ray are are late for Roman History class because their coach held them late. Oddly enough one is in football gear and the other is in a baseball get up. “Teach” (played by Billy Farrell), as the two “pests” call him, is not too happy that the boys are late to class and promptly asks them to open their English books. This must have been in the summer because the thermometer in the class room reads almost 120 degrees!. The guys convince Teach to let them take off their shirts, and eventually their pants. After returning to their seats, the comic books come out and into their Roman History books.

These guys really are pests because instead of just reading the comics, they start narrating the stories. Teach busts them, then busts a ruler on their back sides. A few more hijinks, a fight, some intense closed mouth kissing broken up with an actual crowbar, and some high speed undressing of Teach, and the class of three breaks out into a sexy party dance, including some music. The guys dance into the camera and we’re done in just over 12 minutes. These men have nice bodies and packages to go with them.

JJ Kent Posing - As you might have imagined from the name of chapter two, leather boy Jay Jay Kent is featured in this solo film. When Kent gets a look at himself in the mirror, it’s just too much as he declares “Hi gorgeous,” and even blows kisses at himself. A quick sexy party dance by the mirror and a great slow-motion shot from the ground looking up, and this boy’s pooped. After hopping on the bed, Jay Jay grinds a bit and bites the sheets. Again, without every touching himself or even showing a hard cock, it’s pretty hot.

After the Party’s Over - Eddie Dancer and Steve St. John are lovers that have just finished hosting a party--well sort of at least. Steve was passed out from dope when the party was wrapping up. Having had enough of Steve’s behavior, Eddie tells him that the Party’s Over and that they can’t stay together. Steve is ready to get boned by Eddie, but Eddie has made up his mind, plus he needs to get to work. After quite a bit of dialog, it looks like the two are making up, we even get two songs at this sexy party! Some simulated oral sex, and Eddie has had enough and the party is finally over.

In the credits at the end of the movie, Eddie and Steve mention that they are real lovers in life and that they really enjoyed making this film. I almost forgot to mention that there is some grinding action in the credits and a noticeably hard cock.

Intermission - While not technically a chapter, the intermission is a quick minute and a half clip of a theater client trying to get to San Diego. It looks like he’s in a field of easter eggs to me, but this boy is athletic (like all the other men on the disc) and he’s flexible with an impressive crab walk!

Love 2001 - This film is set in the futuristic year 2001 (it was 1971 after all). Jeffery Eden is connected to a “Total Experience Synthesizer” and is totally enjoying his virtual adventure. His boyfriend, played by Russ Carlson returns home with girly mags! Apparently in 2001, everyone is gay and no one really wears clothing. After some arguing between the two, Russ decides that he needs to sleep with a woman and leaves for a two week mission to have sex with a woman. Jeffery and Russ try to make up with some kissing, hugging, necking, and a couple of erections! Looks like that did it as the scene ends leaving me wondering if they made it after all.

Richard Thayer Posing - Again, as you probably figured out, Richard Thayer is featured in this black & white solo film. He’s got a great body, and demonstrates his many athletic abilities playing shadow boxing, football, baseball, boomerang?, tennis?, basketball, and soccer. This mans got a great body and some nice abs. While there’s no sexy party in this movie, there’s plenty of jumping and kicking to give you a great view of everything Richard has to offer.

Strangers in the Park - This set is actually pretty good with some trees, a log on the astroturf and a pond. This short features two servicemen, one from the Navy and the other from the Air Force. The two meet beside the pond and get a bit wet. After some persistent convincing, the two are naked and rolling around in the grass by the pond. we never learn the two men’s names, but we do get a good look at some tattoos on the Navy guy. Make sure you watch to the end of this chapter, as I think you’ll be pretty impressed with the seemingly jumping balls on the sailor. The men fall asleep laying on each other.

Intermission Clips - This include two original intermission clips, one of which was presented during the Play All option on the DVD, the other is a cute guys from Chicago. Just quick clips of guys talking and doing silly things. I believe that these were originally shown while the film reels were being swapped out at the theater.

