Friday, May 9, 2008

Nick Capra Superstud who is Supersweet

When interviewing a porn star you never know what your going to get, sometimes when you meet your favorite movie stud it doesn’t go as well as you would have liked. That was not the case with Nick Capra. He was very sweet, poetic and very honest about his love of an exotic accent, life in porn and his recent recovery. He has been in over 25 porn hits including Jett Blakk’s “How to Seduce A Straight Man”, Evan favorite All Worlds “Down the Drain” and MSR Video “Rough Trade” just to name a few. His blinding charisma that shows in his porn work and that had made him a star conveys when he speaks to you. Listen to his full interview with Evan and Paulie at (Paulie got cut off half way thank to Skype)

His New Website is under construction but he is writing a blog that is very well written and you should make sure to check out

Lucas Kazan Studios Celebrates 10 Years with a Photo Book

Award winning Lucas Kazan Productions celebrates it 10th anniversary this spring (you don’t look over 9 darlings). One of the first titles they made in 1999, “Hotel Italia” won the “Hard Choice Awards” for the Best Director and Best Movie. That was just the start of the long list of awards for their videos, with Kazan himself in 2008 being inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame.

In celebrating of Lucas Kazan’s 10th anniversary, Bruno Gmunder will release “Lucas Kazan Italian Style”, a 96 page photo book full of high class Mediterranean masculinity.

"We never set out to build a factory and to crank out videos," Kazan said. "Instead, we aimed for higher production values, exclusive models and exotic locations. We believed back then, and believe today, that porn could be erotic and visually spectacular and professionally lensed. It is more than mere acrobatics. It's about emotions and our collective psyche."

A 10th-anniversary feature film is slated for production May 21 through June 2 in the southern Italian city of Puglia. Italians and Other Strangers, starring a multi-racial cast and a bevy of Italian newcomers, is expected to hit store shelves in the fall.

Visconti Triplets first Porn “Brotherhood Secrets” Available June

What would make this summer even hotter? The first porn video from Elite Male exclusives, the Visconti Gay Triplets, Joey, Jimmy and Jason. Just one of these boys would be hot, but three of them together, make it a wet dream come true.

Brotherhood Secrets, directed by Joe Budai, puts the triplets in the hands of a devious photographer with an agenda of seducing his models. The triplets perform for the camera and then in front of each other as they ravage other models.

"The fans at home will fall in love with their natural, muscular builds," said Andrew T., executive producer for Elite Male. "They look alike, of course, but by the end of Brotherhood Secrets, fans will see that each of them are different in their personalities, and they each have their own distinct physical traits. Brotherhood Secrets is the perfect introduction to the first gay triplets ever filmed in the adult porn industry - and a perfect way for fans to find out which one of the three they like the best."

Check out their website for a sneak peak of the boys in action.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Butt Pirate Deodorant "Everybody likes to fuck a clean ass”

The French Connection Studio has joined the adult novelty market with “Butt Pirate Deodorant” A natural product that deodorizes and moisturizes user before ass play. It is antibiotic and antimicrobial, vegan friendly and is available in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla scents.

"Butt Pirate is the only product on the market that deodorizes, safely evacuates, and protects the bottom about to have vanilla or more extreme play," Chris Hull, owner of The French Connection, states. "This product is great to use after a shower douche. It will moisturize your customers' insides and deodorize them, as well, and keeps them returning to buy more."

Hall also says "I came up with Butt Pirate because I was tired of my dick smelling like shit, Everybody likes to fuck a clean ass. But sometimes, no matter how clean you are, you still don't feel clean or even smell clean. So I came up with this product to make sure that all my boys smell fresh and feel fresh."

Butt Pirate will be shipped beginning in June, if you would like to be notified when it is available sign up “New Product Alert

Manhunt Turns 7 and Celebrates with “7 Sexy Sins Tour”

One of the most popular cruising sites Manhunt celebrates its seventh anniversary with a national party tour this summer kicking off May 31st in Boston and will hit 40 cities by Sept 13th.

