Friday, May 14, 2010

VPSofW: Brian Shawn

I know, I know, faithful blog readers. You're sick of redheads. No one has left a comment to that effect, but I don't get that many comments anyways. All I have to say: tant pis! (as they say in the Province of Quebec). It's my VSPotW and you can cry if you want to!

Also known as Brian DePaul, and better known as Tom Lord (from that moniker he operates his site), I will acknowledge that he might not win any beauty contests. But, for fans of his, its all about the huge dick and big muscles. Standing 5'8" at 200 lbs, with green eyes and barely visible red hair, he is best known for being a recipient of muscle worship. Before that, he did "regular" porn, mostly in the 90's.

My picks from his work: "Stop In The Name Of Sex," which is an orgy flick bu is notable because it features Brain Shawn fucking Rusty Samuels (another redhead), and "Do Me Dirty" where he is featured with a hot cast in a large orgy. Next week, I promise, no redheads.

Videography (excluding compilations):
Men at Work 2 (Hollywood Sales)
Al Parker's Kinky Stuff (1990, Al Parker Prod.)
The Playground (1994, Atlas Prod.)
Stop In the Name of Sex (1994, Bijou Video)
The Big Showoff (1995, Tenderloin Prod.)
Do Me Dirty (1995, Tenderloin Prod.)
Foolin' Around (1995, West Hollywood Films)
Hard Way (1995, RedBoard Video)
Invitation (1995, Atlas Prod.)
Rawhide Red (1995, RedBoard Video)
What Men Do (1995, Tenderloin Prod.)
Home From the Gym (2002, I Love Muscle Prod.)
The Muscle Lord (2002, MuscleGods Prod.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brandon Lee Does More Porn; No Longer Just Vintage

As you may know, one of my recent VPSotWs was Brandon Lee. When I saw that Channel 1 was releasing "Affirmative Blacktion," and the cast included Brandon Lee, I assumed this was one of Chi Chi's recycling specials. You know, like "Vance Winter Taking It In" which features a hot scene between Vance Winter and Jeremy Bilding interspersed with scenes from old CR1 flicks. So I figured Brandon Lee was featured like that (in the old stuff); I was wrong.

Directed by Doug Jeffries, "Affirmative Blacktion" this flick pokes politically incorrect fun at too many stereotypes to list. According to promotional materials, “the comedy’s most intolerant characters get their comeuppance in the end.” At the center of the action, Brandon Lee returns to Channel 1 for his first gay adult role in several years. According to Jeffries, Lee produced some of his best acting and sex work for the film. Among the standout scenes is one in which Lee bottoms for both Matthew Rush and Rod Daily. Also in the cast are C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano, Mitchell Rock and Eddie Diaz, along with Aron Ridge and Rob Romoni. Award-winning hetero star Sharon Kane makes a non-sex appearance.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cosmopolitan's 2010 "Naked Centerfolds Special"

To raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer, some of the hottest (and one homophobic) male celebrities get naked for UK Cosmopolitan. Stephen Baldwin, the born again who said that homosexuality is "not normal" said while starring in the British version of Celebrity Big Brother, he was shocked by the body on Swedish record producer Jonas “Basshunter” Altberg was a stud muffin!

Some of the other hot guys that strip down are Jesse Metcalfe, Nigel Barker, Craig David, Danny Young, Adam Garcia and Ugo Monye. Hey if you guys ever need a to check your prostate out, I'm happy to help.

Butt Magazine Bites the Dust

Another porn magazine goes under (maybe), Butt magazine has announced that they are ceasing publication for the rest of the year. They say that they will try to resume publishing in 2011 in an e-mail to subscribers but this year we have seen different porn rags trying to re-group and folding.