Cutting Room Floor - This collection of film clips that never made it to the theater is where all the action is on this disc. There’s penetration and oral sex back here on the cutting room floor; and remember when these were made, so the action is bareback. We even get a few pop shots .

Slideshows - The images in the slideshows feature the actors from each chapter in high quality photos, not grainy like the movies. Not all picture presented are directly related to the films on the DVD. But this does give you a great chance to see these men in all their digital glory.

Trailers - These trailers are for old and new AMG videos; which i now need to find some AMG Brazil videos!

MiamiJ’s Take:
Never does anyone actually touch their cocks or anyone else’s (except in the extras). I think that since these films were originally produce in the late 60’s - early 70’s, that the “sexy party” scenes were used so that we could get full views of all the goods. I have to admit, that I did find this movie somewhat arousing, and I now enjoy random sexy parties with my partner. While I had to play with the volume a lot between the chapters, it wasn’t too much of a pain. No fucking, no sucking, but lots of naked men, and uncut cocks.

If you’re looking for some hard-hitting, super high-definition, cum-everywhere porn, this is not for you. If however, you saw the original films back at the theater, or you just enjoy the male form, you should check this compilation out for sure.

VPSofW: Brandon Lee

Fun fact (that I didn't know): Brandon Lee actually named himself after the deceased son of martial arts actor Bruce Lee. So any confusion with the late star of "The Crow" is his own fault. {Other facts: he is of Chinese-Filipino descent and served with the Navy in Iraq} Largely credited as the as being the first major Asian porn actor to be honored by the western mainstream adult film industry, he was a "top" in the industry, until his penultimate appearance, where Asian guys in the industry are more regularly pegged as bottoms (pun intended). He was (and is) 5'6" tall, 150 lbs, with a 9" cut cock (Check out the Dildo Molded from his Cock) , and also used his musical abilities to score several porn flicks. He worked as Sean Martinez is one flick ("Glory Holes of L.A.").

My picks from his oeuvre: "Wicked" staring Brandon in a take-off on "A Christmas Carol," where he bottoms for the first time, "Peters" as great flick based on "Heathers," with Brandon as the hero, and "Lights & Darks," with Brandon initially appearing as a stereotypical Asian laundry owner, who takes charge of some customers. But check our all of his performances; not really a bad apple in the bunch.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Glory Holes of L.A. (1997, Oh Man! Studios)
Asian Persuasion (1998, Catalina)
Asian Persuasion 2 (1998, Catalina)
Big Guns 2 (1998, Catalina)
Dial S For Sex (1998, Catalina)
Fortune Nookie (1998, Catalina)
Harley's Crew (1998, Catalina)
Stag Party (1998, All Worlds)
Throat Spankers (1998, Catalina)
Peters (2000, Great Dane Prod.)
Up for Anything (2000, Catalina)
[2] for the Taking (2004, Unzipped Video)
Bolt (2004, Rascal Video)
Jan Fischer (2004, Rascal Video)
Lookin' for Trouble (2004, Channel 1 Releasing)
Brandon Lee's Hot Shots (2005, Rascal Video)
Deceived (2005, Rascal Video)
Lights & Darks (2005, Channel 1 Releasing)
Wicked (2005, Rascal Video)
Shot for Shot Tyler Riggs (2007, Rascal Video)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She's gone where the goblins go,
Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Witch is dead!

[Okay, not dead, but hopefully gone!]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review: "Personal Czechs"

Studio: Jake Cruise
Director: Jake Cruise
Running Time: 107 minutes
Year of Release: 2007
Tag line : Czech out these muscle studs!

