Friday, May 24, 2013

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #355

The boys bring the Heat for Memorial Day weekend porncast with reviews on Squirting Dildos and New Line of DVDs Guys Like Us. Paulie gives the DVD Just for You 3 Splats and thinks that the sexual energy is off the hook with some new Cummers. David gets all wet with the new squirting Dildo "Thick Thomas" and knows you will love to get a warm wet load. They answer you questions about what to do with Rough Anal Sex and how to sit down the next day. They also discuss, The Boy Scouts, Drag Queen make-up and Porn Star retirements and hope you have a very Hard Weekend.

HustlaBall Brussels 2013 Photos and Video

Two Porn Legends, Matthew Rush and Trenton Ducati Live on Stage for a Flip Flop Fuck
HUSTLABALL BRUSSELS GAY PRIDE WEEKEND coming May 17, 2013 from HustlaBall2013 on Vimeo.

Fridays M.T.F.T. Mystic Daddy - "Real World Hustler" (Official Music Video)

Mystic Daddy - "Real World Hustler" (Official Music Video) from Mystic Daddy on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Underwear Model Pablo Hernadez with the Underwear Expert

Andrew Christian "The Audition" with Pandora Box

Damn... this is the job I want!

Meet Edward Prince from Next Door Studios

A good-natured Southern boy, Edward Prince spends his days saving lives and his nights out in the wild. An EMT by trade, after a long day of saving lives, Edward likes to unwind in the solace of nature and the comforts of solitude. Here we catch him alone in the shower, quietly reflecting as the water soothes and drips down his body, washing away the stresses of the day and leaving him content to enjoy a little 'me' time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"The Weiner" is Back for NYC Mayoral Race

Nearly two years after stepping down from Congress after his sexting scandal, former Rep. Anthony Weiner has launched himself into the NYC mayoral race with a YouTube video. Everyone knows that I love a good Weiner.

Where The Bears Are - Season 2 Trailer

Where The Bears Are is a comedy, mystery, web series about three big, hairy, gay men living together in Silverlake California, who find themselves caught up in a murder mystery. It's the Golden Girls meets Murder She Wrote, with Bears. Season 2 is set to premiere June 10th 2013.

Where The Bears Are - Season 2 Trailer from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.

Harvey Milk Day HOPE!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Annual Naval Academy's Herdon Climb Video

Nothing says Summertime more then shirtless plebes trying to climb a huge phallic symbol. Behind The Scenes: The Annoying Colleague Behind The Scenes: The Annoying Colleague from Men Network on Vimeo.

Raging Stallion's "Behind the Big Top" Review and Trailer

Behind The Big Top
Watch Full HD movie now in Adonis Enterprises

Raging Stallion Studios "Behind the Big Top" 4 Splats- 137 minutes 4 Scenes 9 Guys

Get ready to be titalated and excited by the new Raging Stallion's hit DVD that follows horny, traveling circus preformers and muscle bound stage hands. Scene one is a hot 3 Way with the Circus Stong Man Leo Domenico, who loves to jerk off while flexing his big muscles, but loves pounding the hole of Logan Vaughn and Rogan Richards even more.

Scene two begins where two acrobat cubs Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are practicing their act, in tight wrestling singlets that show every buldge and then can't take it any more with their crotches in each other faces before they end up having a "Hanging 69" that would make Spiderman jealous and has never been seen in porn before.

When Genesis Juna gets horny he can't keep his hands off his huge cock, then Leo Domenico who wakes up from a nap in an animal cage and can't wait to join in and fucks the stud so hard that his huge meat bounces.

The star of the Movie is the ginger Bearded Man, James Jamesson, who at first glance looks like nothing you have ever seen in porn, but once undressed has a huge cock and a rocking body that you will not forget anytime soon. He gets so excited by his beautiful big cock that he starts to suck it himself. Dale Cooper wants to join him and takes turn with the stud before getting bent over and rimmed hard by the Bearded stud. Dale jumps on the cock and rides it with the help of a rope swing loving each inch rammed up his ass.

Overall a very interesting theme that could have gone very cheesy, very fast, but instead is filled with great sex in a way that you have never seen it before with great pairings of Hot, Hung, Hairy Guys. A Must Have, but dont try some of these sex positions yourself in the privacy of your home... leave it to the professionals! :-)

Michael Lucas Original Siinners Preview

Original Siinners- The twisted and sinful story follows Paddy OBrian, Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Jake Genesis, Jesse Santana and Tiziano Fuentes who are all being blackmailed by maniacal puppet masters D.O. and Jessy Ares. The men are forced into a deeply isolated jungle where no one is safe. Once the seven deadly sinners have made it into the heart of the blazing rainforest, the secrets and mysteries unfold as the men race to figure out what lies behind each closed door and how to make it out alive.