Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playgirl Launches Mobile Site

Playgirl has launched, an integrated site that offers pay-per-download mobile video clips and live video chat.

“Playgirl fans have always been style leaders and trendsetters,” Playgirl spokesperson Vincent Stevens said. “As such, they are avid users of the latest mobile communications technology. Now they can interact with Playgirl’s standard-setting adult content wherever they are, whenever that feeling hits. We’ve always had a reputation of ‘delivering the heat,’ now we’re delivering it in the hottest, most advanced format possible.”

Live video chat and phone sex lines also are available at, allowing users to chat one-on-one with male models on their mobile device.

Ohio Man Crashes Car in Adult Store for Sex Toy

You know you must be horny for some sex toys when you ram your car through a sex store to steal it.

The man reportedly selected one product only to put it back in exchange for — rather than in addition to — the Topco Sales-manufactured vibrating pussy mold of adult start Carmen Luvana.

Adult Mart store manager Tracy Holmes said she suspects the thief has frequented the store in the past, for it appeared upon viewing the security tape that he knew very well how to navigate himself, and his car, around the store after hours.

That's what I call HORNY!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AMG Cenceored by Apple for Male Nipple

Apple has removed from its online store a previously approved app built by gay adult company Athletic Model Guild.

The app in question is called AMG Beefcake and features non-nude, erotic images of male models. The galleries for the app come from the earlier work of company founder Bob Mizer, offering fans a wide selection of "Wild Bunch"-style images of men in jeans, leather jackets and a variety of 1950s styles.

“It’s one thing to deny nudity in the content that you make available to the public, but when you start censoring images that could very well pop up in a Diet Coke commercial, there’s something going seriously wrong,” AMG Director of Communications Christopher Trout said. “Even the federal government, which was once the gold standard for prudishness in the US, has never been this tyrannical about their censorship of the human body.”

Apple has also been criticized specifically for its inconsistent and overly harsh treatment of adult. Tech analyst MG Siegler of noted that with the release of the most recent iPhone operating system, Apple has the power to give app's movie-style ratings. AMG's Beefcake app was given the toughest rating, 17+.

Derek Rivero Says "Fuck You" to Bloggers

When Twinks Go Crazy is what I would call this Video. Don't Call Derek Rivero a "Drama Queen" of he might just scratch your eyes out. This might have been the best video he has ever made!

Monday, September 14, 2009