Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review: "Personal Czechs"

Studio: Jake Cruise
Director: Jake Cruise
Running Time: 107 minutes
Year of Release: 2007
Tag line : Czech out these muscle studs!

This first scene is the best of the three on this film in my opinion. Ivan and Tanek look like they had fun making this scene and it was fun watching them too! Tanek is a big muscle stud, with two tree trunks for legs, rock hard pecs, uncut cock, and a killer smile. Ivan is a big dicked, chiseled abed, top that got a little too much sun right before this scene was shot. His face and back are tomato red. If your into nipple play you'll like the foreplay in this scene. Both men take turns sucking each others nips very well with hot sucking sounds. Tanek is a little ticklish and tries to hide his cute smile when he starts to giggle during the nipple play. Very cute to see this in a porno. There's sucking and a 69 with Tankek on top of Ivan before they get to the action.

I always find myself wondering during the foreplay, who's going to top who? In this instance I was wrong in thinking that big chested, muscular Tanek would top. Maybe because I would love to have that huge man take me. But I don't know what I was thinking. Yes Tanek's body is massive compared to Ivan's. But DAMN his big muscular ass is nice! With a little hair just around the hole. And besides, Ivan has a nice big cock that looks very hot entering Tanek. I like the way Ivan prepares his bottom by lubing up his hole and giving his cheeks a good massage first. Then he exposes the hole for a great view and spanks Tanek's butt several times. Tanek assumes the ready position on all fours, ass up while Ivan puts on the condom. His cock is so big and the condom looks very tight around his pole.

When Ivan enters his bottom Tanek lets out several very deep manly groans. Neither of these men speak English, and these are some of the only sounds in this scene. Watching this huge muscle stud taking a pounding to his ass and seeing his face while he makes those low groaning noises is very hot. They finish by jacking off and both shoot on Ivans stomach and chest. They make out in the afterglow then hit the shower together. More playfulness while they wash. The two have a great chemistry together and the scene is hot.

Next we have Tanek again, joined by extremely lean muscled Frederico. This guy's abs are hot! They too start out by kissing and stripping each other. They play swords with their cocks for a few seconds causing Tanek's to plump up a little. They swap bj's then 69 with Frederico's on top. You get to see his exposed hole a little here and it looks very tasty!

Tanek then tops Frederico in doggie style. But only for a few minutes. Soon Tanek is on all fours again and does a little open close action for the camera, tightening and relaxing his sphincter muscles. Then Frederico fucks Tanek's big muscle ass. Frederico has a killer body that starts to glisten with perspiration as he pounds his partner for a good amount of time. Frederico jerks and shoots a nice ropey load on Taneks huge chest and Tanken sperms on his own stomach. The two shower together showing off their wet asses playfully.

The final scene has, Ivan from the first scene and Lubor. Lubor is also a muscle stud, with a few tats, a g-string tan line, a birthmark on his lower left butt cheek, and a big uncut cock with a downward bend in it. They start out kissing and stripping. When they get to their underwear both men are impressively bulgy. Lubor gets on his knees and gives Ivan a slow hot blowjob. From here you can tell Lubor is the more experienced man on this film which is proven by the look on Ivan's face. Ivan returns the favor and kneels before Lubor, stroking and sucking his rod. More sucking and play on the bed. Ivan likes to play with his bottom's butts. He rims Lubor's hole with his finger, spanks and rubs his cheeks, then slips a condom on.

Lubor is a champ at taking Ivan's cock. Not even a strain on his face as the big dick enters him. You can hear the sound of friction as Ivan slides in and out of Lubor. Lubor flips over on his back and Ivan fuck him more strenuously with some hot groaning and panting coming from both these studs. Lubor jerks a big globby load onto his own stomach and then Ivan strokes his massive cock to climax. Shooting on his partners cock and stomach. Ivan looks spent from all this action and thanks his bottom with a kiss.

The film has no cheesy obligatory porn music. This lets you hear all the sounds these muscle studs create while having hot action. I loved the sounds of fucking and sucking the men make. All the models have amazing muscular bodies. If you like bulky guys, you'll love Tanek. I did crave a little more variety. There's no rimming or inside fingering an ass in any of the scenes. It's pretty much kiss, strip, kiss, suck, kiss, fuck, then kiss again. But overall pretty hot because they are amateurs, a little awkward, and straight looking studs.

I give it two and a half splats.

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