Friday, October 3, 2008

Gay Icon Michael Brandon Awaiting Drug Felony Trial

Michael Brandon famous for his huge 10 inch cock nick-named Monster and 2 time GAYVN performer of the Year is arraigned on three felony drug dealing counts. Brandon (and Monster) have starred in more than 150 gay adult movies in seven years between 1999 and 2006, then just seemed to vanished into thin air.

The mystery of Brandon's disappearance was solved Tuesday when SF Weekly ran a first-person account of a reporter's accidental encounter with the missing star inside a San Francisco courtroom. Brandon, who had been arrested in June, was there to be arraigned on three felony drug counts after police caught him dealing meth, speed and Ecstasy.

"It was like a remake of a bad movie," SF Weekly reporter Ashley Harrell wrote. "Though Brandon had been on top of his game for the past eight years, he had spent most of the '90s in Orange County, addicted to crystal meth. From those days, he had two felony convictions from two separate arrests. He had spent more than three years in state prison, and had no interest in going back." Yet that may be exactly where he is headed.

Brandon pulled himself out of the self-imposed drug-induced haze of the '90s and eventually became the spokesman for San Francisco's prominent public relations campaign to defeat meth use among gay men. He attracted the adoration of porn fans and industry insiders alike with what Raging Stallion's Marty Rosenthal called "the warmest, most caring, most welcoming, most down-to-earth personality you could ever meet."

Brandon himself once famously wrote, "I'm walking, living proof that there is life after crystal meth. Folks don't need to lose their mind, end up in jails, hospitals, on the streets, or turned away by family members. I've already been there for you."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Model Ben Massing Doesn’t Like Being Called Gay and Thinks It’s “Vulgar”

Model Ben Massing posed for renowned gay photographer Rick Day and was published in Magazines wearing almost nothing underwear is mad that photos ended up gay mag Genre.

Massing reckons he only posed to appear in his own personal portfolio, not to appear in a gay magazine, the placing of which he cites in the lawsuit as being "cruel and vulgar", and is also suing for invasion of privacy.

While it's not yet known if it's the case in this instance, most models sign a standard release form with photographers, allowing the photographer to then use the images however they please.

Massing doesn't like being ogled by gay men, so he did the logical thing and has posed for Abercrombie And Fitch, the last bastion against those rascally prying gay eyes.

His lawyer told the New York Daily News that, "He had a promising career. I hope he's able to undo any damage that this has done."

Michael Lucas dismisses criticism with Lots of Hot Air

Michael Lucas has publicly responded to all the criticism to the debut title under his new Lucas Raunch titled “Farts!” with a press release “ My Genius: Michael Lucas”.

“I’m not sure what I’m laughing about more: either the name I chose for [this] press release, or about the title I gave my new film, or the publicity I’ve gotten from all the blogs,” he said. Lucas said pre-orders for “Farts!” have exceeded that of his higher-profile, award-winning blue movie “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita.”
By naming the new film “Farts!” Lucas said he achieved his goals. “The movie was promoted by all the blogs like no other movie in recent memory has been promoted. “Keep in mind that because there are so many videos constantly being released, it’s really difficult to have a movie promoted so extensively like this as it was in the past,” he added. “And my last point about laughing — I’m laughing all the way to the bank.”

Sarah Palin thinks Gay is a Choice

Palin also believes dinosaurs co existed with men 6,000 years ago, thinks being gay is a choice. Too bad that rat nest on her head was a choice.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bel Ami Boys Give you Tongue

Man Gets Cock Cut Off During Simple Circumcision

Hospital green Jell-O $10, two Tylenol $20, your cock Priceless! 61 y.o. Phillip Seaton went in for what he though was an easy “little snip” but woke up to find his entire manhood had been chopped off. He was having the later in life circumcision procedure to relieve inflammation he was experiencing in his penis.

Seaton and his wife are seeking unspecified damages for “loss of service, love and affection.” He was having the later in life circumcision procedure to relieve inflammation he was experiencing in his penis.

