Friday, September 19, 2014

Hot Animated Male Erotica

secso.gif demo (2014) from elguetats on Vimeo.

I Need a new House Cleaner! Naked slave cleans the floor.

I Need a new House Cleaner! Naked slave cleans the floor.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bareback Summer Camp from Raw Entry Club
Bareback Summer Camp  These studs are off for the summer and they head out to the camp for some summer fun. The counselors have more than camp fire stories in mind at this summer camp when the boys find out their camp is all about getting their hot virgin butts plowed by their counselors for the summer. Get ready to strip down and spread those butt cheeks for a deep anal inspection!

Dark Alley Media - Berlin Raw To The Bone Photo Gallery
Berlin Raw To The Bone -Director Oskur Garcia makes a cum-filled debut offering up a gritty look at the sex lives of Berlin's hottest and dirtiest pigs. Raw to the Bone opens with a no-holds-barred sex scene featuring Ivan and Simon; two hot uncut fuckers, a couple of toys and an iphone...That's right shoving anything in sight up Simon's eager hole.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Short Gay Film "Fuckbuddies"

Christopher Daniels' Bareback Premiere

Christopher Daniels chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio for his BAREBACK PREMIERE without any hesitation! Don’t worry: a worthy roster of hot men is assembled to push Christopher to his ass-fucking limits, including Sebastian Young, Marcus Isaacs, and Nick Gavin. And because he has an insatiable appetite for pounding the hell out of hot men, Sebastian Young returns to show Addison Graham a thing or two about being a submissive bottom for a power top!

Falcons "Naughty Pines Part 1" Photo Gallery 'Naughty Pines 1' is the first satisfying part of Falcon’s Fall Blockbuster, and it’s filled with non-stop, man on man action. Naughty Pines, a private men's retreat nestled deep in the northern California mountains, where steamy hookups are as plentiful as trees in the forest. Presiding over Naughty Pines is owner Ryan Rose, with an ass that makes cocks as hard as the redwoods.

I’m A Stripper Too! DVD out this Week

I'm a Stripper Too is a follow up to the 2013 'I'm a Stripper' and follows the lives of male strippers in some of the sexiest cities in N. America. Each guy has been selected to create a dynamic perspective on the reality of making a living in the buff. Is it about money? Is it a sexual turn-on? How did they get here? What do their families and friends think? Do they take their work home with them? How much do they make?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best of Joe Gage's "Rednecks Collection

Six of Joe’s all-time favorite rednecks scenes with some of the biggest and fattest dicks in TitanMen history.

Rent-A-Twink PG Trailer & X Preview
Teachers are tragically underpaid in this country, aren't they? Some of them are forced to take up side jobs in order to make ends meet! Mr. Mitch Vaughn has a class full of cute boys and thinks the solution to his problem is simple: start a Rent-a-Twink company. Robbie Anthony, Nick Simpson, Danny Tatum, Chris Jett, and Benjamin Riley are all seniors who are desperate to graduate and they're willing to be pimped out by their teacher in exchange for good grades! Of course, Mitch isn't about to rent out any boys without taking them for a test drive himself, first. Sexy, beefy daddy Brad Kalvo appears as Mitch's best client and his hunger for tight twink ass is insatiable!

Attract More Men with M4M Max Attract Pheromone Cologne Renegade

M4M Max Attract Cologne - Designed for the sexually rebellious, play hard and declare your sexual identity. Provides each man his own sexual identity. Perfect finishing touch for a wild, sexual adventure or anytime. Bold, erotic masculine fragrance. Mixes with each man's natural pH balance and pheromone output to develop his natural sexual scent. Increases the naturally occurring body pheromone output from the wearer.

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You Can Use your Jeff Stryker Dildo anywhere... Even in your Garage

You Can Use your Jeff Stryker Dildo anywhere... Even in your Garage

Big Brother 15's David Girton Cock Photos

Known as the Surfer dude in Big Brother 15 David Tweets "My Cock literally looks like a baby bird cracking out of his egg shell" He looks hot, but do something with that nasty hair