Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adam Killian Raw Wet Dream Preview
Adam Killian's Raw Wet Dream is Adams debut bareback sex performance where reality and fantasy collide! In it he chases his lover Marco Milan, along with an all-star cast of bareback sex stars through a fused reality of conscious and unconsciousness. Adams real-life romance is an explosion of sweat, cum, and passion, reaching it's height the best way possible: a bareback fuck fest.

All Male Rugby Players Get up Close and in Nude Rugby Match

Finally a sport I can watch, England and New Zealand Amateur Players Get up Close and in Nude Rugby Match.

Two 15 man teams faced off for a starkers match as a hilarious, unofficial curtain raiser to today second test. Jokes about tackles, balls and flyhalfs were bandied around as England and New Zealand clashed in a rugby match with a difference.

Two 15 man teams faced off for a spirited match in Dunedin, with both side completely naked.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RIP Gay Porn Star Cameron Fox Passes at 36

Texas-born born Cameron Fox (a.k.a. Shane Eugene Davis) began his porn career in 1999 at the age 22, and did most of his work for Falcon Studios. He was extremely popular until his retirement in 2005.

Something About Johnny Video Preview
Something About Johnny - He can take it and he can give, there's something about him I just can't get enough of!

My Dishwasher after a busy Pride Weekend

Monday, June 16, 2014

Croatian World Cup Team Go Skinny Dipping

The internet is exploding after images of the Croatian World Cup Team skinny dipping emerged online.

They actually lost the opening match last week but these nude snaps have sparked a lot of interest in The World Cup. Their next match is on Wednesday against Cameroon.

WATCH: Colby Keller Wants to Fuck in Every American State[terms]=Colby+Keller&search[mode]=exact&search[cat]=&search[sort_by]=name_asc
Porn Star Colby Keller has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund his next project.

He wants to film porn all across America and Canada.

To achieve this he needs $35,000 for a van, a mattress, a camera, food, mobile bandwidth and to cover the cost of hotel rooms.

He's offering some unique prizes for those who contribute to his campaign including postcards, tshirts and even a personal spanking.

Check out the clip below which explains more of the project.

Twink fucks hole with Bam Huge Realistic Cock Video

This Hot Twink loves his larger-than-life dong was cast from black super stud Bam's own meaty likeness! Measuring 13" long from suction-cup base to penis tip with a whopping 2 1/2" thick shaft, every effort was made to give this king-size rubber cock the realism you deserve! From the fat fleshy helmet tip to the chocolate-brown raised veins and shaven balls, phallus fans everywhere will sing its praises! Recommend for use with plenty (and we do mean plenty) of water-soluble lube!

My Big Fucking Dick Chad Douglas

My Big Fucking Dick Chad Douglas - Giant cocks from the greatest scenes ever filmed! Classic Pre Condom ass pounding, hard sex from the ultimate Falcon Studios.