Friday, July 13, 2012

Gay Porn Talk Podcast #329

The boys are back and hotter than ever... no really hot, it's 103 degrees. They talk about Green Lantern's Boy friend biting the dust, CNN Carol Costello doesn't believe in Global warming Romney is afraid of Dick and Ted Nugent thinks if the south won the war there would be no Obama. They answer your questions about how much newbie twinks will make in porn and why there are no Asians in porn. This week Paulie reviews Monster Bangs High Voltage and gives it 3 Splats, even with some problems you will still love the huge, hung, Muscle Studs and Erik Rhodes. David reviews and loves the Orgasm Ball Hand-Held Fucking Machine. Talk about rise of the machines, now you can fuck yourself all day if you want. As always, make lots of love and... Stay Hard

Andrew Christian Lick Video

 Here is another video from Underware guy Andrew Christian, "Lick".

Jocks Roommates Review, Photos and Preview

Roommates Jock Studios, 3 Splats- 8 studs 4 scenes 100 mins -These Roommates share more than just the rent. They share hungry holes and hard cocks too. You will be begging to become a roommate, all you have to do is clean up all the cum.

All 4 scenes are good, but two stand out the most. After a hard fuck over the staircase, Brian Brody gets squirted in the eye from Donny Wright's cum cannon (ouch, that burns) but cleans off Donny's cock with one eye closed like a champ. You will fall in love with new star, Cole Street (and his perfect hole) who offers himself up as dinner to Troy Collins. Who after facefucking the stud on the table, bends him over and rims and fingers that perfect hole before pounding it. Incredible carnal. pounding fucking. You are rewarded with great camera angles that get right into the action, and Troy can not get enough cock up his ass. Overall a very good DVD that will have you jacking.

HUSTLABALL London 2012 Video

 Sex Show at London's HUSTLABALL by MEN AT PLAY featuring Jake Genesis, Issac Jones, Alex Marte, Damien Crosse, Samuel Colt, and Rogan Richards

Hand-Held Automatic Fucking Machine Videos

Forget those very expensive and cumbersome Automatic Fucking Machines, now very portable ready for travel. Even has a light built in, perfect for filming.

You also get three different dildo attachments that provide a range of sensations: there are two realistic dildos with detailed shafts and balls that will give you the most lifelike experience - a larger one to fill you up just right and a smaller one which could be perfect for enjoying some anal!

The best part is that this little number plugs into your nearest electrical outlet with the included power cable so that your fun is never interrupted by batteries that run out just when it starts getting good. Grab onto the handle and get fucked or hand the Orgasm Ball to your partner and let them drive you wild!

Compliments of RocketTube

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Pump'N Dumps of Los Angeles Photos and Preview

Welcome to The Real Pump'N Dumps of Los Angeles, our newest grouping of shockingly raw real-life sexperiences from Once again we grant you an uninhibited vision into the dark minds of our insatiably hungry bottom sluts, waiting eagerly with their twitching holes wide open, begging to be seeded. Six semen-soaked scenes featuring the hottest raw men of Los Angeles in action, and our candid cumwhore interviews, giving us a glimpse into their depraved world of ass-blasting pump-n-dump fantasies.

33rd Annual Mooning of Amtrak This Saturday

The second Saturday in July is a special day for the city of Laguna Niguel in Southern California. Each year on that day, over 10,000 visitors converge upon the city to take part in the annual, "Mooning Amtrak". The premise is rather simple, visitors line up along the side of the track, drop their drawers, and moon the passing trains.

The "Mooning Amtrak" day is now in it's 33rd year, with no visible signs of slowing down. It is widely believed that the tradition came into existence when the patron of a nearby bar, The Mugs Away Saloon, ran to the tracks and mooned a passing Amtrak train on a dare from the bar owner who was offering a free drink to the first person to do it.

For its part, the city of Laguna Niguel, tired of being the butt of jokes, is doing it's best to try and kill the tradition by encouraging folks to stay away, and also passing ordinances that will prevent street vendors from selling to the visitors. It seems to be having no effect though, as the "Mooning Amtrak" website already has plans made for next years event.

