Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Gay World News

Good- Scotland’s Boys in Blue Fly Rainbow over Police HQ

Now, as proof, if it were needed, of changing times, the force is flying the rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community above the HQ in Fettes Avenue.Lothian and Borders Police, which was named Scotland's best employer for lesbian, gay and bisexual people earlier this year, raised the flag to mark LGBT History Month.

Chief Inspector David Lyle, who campaigns for gay rights in the force, said: "The contribution of LGBT people is often forgotten or ignored. It's great the police are able to recognize those efforts."It sends out the message of support to staff members and the wider public that the force is committed to diversity and equality.

Bad – Brazilian Gay Rights Activist and President of Sao Paulo’s Gay Pride Assoc was hospitalized after “anti-gay” attack at his office. He was gagged, hooded and beaten by unknown number of attackers.

In September LGBT activists in Brazil spoke about the high levels of homophobia in their society in the wake of the brutal sexual assault and murder of a gay teenager.

Ugly – The Face of Homophobia speaks a thousands words. Salt Lake resident Cristy Gleaves testifying before the Senate Health and Human Services about domestic partnership registry. And on the right, Utah’s anti gay Senator Chris Buttars, who want to black the registry from going into effect. How would you like to kiss that“Freddy Krueger” hateful face?

Jet Set Men Launches "On Fire!" Website with Free Trailer!

On Fire, One of the best selling movies of the year so far and the most expensive movies to date for Jet Set Men has just launched its own website

Directed by Chris Steele and Chad Donovan the website features behind the filmmaking, detailing the movie and all that went into creating it. Also it has a free hardcore trailer and gallery of the cast.

On Fire has been nominated for six GAYVN Awards and has received hot praised from GayPornTalks porn reviewer "Evan" stating "this video will burn you up, a MUST HAVE!"

French PSA- What Every Parent Fears- St8 Kids

Reverend Ted Haggard’s Call Boy has a One Man Show

Mike Jones, the gay escort who exposed the Reverend Ted Haggard in a sex scandal that rocked the New Life Church of Colorado Springs, will play himself in a new one-man show. Naked Before God: Exposing the Hypocrisy of Ted Haggard will run for seven performances only, March 13–16 and March 20–22.

Monday, February 11, 2008

AMG Releases Another Bit of History with Cowboy Virgin

AMG Hardcore Film Classsic Cowboy Virgin. This is one of my favorites of AMG Classics, it has everything you could want from a handsome Cowboy “Richard Miller” the self proclaimed gay virgin. A robbery that goes that somehow turns into a orgy, and “Erotic Positions” where they try every sex positions even “pit sex” its both absurd and sexy at the same time. Charley and Friends is about 4 blond twinks that let a summer day turn into sexual ecstasy. Last is a Leather story with “Night in a Dungeon” two masters and three slaves that get really into whipping and ass fucking. Very Hot Dvd that is 140 mins long and really is like a erotic time capsule.

HARDCORE FILM CLASSICS are groundbreaking films that we have re-mastered directly from AMG founder Bob Mizer's original 16mm reels. These reels premiered in Los Angeles' Park Theatre between 1969 & 1971. These few years are the infancy of hardcore, during a time when filmmakers were terrified to attach their names to explicit material. These films were among the first gay pornographic films shown in a public venue. Before 1970, gay adult erotica was limited to personal viewing in the privacy of one's home. We have gone back to the original film reels projected in the Park Theatre to present Mizer's vision in its intended form.

Court Says Gay Themed Childrens Books Stay in School

A Massachusetts federal appeals court ruled last week that an elementary school can continue to use children's books that encourage tolerance for gay people. The books at issue in the case were Molly's Family, King and King, and Who's In A Family?

Two families objecting to the use of the books filed suit after the Lexington Superintendent of Schools released a public statement explaining the school district's position that it would not provide parental notification for "discussions, activities, or materials that simply reference same-gender parents or that otherwise recognize the existence of differences in sexual orientation."

The court noted that "Public schools often walk a tightrope between the many competing constitutional demands made by parents, students, teachers, and the schools' other constituents… The balance the school struck here does not offend the Free Exercise or Due Process clauses of the U.S. Constitution.”

John Barrowman a real gay OUT Superhero

In this day and age of gay actors and musicians in the public eye not wanting to come out of the closet or talk about being gay John Barrowman breaks this mold.

The Torchwood star, who lives with civil partner Scott Gill, insisted that he has made no secret of his sexuality around his siblings' children.He is quoted by Bent as saying: "My nieces and nephews have known I was gay since they were born. It's always been Uncle John and Uncle Scott and that's the way it should be."He added that he will continue to speak out about his sexuality, saying: "People joke, 'Oh John, get off your soap box', but it is a soapbox and it's something that matters to me.

"It's normal, we have partners, we have sex, and we do the same, well, sort of things that men and women do. I mean, I put a willy in my mouth like a straight man's wife puts it in hers, you know what I mean?"