This first scene is the best of the three on this film in my opinion. Ivan and Tanek look like they had fun making this scene and it was fun watching them too! Tanek is a big muscle stud, with two tree trunks for legs, rock hard pecs, uncut cock, and a killer smile. Ivan is a big dicked, chiseled abed, top that got a little too much sun right before this scene was shot. His face and back are tomato red. If your into nipple play you'll like the foreplay in this scene. Both men take turns sucking each others nips very well with hot sucking sounds. Tanek is a little ticklish and tries to hide his cute smile when he starts to giggle during the nipple play. Very cute to see this in a porno. There's sucking and a 69 with Tankek on top of Ivan before they get to the action.

I always find myself wondering during the foreplay, who's going to top who? In this instance I was wrong in thinking that big chested, muscular Tanek would top. Maybe because I would love to have that huge man take me. But I don't know what I was thinking. Yes Tanek's body is massive compared to Ivan's. But DAMN his big muscular ass is nice! With a little hair just around the hole. And besides, Ivan has a nice big cock that looks very hot entering Tanek. I like the way Ivan prepares his bottom by lubing up his hole and giving his cheeks a good massage first. Then he exposes the hole for a great view and spanks Tanek's butt several times. Tanek assumes the ready position on all fours, ass up while Ivan puts on the condom. His cock is so big and the condom looks very tight around his pole.

When Ivan enters his bottom Tanek lets out several very deep manly groans. Neither of these men speak English, and these are some of the only sounds in this scene. Watching this huge muscle stud taking a pounding to his ass and seeing his face while he makes those low groaning noises is very hot. They finish by jacking off and both shoot on Ivans stomach and chest. They make out in the afterglow then hit the shower together. More playfulness while they wash. The two have a great chemistry together and the scene is hot.

Next we have Tanek again, joined by extremely lean muscled Frederico. This guy's abs are hot! They too start out by kissing and stripping each other. They play swords with their cocks for a few seconds causing Tanek's to plump up a little. They swap bj's then 69 with Frederico's on top. You get to see his exposed hole a little here and it looks very tasty!

Tanek then tops Frederico in doggie style. But only for a few minutes. Soon Tanek is on all fours again and does a little open close action for the camera, tightening and relaxing his sphincter muscles. Then Frederico fucks Tanek's big muscle ass. Frederico has a killer body that starts to glisten with perspiration as he pounds his partner for a good amount of time. Frederico jerks and shoots a nice ropey load on Taneks huge chest and Tanken sperms on his own stomach. The two shower together showing off their wet asses playfully.

The final scene has, Ivan from the first scene and Lubor. Lubor is also a muscle stud, with a few tats, a g-string tan line, a birthmark on his lower left butt cheek, and a big uncut cock with a downward bend in it. They start out kissing and stripping. When they get to their underwear both men are impressively bulgy. Lubor gets on his knees and gives Ivan a slow hot blowjob. From here you can tell Lubor is the more experienced man on this film which is proven by the look on Ivan's face. Ivan returns the favor and kneels before Lubor, stroking and sucking his rod. More sucking and play on the bed. Ivan likes to play with his bottom's butts. He rims Lubor's hole with his finger, spanks and rubs his cheeks, then slips a condom on.

Lubor is a champ at taking Ivan's cock. Not even a strain on his face as the big dick enters him. You can hear the sound of friction as Ivan slides in and out of Lubor. Lubor flips over on his back and Ivan fuck him more strenuously with some hot groaning and panting coming from both these studs. Lubor jerks a big globby load onto his own stomach and then Ivan strokes his massive cock to climax. Shooting on his partners cock and stomach. Ivan looks spent from all this action and thanks his bottom with a kiss.

The film has no cheesy obligatory porn music. This lets you hear all the sounds these muscle studs create while having hot action. I loved the sounds of fucking and sucking the men make. All the models have amazing muscular bodies. If you like bulky guys, you'll love Tanek. I did crave a little more variety. There's no rimming or inside fingering an ass in any of the scenes. It's pretty much kiss, strip, kiss, suck, kiss, fuck, then kiss again. But overall pretty hot because they are amateurs, a little awkward, and straight looking studs.

I give it two and a half splats.