Dr. John Patterson says he thought he detected cancer and removed the penis. Don’t you think he might have wanted to get a second opinion before making Seaton pee sitting down?

When Bumper Sticker go too Far

In Australia, a homophobic bumper sticker that read “Gay Rights? Under God law the only rights gays have is the right to die.” Gets the owner sued.

Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Tribunal found Ron Owen guilty of inciting hatred against gays with the disgusting bumper sticker when he parked his car outside some council offices in the town of Gympie.

Owen is the publisher of an ultra-right-wing pro-militia magazine called Lock Stock And Barrel and is a former local councillor.Two local lesbians took action over the bumper sticker and won damages, one $5,000 and the other $2,500.

In handing down his decision, tribunal member Darryl Rangiah ordered Owen to publish a written apology for inciting hatred and causing offence to the gays of Gympie. While Rangiah acknowledged Owen's right to free speech, he said the bumper sticker had gone to far, as well as comments made on television following the sticker furore.Rangiah said, "Ron Owen is entitled to be a homophobe and he is entitled to publicly express his homophobic views. That much is required in a society that values freedom of thought and expression. However there are limits.""The ordinary member of the public would, in my opinion, understand that he or she was being urged to hate and to have serious contempt for homosexuals," Rangiah said.

Raging Stallion Names Ricky Sinz 2008 Man of the Year

After his performance in To the Last Man, the choice of Ricky Sinz for our top prize was pretty easy," said RS president Chris Ward. "He delivered the best porn performance of any actor I have ever witnessed. He is a good man, and we all look forward to working with him over the next year."

Sinz said he was thrilled to be named the successor to past winners including Jake Deckard, Tom Vacarro, Steve Cruz, Roman Ragazzi, Shane Rollins and Michael Brandon.

"This is really amazing," he said. "I never thought I would come so far so fast. I really appreciate the faith that Chris Ward has in my career."

A tattooed former Marine who also found success as a mixed martial arts fighter prior to entering the adult entertainment industry, Sinz holds the only Raging Stallion lifetime exclusive contract.

New Gay Video Line “Badlands Pictures” Launches

Metro Interactive has added a new all male line to its adult productions. Badlands Pictures' first release, due to hit the streets Oct. 9, is Boys of Badlands. Thereafter, the studio will release one new title weekly over the next two months, for a total of eight titles, according to Metro sales manager Russ Pascale.

Badlands titles focus on twinks. The first eight titles in the line were produced in Eastern Europe and offer eye-catching European men in settings that will appeal to U.S. and international consumers, Pascale said. Boys of Badlands features performances by Czech boy toys Mirislav, Lukas S., Rodek, Martin, Lukas I., Karel, Jan and Michael. In addition to the movie, the DVD offers trailers and a photo gallery.

The gay market is not an entirely new endeavor for Metro. The studio has released a number of gay compilations in the past, but it decided to enter the gay market in a bigger way because the market segment is blooming and consumers are hungry for good gay content, Pascale said."We haven't put out gay content in a long, long time," he told "But the all-male/gay market is bigger than ever. With hours of new and unreleased footage, our goal is to strike while the iron is hot with some great content."

Natural Herb “Horny Goat Weed” alternative to Viagra

It’s been around for a very long time, and you could have asked any hard, horny Chinese man about it. Italian researchers say a Chinese herbal remedy called “horny goat weed” is a promising alternative to Viagra for men that want a little help.

The herb has long held a reputation as a natural aphrodisiac. The lab experiments, which did not look at whether the plant actually increases desire, could lead to new drugs to help men get erections, said Mario Dell'Agli, a researcher at the University of Milan, who led the study.

"The compound icariin is present in the horny goat weed in large amounts and its activity against (the enzyme) is lower compared to Viagra," he said. "But the new molecule we synthesized from icariin is as good as Viagra against (the enzyme)."

Finally SFW Porn

Diesel's new SFW Porn video is sure to go viral. Not sure what the ad has to do with jeans, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

It probably won't make you "spill your skittles", but I did learn that girls love their vaginas thumped on like bongo drums. Pussies are so weird.