Friday, November 20, 2009

REVIEW: Hombres

I have talked about how I don't want the blog reviews to be a ghetto for "lesser" reviews; kind of like an island of misfit toys. I have figured out that I probably watch five to six videos for every one I review on the porncast. I also like to review videos on the show fairly soon after they come out. Sometimes, videos come out and I wind up reviewing other stuff and these videos don't get "their due." Case in point: "Hombres" great video from Raging Stallion featuring latin men. Thought I was going to get to review it on the porncast, but as you see here, I didn't.

Scene one features Juan and Antonio Squillart, a nice pairing of twinkish and muscle. Scene two has Paul and Ronaldho (single names) in front of the fireplace with both guys having great definition. Scene three has Antonio Squillart and Ronaldho again, this time in a threeway with Alejandro. Scene four has Alejandro fucking the always dependable Max Schutler. Packaged in a two disc set, there is also behind-the-scenes and more trailers than you can shake your stick at. The guys are all dependably hot and the sex is scorching.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miss Brazil Gay 2009 Gets Hairy

You know I always say... don't fuck with Drag Queens. This years winner Ava Simoes gets her wig ripped off by Miss Sao Paulo.

Free Trailer of Big Dicked Twinks

Big Dicked Twinks brings some of 8teenboy's largest packing models to the screen. These insatiable bottoms call out time and again for more as these wild tops fuck them hard. Rad Matthews steals the show as his ass gets pounded first by Phillip, then followed up by none other than Tommy Anders' nine inches. Welcome your animal instinct to come out and play with these BIG DICKED TWINKS.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

REVIEW: Falcon Str8men Vol. 11

What the exchange rate for solo scenes? Your typical gay porn flick has four or five scenes. If the scenes are particularly long or there are more scenes, presumably the cost point can be higher. However, when you have a flick with mostly solo JOs, how many of those scenes does it take to make up a typical gay porn flick. Too few, and the buyer might feel like they're not getting their money's worth. Too many, and it may be kind of a waste.

Volume 11 of Falcon's Str8men series gets it about right. Not all the scenes are solos; in fact my favorite scenes are the pairings. Scenes one and three have Heath Anthony, that Falcon refers to as a "regular guy," but I think he's hotter than regular, with the latter scene includes some toy use. Scene two has Vic Kovak with a hot body and a sexy slavic accent. Scene four has Heath and Vic together and they realy shine together. Scene five has Andrew Justice and Leo Giamani, with Andrew bottoming and coming back for a solo in scene six. Scenes seven and eight feature Christopher Ashlee (from the video cover) and Blaine Hardy in separate solos. Overall a nice video, if you like the solos and even a litle something if you don't.

REVIEW: Mason Wyler: Welcome To My World, Vol 3

I'm pretty sure I haven't reviewed volumes 1 or 2 on the blog or the porncast. No mater what you might think about Mason (whether he's a boy that cried wolf), you can't deny his sexiness. Some guys are coquettish in their apparent innocence, but Mason has always been "out" about his sluttiness. That's kind of sexy, in addition to how much he appears to enjoy getting fucked. This video from Next Door Studios features Mason in all of the six scenes. If you have a membership in Masons' website there might not be anything here for you. Otherwise, indulge in Mason's debauchery.

Scene one has Mason getting double teamed by Jonny T and Ricky M, who are all featured on the cover. Scene two has Mason with Spencer Reed and scene three has a solo with Mason sporting morning wood that he takes care of in the kitchen. Scene four has Mason with Anthony and scene five starts out like a muscle worship session, with Marcus Mojo (Landon Mycles) being worshiped and ends with more mutual interaction between he and Mason. The final scene has Mason with Jake Woods, where the boys are fairly evenly matched in body and style. If you are a fan of Mason Wyler or only have passing interest in this hottie, this a good DVD to pick up.