Thursday, July 12, 2007

Falcon’s 3 New Porn Star Dildo’s

For all you dildo luving bottoms, today Falcon Studios announced 3 new porn star dildos, Jason Adonis, Erik Rhodes and Cort Donovan and should be available mid August 2007. It has been a long time cumming, seems about 4 year’s since a new porn star dildo from Falcon (Matthew Rush) one of my favorites. All 3 new dildos are about the same size, Cort Donovan 7 ¼” Insertable Length and 6 ¼ wide with his famous curve, Erik Rhodes 7” insertable and 6 ¼ wide and Jason Adonis 7” insertable 6 ¾ wide wit a nice fat head. All are molded from the pornstars erect cocks, boy would I love to be the fluffer that day! If you want to be notified when they are in, make sure to sign up for gaycheapporn specials.

Monday, July 9, 2007

American Idol gone bad?

Clay Aiken (gayken) is in the news again this week. Surprisingly, not for some fisting sexcapades on the webcam where he then says his sexuality is private. This was right out in public and much more fun! Clay was questioned by the F.B.I. for a cat fight on a plane. You know I love a cat fight. Allegedly, he put his feet on a woman’s armrest which escalated into an argument that lead into shoves. I knew you got perks in First class but I didn’t see free wrestling listed!! I need to upgrade from now on. The F.B.I. told the news “there was a dispute between a male passenger and a woman on the flight. He said the man was a former "American Idol" contestant but did not give his name”. Aiken always says American Idol helped him put his best foot forward so I guess he is right

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Video Reviews from GPT#109

Okay, TR has posted, so I can talk about him! During the interview Paulie and I had with TR, he surprised me by telling us that he wasn't really a fan of most foreign gay porn. I say surprised because I have always been a big fan. Gay porn is like the NBA (Okay, maybe I just blew your mind, but work with me.) Some time ago, the NBA was mostly Americans, and the thought of having a Croatian or Russian might be unthinkable! Today's NBA, being a preeminent basketball league in the world, has people of many nationalities. In gay porn today, people come from all over and I find its the differences that make things interesting. Its hard to keep the good men down (Especially when they're strong enough to break the cords that I tie them down with, but I digress).

Take the first movie this week: Rich Kid. The cover has Dean Monroe, and I know him from the work he has done for Falcon Studios. But, he's a Brit, and a very hot Brit at that. Given his work for Falcon, I have, in my own mind, claimed him for USA, that's not the case. He is well displayed in two scenes, scene three and the extra scene. Are there a lot of non-English speakers in this flick? You betcha, although most of the dialog is in English. Is it really hot, with or without any subtitles. You betcha! I gotta say that my favorite scene is scene three, with Marco Sanchez and Manuel Martinez by the pool. Hot, hot flip-flop scene that leaves no ass unturned! Sure, there is some plot about being rich and the rich kid having a birthday, but don't watch this for the dialog or plot. (If I want either, with a good dose of great sex, I'll pick up one of Jett Blakk's movies). I gave Rich Kid three and a half splats. If this was "Mad Money" and I was Jim Cramer, I would rate this one a 'must buy.' (Please talk to your financial advisor before making any investment decisions)

Onto the second movie, which is "European Holiday, Part 1." from Falcon International. This is the second in the "relaunch," although they (Falcon) aren't calling it that. The first, 'Knock-Out,' was good, but I think this one is better. Tim Hamilton directs and I believe that this is his directorial debut. (Maybe not, 'cause you'd think that Falcon would say something about it, considering they're going apeshit over Matthew Rush's directorial debut!) The cover is David Watts who has a most perfect body, IMHO; not too big, not too thin, cute face and rockin', cut body. If you watched Rich Kid (I hear somebody rated it as a 'must buy') then you might have seen David Watts, but he was called 'Derek Lyon.' (For those of you keeping score at home, he's also gone by: Casper Wats, Casper Watts & Johan Schwartz; If you read about Johan Lytts, that's probably him!) Anyway, if you like David Watts, this is the movie for you since he is in three of the four scenes. My favorite scene is him with Bel Ami staple Danny Saradon in the last scene. There seems to be a lot of connections between the guys, which comes through in the sex, which adds to the hotness and believability of the scenes. A great directorial debut for Tim Hamilton, at least according to me. I gave it three and a half splats. Go have yourself a holiday!