Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael Lucas missing from the Grabbys … Again

Like him or hate him, Michael Lucas makes some good films (minus “Farts”)
Like “Return to Fire Island” but seems to be missing from the Grabbys nominations year after year. This year he is only listed for “The Intern” in People’s Choice Awards.

Lucas says that he no longer is submitting his films for Grabby consideration because he got tired of hearing the show’s producers claim that they don’t receive his screener in time. Many have speculated that the Grabbys exclude Lucas from the nominees because of a 2003 onstage rant he made against Grabby Awards owners Gay Chicago Magazine for honoring controversial porn agent (and former inmate) David Forest with a Best Non-Sex Performance award. (Lucas, of course, thinks Forest is a bad seed in the industry, and says that everyone should shun him accordingly. If this sounds like déja vu, it's because Lucas did something similar at this year's GayVN Awards.

Gay Chicago's editor, Mark Nagle is matter-of-fact about the issue. "Lucas Entertainment does not submit movies to us, so it just means we do not review his movies; nothing more, nothing less. This year's list of nominations, I think, is one of the most well rounded. The problem is that we only nominate between six to eight in each category so someone will be left out. There are so many good performances but we just try and do our best!"

Some of the other nominations for Best Films are our favorites, Falcon’s “Best Men 1 & 2” and Raging Stallion “To The Last Man” and my personal favorite from Jett Blakk and Dirty Bird Pictures “Endgame”.

Students Use Silence to Spread Message

Today Friday 17th is National Day of Silence, to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. Each year the event has grown, now with hundreds of thousands of students coming together to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior. Participants take a vow to not speak during a portion or all of their day in honor of those who have been silenced.

Carl Walker-Hoover, a recent victim of anti-LGBT bullying, would have turned 12 on this Day of Silence.

Talk about Discrimination … Bigot Elbo Room Bar in Peoria Illinois

Kinda makes you feel like your back in the 50's with "Black" and "White" water fountains. This sign was at The Elbo Room bar in Peoria, Illinois. Even though bar owner apologized, you have to think who ever wrote this sign, doesn't want gays in his bar.

Local activist take action and to express their outrage with protest. Stephanie Worlow one of the organizers of the protest says "The sign, they said, might as well have read, 'Gays are not welcome here.' 'The sign was basically a sign of intolerance, and we're not going to stand for it anymore. 'It's time that we as a community stand up for ourselves. We're not going to stand for intolerance anymore.' The group held three protests last weekend, one of which drew the attention of paintballers, who fired on the crowd. Police had no suspects in that attack"

Falcon Exclusives Aden & Jordan Give Cocksucking Techniques

The real life married xxx porn stars share their cocksucking tips with "Unzipped Magazine". The can be seen in Falcon's Latest DVD "Burning Desires" from director John Bruno where the duo connect via a two headed dildo.

"Ok, so we hope that most gay men know this but we both LOVE sucking dick and we feel that we have mastered the art of the blow job. First of all, lube your hand up with a water-based lube (stay away from the flavored ones—they get too sticky) and play around with the dick to get it hard. Use your hand, mouth and tongue to massage the dick—hand and mouth action is very important—working together in an up and down motion. Try putting a little twist in your hand while motioning up and down. Never let your free hand go unused. Play with your man's balls or ass or simply reach to his chest and feel his body. If you get tired simply use your hand to jerk him off while kissing him to give yourself a little rest. Doing everything simultaneously will surely stimulate your man to an explosion that will come-pletely satisfy him!"

Two Twinks you Want to Fuck Brent Corrigan & Zac Efron

Its hard to tell whos the porn star in this twink mash up

Sarah Palin is like a Pussy Because I hate them BOTH

Why cant this crazy bitch just get shot in the face.. where is Dick Cheney when you need him. Sarah Palin's pick for Alaska's attorney generalWayne Anthony Ross compared gays to lama beans because he hates them.

The Alaska Legislature voted 35 to 23 to to reject the confirmation. According to Legislative Research, today's rejection of Ross is the first time in state history that a head of a state agency has failed to be confirmed by the Legislature.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jet Set Shows Us How to Seduce Straight Guys

Adam Campbell, a Jet Set Exclusive and Cover boy for “Freshmen Magazine” with an article “What will those Straight Boys Think of Next” stars in the newest Jet Set DVD “5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy". Directed by Chris Steel the movie was inspired by the real life viral videos from the internet showing hot frat boys playing “gay chicken”. This is where two St8 guys go as far as they can in kissing each other, either you flinch and lose or go all the way and kiss and win. I call this a win, win situation.