The events will be “Seven Sexy Sins” Fellatio, Rimming, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Bondage, Sodomy and Orgy (or as I like to call it … Saturday Night). Each party will feature guest DJs, gift bags, door prizes and appearances by hot Falcon Studio and Raging Stallion Models.

Photographer Joe Oppedisano shot the "7 Sexy Sins" ad campaign April 5 in New York. Models from the photo shoot - Raging Stallion exclusive Ricky Sinz, Hot House exclusive C.J. Knight and Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes - will attend along with Dallas Reeves from His First Huge Cock. DJ Roland Belmares from Los Angeles is slated to headline with performing guest Flava.

Check out the 7 Sexy Sins Tour website and see when they will be in a city by you.

Cayman Islands Apologizes for Homophobic Arrest

Cayman Islands Director of Tourism Pilar Bush sent a letter to Chandler the Massachusetts man that got arrested for kissing his boyfriend while on vacation.

Said Bush in the letter, which Chandler received on Friday: "On behalf of the entire Department of Tourism, I apologize for your upsetting experience and want to assure you that the Cayman Islands is a welcoming jurisdiction to all people. What happened to you was an isolated incident, and is not representative of Cayman. We know that thousands of gay and lesbian visitors travel to the Cayman Islands every year and enjoy their vacation."

All sounds good but remember that the officer stated that it was against Cayman law for same sex couples to show affection in public so it doesn’t sound like all people are welcomed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gay Couple Arrested at Anti Gay Grand Cayman for Kissing

A gay couple from Massachusetts was detained by police after kissing on the dance floor of a popular club on Grand Cayman. Aaron Chandler, 23, and his boyfriend, both from on Amherst, Massachusetts, were holidaying with the boyfriend's sister and brother–in–law on the Caribbean island. The four had gone to the Royal Palms and joined about a dozen other couples who were dancing.

At one point Chandler kissed his boyfriend. A patron approached the men and berated them. "He asked us not to do that," Chandler told the Cay Compass newspaper. "He said, 'you shouldn’t be doing this here'.

The couple ignored the protest and kept dancing. Chandler, who is a member of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, then planted another kiss on his boyfriend. "I do display affection when I’m with my boyfriend, publicly," Chandler told the paper. "It’s never anything most people would consider obscene however; usually it’s in the form of holding hands or a quick kiss."
But a police spokesperson told the Compass that two Cayman laws - the Penal Code and the Towns and Communities Law - could have been used to lay changes on the grounds that same-sex kissing in public caused distress or a disturbance to another member of the public.
An off-duty police officer intervened after the second kiss. "He told me he did not want me to show public displays of affection," Chandler said. "He said it was against the law for two people of the same sex." As the four Americans were preparing to leave the club Chandler kissed his boyfriend again.

At that point "The officer grabbed my wrist and told me he was placing me under arrest," Chandler told the Compass. A second police officer arrived at the scene and the two men were taken to the George Town police station. After several hours in a holding room they were released without any charges laid. Chandler said that police attempted to get them to promise not to kiss again in public while on the island. Whether they could have been charged is questionable. Following complaints in several British territories in the Caribbean the UK Parliament passed a law in 2000 requiring the islands to abide by British law that decriminalized homosexuality.

The lesson, try not to spend money to support anti gay vacations.

Former Mr. Gay U.K. Accused of Cannibalism

Anthony Morley, the first man to be named Mr. Gay U.K. has been arrested and charged with the murder of an acquaintance. According to authorities, Morley now 35, stands accused of stabbing to death advertising executive Damian Oldfield.

Anthony Morley, 35, was held after Damian Oldfield's body was found at a house in Harehills, Leeds, with a chunk cut out of the right leg.

Police are said to have found human flesh diced as though "for cooking".
Officers are now having to consider the possibility that the killer had "eaten some of the flesh."
They were alerted after a man, covered in blood and wearing a white nightgown and slippers, went into a nearby kebab shop.

Morley was crowned Mr. Gay U.K. in 1993 at the age of 20. Officials said he and the victim, who worked for the gay magazine Bent, were acquainted but were not thought to be lovers.