Friday, August 20, 2010

Say It Aint So, Derrek Diamond Quits Porn!

Looks like Raging Stallion has let exclusive performer super hung, muscle stud, Derrek Diamond out of his contract early.

Derrek Diamond says "Yeah, I'm taking a break for a while, and I'm not sure about coming back. My boyfriend and I want to get married, have a ceremony, and make it official. I know for sure I'm not doing porn after we get married cause I think that just changes things. Call me old fashioned, but after marriage I'm a one-man man. I've also been offered a great job, which could be a change into a whole new career. I'm really excited to see how it all unfolds. Honestly, me and my boyfriend's lives are just evolving, and we wanna get back to other things for a while...the things that got a little lost during the "pornado" that was the last three years. It's hard to say what's in the future, I just need to focus on what I want and plan more; I feel like I've been enjoying the ride and not thinking things through. There's a lot more I could say, but hopefully you and everyone gets the gist. I love my fans and the experiences I've had!"

Damn... that boyfriend is one lucky stud, check Derrek in action for yourself below.

BJ Slater Signs with Treasure Island Media

Hung Top man BJ Slater signed an exclusive contract with Treasure Island Media. When asked how he felt about signing on to a company that has been banned and censored, BJ said, “If people are scared of us, we must be doin’ it right! I know that’s true. As far as I’m concerned, they rescued true man-sex and have pretty much single-handedly kept it going.”

Paul Morris, T.I.M owner and founder says that he's “ecstatic to have BJ as part of our infamous crew. The man is an absolute, unstoppable man-rammer. I'm going to take every opportunity to capture on film his pure fucking intensity."

BJ is featured in two scenes on latest T.I.M.s release "Breeding Season 2".

Great Clip from Spoof Vampires Suck

Warner Bros Not Happy with Harry Popper Condoms

Warner Brothers who is the force behind the Harry Potter Franchise is suing Swiss condom maker for copyright infringement over the name "Harry Popper".

“The lawyer of the film Giant, ‘Everyone who sees condoms from thinks automatically of Harry Potter.’ No one could seriously argue the opposite. Deliberately feed on the sex shop from the image of magician's apprentice: youthfulness, magic. On the package a signed Pariserli swings glad his wand. The unmistakable Rundbrille not missing. The condom-seller extended-range Popper be gradually since 2006, a successful product.

“‘If this does not stop the court, there is a wildfire,’ cautioned the applicant's lawyer. For Warner Brothers is obvious: The sorcerer Harry Potter have a ‘very positive image.’ Condoms have no business there. Especially not now. According to Warner Bros. in November to plan the launch of the new Potter movie. Also a new video game is in preparation. The lawyer for Warner Bros. bluntly: ‘The image of my client is in danger.’”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take a Ride with Steven Daigle Dildo

From Rascal Toys, Steven Diagle SensaFirm Dildo Molded directly from the studs hard member. Daigle appeared on the 10th season of US Big Brother in 2008 and has entered the adult film world in a big way with Channel 1 Releasing. “Steven was just awesome to work with. He came into the molding session with a great attitude and ready to do anything we asked of him in order to get the best possible mold,” said Product Development Project Manager Miranda Lancaster.

The dildo is 8.5" with 7" insertable and 5.2" wide crafted from hand painted SensaFirm and feels very lifelike with a suction cup base that is also harness compatible.

Now you can ride this hard cowboy all night long... " Yippee-ki-yay "

Raging Stallion Sweeps Noms for GayVN Awards

Raging Stallion Studios received 20 nomination for the 2010 GAyVn Awards with the DVD "Focus/ReFous" getting Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor noms.

Raging Stallion has won Best Picture for the past two years in a row for "Grunts" and "To The Last Man".

"Tales of the Arabian Nights" received Best All Sex Film nom along with a few other RSS films like "Diamond Auto" and "The Visitor" with out of this world Logan McCree.

“We are really thrilled to receive these nominations this year,” company President Chris Ward said.

“Our actors and our crew really put a lot of work into these movies and the result was a year of great achievements. All of us are honored to be in this list of great nominations. With so many great studios and actors out there, it’s a real complement to be singled out this strongly.”