Campbell is in the lead role and offers advice on how to nail the ever so covenanted straight boy tender ass. Steele made a conscious decision to fill the 10 member cast with performers who identify as gay-for-pay. "Who could be better to show how to get in a straight boy's pants than straight guys themselves," he said.
Campbell signed on as a Jet Set exclusive in November. He narrates and anchors two scenes, a pair of duos featuring Vince Ferelli and Patrick Bateman.
Remaining vignettes spotlight company exclusive Marcus Steele with Mason Alexander and Ryan Rockford, Cody Carter with Austin Wrigley and Jason Pitt with Dempsey Stearns.

The film's release this week is tied to Campbell's appearance on the cover of the current issue of Freshmen magazine. I don’t know about you… but I am going to take notes on this one!

Tennessee Schools Censor Gay Websites

More than 100 Tennessee public school districts could be illegally blocking students from accessing information about LGBT issues online, charges the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to the ACLU, the Internet filtering software blocks students’ access to the websites of well-known gay-affirming organizations such as Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; the Human Rights Campaign; the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network; the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation; and Marriage Equality USA.

On the contrary, sites that promote "reparative" therapy or "ex-gay" ministries to change sexual orientation can still be accessed, says the ACLU.
Now that’s just Fucked up!

Grossest Video EVER from Gay Domino’s Employees

This video will give you reason to get on the “Atkins Diet”. Two self identified gay (I would like someone to check their pink cards) Domino’s employees posted a disgusting video. The two employees where fired on Tuesday after public outcry.

“Look at him,” marvels Kristy. “Hard at work. A [sic] honest, good-looking gay man. Yes, I said ‘gay.’ And I’m gay too!” Their facetious tone and Kristy’s forced smile stir doubt about the gay claims. One wonders whether to read the stunt as gay defamation -- or an unfortunate attempt to break kitchen stereotypes.

If this teaches us anything, comb your hair before you post a video on YouTube!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lavender Lounge Studios Releases ‘Vintage Bareback: Hairy Muscle Daddy Collection’

Get ready for some Hairy guys with the famous "Porn Stach" and some bare Huge Cocks. Lavender Lounge Studios has release the first in a series of vintage gay male erotica titled “Vintage Bareback: Hairy Muscle Daddy Collection.” 2 Disc Set.

Lavender Lounge producer Mark Kliem transferred the movies to digital format from 8mm and Super 8 film from the 1970s.

“I’ve seen a lot of vintage compilations on DVD that were a mishmash of twinks, jocks, leather or whatever just thrown together, often with models on the cover that aren’t even in the films,” Kliem said. “My vintage releases will all be very niche-specific and targeted to buyers who know what they like. I chose ‘Hairy Muscle Daddy’ for the first release because it fits my own personal taste.”

You will sure have a "Daddy" fetish after this fantastic hot new release.

New York Magazine Profiles Michael Lucas

Who doesn't like an "expose" where Lucas tells us again and again how great and wonderful he is. After reading some of his quotes you might wonder how his inflated head gets through some doors, but it's his down to earth ego that will just warm your heart.

Performer-director included in feature about New Yorkers' early days in the city. The feature story titled "Arrivals" is online now at the magazine's official website.

Lucas is profiled among a batch of notable New Yorkers that includes actors James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Andy Samberg, former mayor David Dinkins, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, model Naomi Campbell, designer Diane Von Furstenberg and "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels.

"I am incredibly proud to be chosen by New York magazine," Lucas said. "Over my 13 years in business I have loved every minute of my assimilation into the best city in the world. I am a New Yorker. I greatly appreciate the openmindedness of the city and the respect they have always given me. It is a great feeling to have my accomplishments be acknowledged."

Lucas' profile notes he first arrived in the Big Apple in 1997.