I guess they wanna, "just say yes to crack". Check out Video of 2008

Scene from Bareback Monster Cocks: Super Size Me

Monster sized cocks being thrust deep into smooth twink ass totally bareback, ramming them deep and stretching their holes further than ever. Starring big dicked superstars Billy Jay and Jose Manuel, super sexy young fuckers enjoy devouring hot cock from both ends in this debut from this new self titled studio. Rock hard dicks and smooth, slim and horny boys get split open by raw cock being pounded into them.

Bareback Monster Cocks: Super Size Me
Watch Full HD movie now in Adonis Enterprises

Vintage Pre Condom Gaelic Holes Preview

From 1973 Gaelic Holes - Hot studly blondes fucking on a pool table will make you look at the locals a whole new way. Every town's got one! Sometimes hard to find, but you're always guaranteed a good time at your local gay bar.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cleanstream Shower Enema Kit & Stop-N-Flow Enema Plug Attachment Videos

Get ready for clean and kinky shower fun with the new Cleanstream Shower Enema kit and the Stop N Flow Plug Attachemnt.

Cocky Boys Project GoGoBoy Episode 1 Preview

Compliments of RocketTube

Celebrate Hump Day with the Humpy Awards

They do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Wow, people must have lots of free time on their hand to have a contest on how there dog humps legs. I should win one of those awards for all the humping I do.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Porn Star Manuel Ferrara Plugs his Realistic Dong

NS Novelties has just released the first commercial promoting the Manuel Ferrara Realistic Dong starring the four-time AVN Performer of the Year himself. Manuel Ferrara, one of the most famous woodsmen in the world, begins his signature collection with this ultra-realistic dong.

Lucas Entertainment Launches Social Network LUCAS COMMUNITY

International porn powerhouse Lucas Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of its porn-based social network, Lucas Community. The site is specifically designed for porn fans and its stars as a way to interact, comment, and talk with each other via text and video chat. Lucas Community will be free for members of

Who doesn't love nude males in the new ESPN Body Issue. See behind the shoot with Carlos Bocanegra and Rob Gronkowski.

How Much Would you Pay to see Anderson Cooper Jerk Off

Now that Anderson has officially come out of the closet, Fetish porn company Treasure Island Media has offered him 1 million for a jerk off session. That's more than a dollar for every little sperm in a very, very big load, making his swimmers the most valuable in the world. Thinks if his boyfriend "spits" in the sink after a hot night, that's millions in the New York drain system. My sperm is very envious and feels undervalued.

French Pop Band Aikiu Skyrockets after using Vintage Gay Porn for Video.

How do you get some notoriety if your an obscure French band? Do what any Gay guy would do, Use vintage gay porn in your video. Aikiu mashed together clips of the band playing instruments with gay porn stars in fucking action for their video "Pieces of Gold."

Monday, July 9, 2012

1960's Mansfield Sex Sting Video

For two weeks in the summer of 1962, using a two-way mirror, police in the central Ohio town of Mansfield secretly filmed the activity in a public men's room in the town square. The surveillance recorded dozens of men having sex, resulting in more than 30 prosecutions for sodomy, with at least a year in prison time for each.

Shot without sound, in grainy color 16 mm, it's a stunning document. The men range in age from their 20s to their 60s. They are white and black, fat and thin, in a banker's suit or name-patched mechanic's uniform. Faces humorless, eyes on the door, they masturbate, give handjobs and blowjobs, and perform anal sex; a few exchange money. Michael Sicinski, in Cinema Scope magazine, called Tearoom "one of the most soberingly revelatory political films of recent years" and "a cinematic document of vital importance to the history of gay culture in the United States."

Big Brother Star Will Wikle Can't wait to take off his Pants

Damn that ass is nice and most people who do a double take seem to think the same. Will Wikle cant wait and strips down early before going to Daniel Nardicio's Fire Island Underwear Party.