Check out the trailer for Focus/ReFocus below

US Marine Gets Investigated for Gay Porn

Marine Corps sergeant Matthew W. Simmons (the stud on the right) is under investigation for appearing in gay porn videos from "College Dudes 247 Vol 1" and "College Dudes 247 Vol 2" under the name Christian Jade. He tells the "Marine Corps Times" that his case may be taken to court-martial for appearing in videos and photographs that depict him having sex with other men.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service confirmed that he is under investigation on suspicion of violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Simmons reportedly wore his official uniform "in some of these productions," according to the Times.

Check him out in action for yourself below fucking William W and in action with Titus Galle

Big Brothers Lane Getting Pleasure in Shower

If you are like me and love them Big and Real Dumb, than you are in love with Big Brothers Lane. I love that he thinks no one knows what he is doing, but the camera man goes in for a face close up when he is about to shoot his load.

Gay Marriage / Old Spice Parody

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kristen Bjorn Horns of Plenty Pt 2 Free Trailer

Looks like Kristen Bjorn has another hit with Horns of Plenty pt 2 releasing this week. Check out the free trailer and the 4 hot special behind the scenes.

Sixteen of the world's hottest men get together for some of the most sex-explosive action you have ever witnessed! The geyser erupting, hot 'n sweaty mansex continues for another eye-popping 7 scenes!

Funny Anti Protest Signs

If you really want to get someones goat, show up at their rally with a funny sign "I'm with Stupid".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another D.C. Gay Bar Bites the Dust

Popular gay bar EFN Lounge and Motley Bar is the newest gay bar to close do the the bad economy.

Manager Bill Gray says “We had Bear Happy Hour every Friday and that was amazing for revenue, but we realized that being open every day, we just couldn’t pull in the revenue we needed to sustain the building,” Gray said. “We tried multiple events. Some things worked, some didn’t. ... We had utilities turned off and turned back on. It was just a real struggle financially.”

Rock Hard Weekend Erection National AD

I was surprised to be watching late night TV when this very funny ad "Popped" up. Check out the new ad for the 72 hour erection RockHard, I love the fruit bowl with the banana sticking up.

RockHard Weekend is a 100% all-natural formula from a tried and tested unique blend of 13 herbal ingredients that work together to give 72 hours of Sexcitement.

First IMAX 3D Porn Movie, Cumming Soon

WOW... think of watching a 3D Porn in IMAX, think of the gigantic cocks waving to you and the cum shot would be HUGE, the downfall is that this is a str8 porn so the pussy would be the size of a house and how scary would that be, at least the 3D glasses will also serve as protection.

Stephen Shiu flick "3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" is the first IMAX porn film. An erotic fantasia set in a subterranean sex lair from ancient china. It's based on a classic Chinese erotic story called The Carnal Prayer Mat, the tale of a man who meets a duke that introduces him to a world of luxurious orgies.

The director says that the $3 million film, which is being produced in Hong Kong using IMAX cameras, will be explicit:

"The sex scenes are explicit and sometimes violent, but the main theme of the story is love. There will be many close-ups. It will look as if the actors are only a few centimeters from the audience."

He claims that people don't want "just erotica, they want some wow factor!"

11yo Will Phillips at DCs Big Commit

Remember Will Phillips, the then 10yo who wouldn't say the "Pledge of Allegiance" to a country that discriminates against gays? He was here in DC at the Big Commit where he gives another powerful speech.

Tokyo Pride returns after three years

Japan's GLBT community and friends celebrated during the weekend as part of Tokyo Pride, which returned after a three-year absence. Leading up to Tokyo Pride, a wide range of events took place, including debates and political theatre pieces aimed at fostering a wider understanding of GLBT lifestyles in Japan.

According to Pink News, Tokyo Pride has not taken place for three years due to lack of organisational staff.

Many members of Japan's GLBT community are apparently put off celebrations by pressure from the more conservative elements of the country's traditional, family-oriented society. This is in contrast to the view held by many outsiders of Japan as being very youth-centric with a strong kitsch aesthetic.

Part of Tokyo's gay heartland, Shinjuku, hosted the celebrations. The district houses around 250 gay and lesbian bars.

Following Saturday's parade, the "Rainbow Festival" saw food and beer stalls line the streets as well as a debate on the future of the gay rights movement in Japan. Check out the video below.

Target Boycott, The Muscial

Actor Russell Tovey makes debut on Guys with iPhones

Gay actor Russell Tovey who plays werewolf George Sands on BBC supernatural drama "Being Human" takes a snap shot for gay site Guys with iPhones. Too bad didn't take more off.