"I had arrived at JFK with a backpack and a little suitcase and $150," Lucas notes. "I immediately started escorting for $300 an hour and working at the Gaiety Theater. Porn was not my dream; I wanted to be the next Tom Cruise. But I was realistic and practical, and saw my competition in Hollywood, and decided that the opportunity for me was in porn."

Within a few months, Lucas had saved enough money for his own place. However, he was still penniless. "I wore poor-person clothes like Abercrombie & Fitch, which was very sad, very beige. Eventually, when I started to get some money, I bought Valentino, because I did not know any better. I got bad haircuts and shopped in bad supermarkets. I learned to cook from marked-down cookbooks I bought at a Barnes & Noble, but I preferred the Burger King. I remember looking in the mirror once in 1997 and not seeing even one ab."

And you wonder why he get so much ice at award shows!

Amnesty Urges More Action On Iraqi Gay Murders

The Iraqi government must do more to protect homosexuals in the wake of a reported spate of killings of gay young men, Amnesty International has urged.

In the last few weeks, 25 boys and men are reported to have been killed in Baghdad because they were, or were perceived to be, gay, Amnesty said.

In a letter to Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, the rights organisation called for "urgent and concerted action".

It also criticised the government's failure to condemn the killings.

Amnesty called on the government to bring those responsible for the killings to justice and to afford effective protection to the gay community in Iraq.

NY Gov Paterson to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill on Thursday

"The announcement will take place at 10 a.m. on Thursday at Mr. Paterson’s office in Midtown Manhattan, said people who were briefed on the governor’s plans but who asked not to be identified because they did not want to upstage the governor. The fact that Mr. Paterson is introducing a bill does not, however, mean that action in the Legislature is imminent. It could take months — even longer — before the bill makes its way through the appropriate committees and onto the floor of the Senate and the Assembly."

Gay Adult Actor Steve Pierce Passes

Retired gay adult actor who specialized in BDSM Leather and Fetish Play, Steve Pierce has died. The 44-year-old performer passed March 12 in Palm Springs. No cause of death has been given. He is survived by his partner of two decades, whom he married in 2008.

Pierce was a familiar face on the gay adult scene from the mid- to late-'90s. His career encompassed approximately 40 films between 1995 and 2004, including such popular titles as "Flesh & Blood" (All Worlds Video, 1995), "The Chosen" (Falcon Studios, 1996) and "Johnny Hormone" (HIS Video, 1997).

He was a notable name in the BDSM and leather communities and specialized in enacting fetish play onscreen in such titles as "Dr. Good Glove" (Plain Wrapped Video, 1995), "Leather Lust" (Tenderloin Productions, 1995) and "Leather Tricks" (Close-Up Productions, 1996).

Pierce's interests ranged far beyond the adult business. His first novel, a science fiction adventure titled "World Without Winter," was published in 2008.

In a published obituary, his partner writes that Pierce "loved alternative music, cooked wonderful meals and was my absolute best friend. After 20 years together, it was as if we had just met. Our relationship remained fresh and full of optimism for the future."

Jett Blakk tells XBIZ "I directed Steve and did camera on three of his movies. He was always of good humor and eager to give the best performance possible. He would come onto the set with his leather gear and offer ideas to the director on how he could be 'abused.' He saw porn as a way to experiment with his body and to create a form of performance art as a way to express himself. Overall, Steve was a great guy, which is the best thing you can say about anybody.

Gay Author Christopher Rice Comments on Amazon "Error"

"Lambda Literary Foundation applauds the diligent work of writers, bloggers and activists in calling attention to this deeply distressing turn of events. I have seen my first novel stripped of its sale ranking by this apparent computer glitch so I join other writers who are baffled to the point of anger. I take great solace in the quick mobilization of our community in response to this apparent marginalization of LGBT books; the grassroots power of the Internet has been placed on glorious display for all to see. Over the next few days, we at Lambda Literary will be monitoring the situation very closely. Amazon is one of our nation's largest general book retailers. In their commitment to creating and sustaining technological advances in the publishing industry, they have laid claim to the future of book distribution. As such, they have a pressing responsibility to create an unfettered exchange of stories and ideas. If a quick and decisive response to this problem is not forthcoming within the next few days, we at Lambda Literary look forward to leading a sustained and impassioned dialogue on this issue, which will seek to harness the energies that have been released by our community's admirable response."