Friday, February 5, 2010

Jamie Kennedy Bares It All for new Film ... Not Bad

All size queens know that it's the goofy looking guy in the club that is HUNG! Jamie Kennedy is no different, showing us his package in his new film "Finding Bliss". Kennedy says "I'm not sure it's kosher dill, but it's more than a gherkin." He also added "Ron Jeremy told me, 'You've got some nice hang'. Now we know why he gets some of Hollywood’s finest like Mena Suvari, Paris Hilton and his latest Jennifer Love Hewitt, a nice schlong.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bitchy Mothers Protest Gay Friendly Armani Ads

The online mothers support group says the campaign promotes homosexuality. What are they afraid of, that their husbands will put on some underwear and want some cock?

The ads, launched for Valentine's Day, show same-sex couples embracing and urges customers to "share the love." But some people claim that they aren't feeling love when they see pictures of same-sex couple showing affection, and instead they say that the ads are demoralizing.


Sneek Peak of Caprica's Gay Couple

Get ready for the hottest gay couple on TV Sam Adama, played by Sasha Roiz, is a gangster and brother to Joseph Adama, a lawyer played by Esai Morales. See the clip.

New jersey Oompa-Loompa Judges Gay Contest

What is orange, smells like stale pizza and throw-up, and wears no panties, it’s Snookie from MTV New Jersey. She will be judging a "Hottest Male Body Contest" in Chicago. Have you seen some of the nasty Guido’s she has hook up with on the show?

The very hot Tattooed stud Ricky Sinz will be DJ'ing the Medusa nightclub on February 20th for the contest. Should be a fun night filled with porn stars, hot bodies and semi-reality stars.

Diesel Washington Sex Slave Wears Prada

You might have heard about the Prada Male Model Nick Snider getting arrested in Arkansas for DWI and trying to get the cops to let him go for some Cock and Ball sucking. Silly boy, they wont let you go unless you give them some ass and squeal like a pig. But it turns out Snider is a Pig... a Sex Pig for porn stud Diesel Washington.

Washington writes "Nick used to be a Slave boy of mine; He lives in NYC upper East side!!! I haven't heard from him in two weeks, Wow!!!!! Now finding out that he was arrested, and was trying to get out of the ticket by offering a blow job. That sounds like him; he was a good fuck slut. The boy lives to get fucked and I have fucked him hundreds of times. Plowing his ass and feeding him cum down his throat. It's a small world!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

VPSotW: Jim Buck

Active for only a relatively short time, he made a splash in 1997, winning all of the "Best Newcomer" awards for the Adult Video News, Gay Erotic Video Awards, the Grabbys, and the Men in Video Awards. With a swimmer's build, green eyes, brown hair, he was a sexually charged actor in a bunch of films released over two years. While his dick was pierced, he didn't easily slip into general "leather" arena, and did a lot of different roles. Like his role in "Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard," where he was believable as both nerdy professor and the casanova he turns into. And his award winning performance as "Colorado" in "Naked Highway" (also directed by Wash West), let us see the raw sexuality and angst of a guy who sets out to find his ex-lover Billy-Jo. If you haven't seen him in anything, its well worth picking up.

Videography (not including compilations):

Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard (1996; BIG Video)
1st Time Tryers 02 (1996; All Worlds)
Mardi Gras Cowboy (1996; All Worlds)
Fallen Angel 1 (1997; Titan Media)
Gold Diggers (1997: All Worlds)
Hard Core (1997; All Worlds)
Naked Highway (1997; BIG Video)
A Tale of Two Brothers (1997; All Worlds)
Toolbox (1997; BIG Video)
At Twilight Come the Flesheaters (1998; Watershed Prod.)

A Rash of Returns?

As noted on Queer Me Now blog, gay porn stars are coming back like the swallows to Capistrano. Jason Adonis is back and fucking guys on, and Ken Ryker is taking personal appearance meetings. The more shocking news is the apparent return of Marcus Iron, doing some work for Treasure Island Media. Prior winner of Grabby and GayVN awards, and a personal favorite, I was surprised to see him active, since he last appeared in video in '05. Queer Me Now has suggested that this is because of tough economic times, but it seems more like the usual cycles in gay porn. Your thoughts?

Monday, February 1, 2010

First JRL Gay Film Awards Planned

JRL has announced taht it will host the first ever JRL Gay Film Awards ceremony Sept 19 at the Catch One Disco in L.A.

According to a prepared statement, awards will be presented in 62 categories encompassing brick-and-mortar and online operations. In addition to traditional categories like Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay, genre awards will be offered in almost every category (bareback, performer type, fetishes, etc.). Content websites, blogs and online retailers also will be honored.

“The JRL awards is going to be a great show, and we are looking forward to giving everyone from consumers, retailers, distributors, producers, directors and actors a great night to celebrate our industry,” Powell noted. “This event will be open to both industry and consumers, because consumers are the backbone of our industry and they, too, deserve to see their favorite stars in person.”

Nominations are expected to be announced Aug. 6.

Animated Clip About Prop 8

From Joseph Gordon Levitt, "They Can't Turn The Lights Off"

Jeremy Bilding Teaches your Cock to Act

Jeremy Bilding's is not only one hot pornstar but his cock is a great actor. Soon you can see for yourself how great his cock is because Rascal Toy line announced that his will be the next Sensafirm Dildo to hit the shelves.

Channel 1 has just extended his contract for an additional year today and the star is currently nominated for Performer of the Year by both XBIZ and Cybersocket, Bilding currently appears in C1R’s Playing with Fire: 4 Alarm and soon will be seen in the studio’s reality-fantasy hybrid, Steven Daigle XXXposed.

“No one else can offer a performer what Channel 1 Releasing can when it comes to their level of commitment,” he said. “Their dedication to excellence is not something you see in a lot of other studios. I can’t imagine not being a part of the C1R family.”

LaRue said Bilding’s physical assets are not the only things about the performer that impress.

“We’re very lucky to have Jeremy Bilding as part of our team, because he’s one of those guys who help give adult entertainment such a great name,” the director said. “He’s just as smart and as nice as he is hot. All that and a delicious big dick. What’s not to love?”