Friday, February 19, 2010

REVIEW: Abuse of Power

The fourth flick from the Rough line from TitanMen, is called "Abuse of Power," and could be subtitled "Abuse of People." The Rough line is called an "extreme fetish line" and is not for the faint of heart. Of course for the target audience, this is like the lame disclaimers ("Physicians will be in attendance") that you find in ads for horror movies that make the audience want to see it even more. This one is co-directed by Tony Buff and Paul Wilde, and from the behind-the-scenes, Tony Buff is sure that some of these scenes will be controversial, and make the dicks of his chosen viewers hard. With fucking, watersports, violence and more BDSM that you can shake a stick at (pun intended), this flick might be for you unless somebody else beats you to it and you like it.

Scene one has Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx picking up innocent stranger Ridge Kane and abusing him through spit, spunk and piss. Tyler Saint stalks and binds Erik Glock in a forsaken part of the woods. Tyler Saint uses a gun to threaten and fuck (with condom) Erik, whose fear is completely palatable on screen. Last, but not least, Tony Buff flogs Ruff Zindao with a whip and his big dick. Certainly not for most (and if you can't tell probably not me), but if your in the target audience, this might be extremely good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yes, today, Paulie again turns 34 (or some other etched-in-stone age, that you'd think I could remember since it doesn't change!). How better to commemorate what better than a dick contest! Find below pictures of three big dicks from some well-known gay porn stars. Leave your guesses in the comments section below:
Dick A:
Dick B: Dick C:Halfway through the week on the blog solo and I think I'm doing pretty well. (Including that fuckin' annoying Tony Falco post that plays automatically every single time that you come to the blog. Thanks a fuckin' lot Paulie the mental destroyer! I am tempted to post a hundred posts (consisting of one word each) just to get that annoying clip off the front of the blog. Since I can't edit Paulie's posts, I can't correct it myself.)

So if your a reader of the blog and you want to wish Paulie a happy birthday (or if you just want to complain about mind-killing videos that play automatically), or to enter a guess about the owners of those big dicks, please leave a quick comment to this post.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New City Guides from Out Mag

Paulie recently asked me how I liked my iTouch as someone (probably one of his vast array of admirers) was considering getting him one for his birthday, WHICH IS TOMORROW!) I told him that there were several pluses, including some neat apps, both free and for a couple of bucks. Now comes the news that Out has launched a mobile application that provides original reviews of some of the world’s hottest gay-friendly destinations.

“City Guides” provides advice about gay bars, restaurants, shops, nightlife and hotels. Developers and Out staff created the iPhone app by interviewing party hounds, retail therapists and the culinary elite in each featured city. From hot parties to chic lounges, travelers can find worthwhile gay-friendly destinations at the touch of a finger.

“City Guides” currently includes New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Out’s editors intend to add new cities monthly until every major destination has its own comprehensive guide. With Paulie's jet setting ways (having a dick in every port), this might be great birthday gift, but, shhh, don't tell him.

Another Review of the Gay Porn of 2009

Never let it be said that I don't countenance opposing views (I am friends with Paulie, for which it is a requirement!). Onan the Vulgarian and Harley Shadow have announced the 16th annual Hard Choice Awards (HCA) over at Its always a good read and I think their analysis is generally spot on. Although I don't agree with them 100% (Chi Chi LaRue had a great year in 2009?), I love most of their choices. Check 'em out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

VPSotW: Joshua Sterling

Active from '95 to '99, Josh always did something for me. Not the biggest or the buffest model in his roles, this black haired, brown eyed cutie seemed to have this spark. Standing only 5'8" tall, perhaps its my short guy semi-fetish, but I was never sure that this versatile stud was going to put out (of course, this being porn, he always did). Favorite roles include Idol In The Sky, with Josh in military garb, Nights In Eden, where he plays a dick cop that gets dick, and Playing To Win, with Josh showing off his acting skills and sex abilities as a baseball player.

Videography (excluding compilations):

Lost In Vegas (1993; All Worlds)
Top to Bottom (1994; Explosive Studios)
Call Boy (1995; Catalina)
Fame & Flesh (1995; HIS Video)
How To Get A Man In Bed (1995; Forum Studios)
Idol Universe (1995; Catalina)
Leather Obsession 1 (1995; Forum Studios)
Nights In Eden (1995; Studio 2000)
Sexologist (1995; Hart Prod.)
South Beach Vibrations (1995; Rookies Studio)
Driven No Turning Back (1996; Falcon)
Idol In The Sky (1996; Odyssey Men)
Jockstrapped (1996; Jocks)
Playing to Win (1996; Studio 2000)
Prime Cut (1996; BIC Prod.)
South Beach Buns (1996; Projex Video)
Surf Sand and Sex (1996; Projex Video)
Under Covers (1996; Mustang)
Shooting Porn (1997; Caryn Horowitz Presents)
Leather Bound (1998; Forum Studios)
Plugged (1998; Projex Video)

Sunday, February 14, 2010