Dear BUTT friend,

You may have noticed that BUTT magazine has been coming out more and more irregularly recently, and in fact we are taking a little break this year from the quarterly publication schedule, in order to develop the magazine’s online presence and other BUTT projects. This means that a printed follow-up of the current issue (BUTT 28) is not expected until 2011. In the meantime we’ll use this sabbatical from print as a welcome break to develop new exciting ideas and formats for BUTT, both online and off. Ideas and contributions are welcome as ever! This August we’ll be launching an updated and more versatile version of our popular website, – with more fun and functionality for readers and a new platform for BUTTHEADS, the digital community of BUTT lovers. Meanwhile, a follow-up of the delicious BUTT 2010 calendar is well on its way for 2011. Stay tuned!

Titan Men Star Francois Sagat & Marco Blaze Cocks get Immortalized

It’s about time that two of the hottest guys in porn get their own dildo. Titan Men stars Francois Sagat and Marco Blaze are the newest porn stars to have their very own lifelike dildo. Now you can get fucked by either (or both) Titan stars anytime you like. Sagat huge meat measures 8” x 7” with that wonderful curve that his cock is famous for. Blaze’s monster meat, measures a whopping 8.5” x 7.5” , both are hand detailed with every bulging veins and meaty balls and are Anti-bacterial, latex free with a suction cup. Check out the clips below of Sagat making his mold for his dildo. Damn I wish I could be his fluffer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Are you Fabulis?

Social networking and new media has made huge strides for gay men in the last ten years. Sites like and brought ways for us to connect to other like minded and equally horny men from any PC or Mac. We have come a long way from the print media only found in head-shops, porn-shops, and the magazine rack at the door of the local gay bar. I remember my routine was grab one of my city's gay publications as I left the bars after a night of partying. I wanted to see who I knew in photo collage section of local events and then judge what they are wearing or who their arm is around. "No she didn't!"

There was a time when the Advocate and Out Magazine were always shipped in gray plastic to hide it's contents. But my last subscription allowed me the option to have my Advocate shipped stripped of that wrapping and now is in my mailbox monthly proud to be a gay issues magazine with nothing to hide. We freely posted our sexual preferences on Myspace when that was in. Linked our relationship status to our boyfriends and partners on Facebook for all our former high school classmates to see and realize what they already suspected before the next reunion. And now we have Fabulis. is a new site where gay men can network with other gay men. To find out what other like minded and local people are doing. You can link Fabulis to your Facebook account so that what you choose to share on Facebook will be visible on Fabulis. Other Fabulis users can view your profile to see your pictures, browse your upcoming plans based on invites you've RSVP for, and other profile details. All linked to Fabulis from Facebook.

Because all this is link to Facebook, at first I thought it was like Farmville for gays. And I long ago block all that shit! " I don't care if you need help working your crops! I don't do manual or even virtual labor!"

On Fabulis you have the option to choose your city and three things about yourself you identify as. These things can be hobbies, traits, or interests of your choosing. You are grouped with other people within these lists and ranked. Examples of these lists are "foodie", "bear", "advocate", or "hottie". You can pick to link to an existing list, or be the sole member of one you create and invite others to join. You are ranked within the lists, your city, and the overall site of all Fabulis members.

Within Fabulis you can see what is happening locally and around the world. The sites CEO, Jason Goldberg says "If I’m trying to find the best burger, the best boutique, restaurant or nightclub in a certain city, I want to know what people like me are saying," on the sites blog.

I have played with Fabulis here and there for the last month. Checked out the lists and even cruised a few of the self-identified "hotties". At first there were not many members and the events area was empty for me locally. Now that more people are joining and linking to it, I do see there is potential of finding what is going on around me. You can also link to cities in your travel plans, to see what the locals are planning to do. I did notice you can not be a "potty mouth", as the error reads when I tried to say "hell". I didn't even know "hell" was a bad word. Good thing Paulie and Evan let me say whatever the hell I want to on the Gay Porn Talk Blog!

The ranking thing is a bit hard to understand and feels like being picked last in a middle school gym for kickball again. Especially when your overall ranking is in the thousands. You earn "Bits" for going to the site daily, for nominating people, and when other members "Vote up" you. This moves you up within a list and determines your ranking within it. I do look forward to seeing how fabulous Fabulis can be. But if it annoys me, I'll block it on Facebook. Just like Farmville.