Friday, September 23, 2011

Retreat Falcon Studios 4 Splats Review & Trailer

Falcon Studios Retreat 4 Scenes 90 mins Extra - Previews 4 Splats

Everyone needs a retreat away from their everyday lives once in a while. A few days off in the countryside escaping from the stress and demands of everyday life can do anyone some good. The retreat is even better when you're with the hottest men around, and they want to help you make the most of your R&R. On this retreat, it's the nonstop intense action between these stunning men that leads to the most fulfilling rest and relaxation. These hot encounters make this retreat all the more satisfying and reinvigorating.

Review - Pros- 8 of the hottest men in porn, has something for everyone with mostly Outdoor public sex. This is reminiscent of classic Falcon but pumped up to make it a Falcon 2.0. All 4 Scenes are great with the camera really getting some good "Fuck Shots" but Exclusive Trent Locke hungry hairy hole getting rammed by Jesse Santana Huge Cock is the hottest, no romance just ass pounding, riding sex. Cons - Some of the filming seems "choppy" from one sex position to another, but does not really effect the overall enjoyment of DVD.

Falcons Official Trailer

Also Check out the Scenes with Jesse Santana, Trent Locke & Roman Heart, Will Helm

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Hustler will give you $1 Million if you Fucked Rick Perry

We all know that Rick Perry will fuck us if elected president. Larry Flynt has put a "Booty" on Governor Rick Perry head of a cool 1 Million dollars. While Governor Perry’s might have prayed that the rumors of his infidelities would go away, but questions that Texas Governor and GOP Presidential Nomination Candidate Rick Perry is either Gay and, or, slept with strippers and escorts, have resurfaced after Robert Morrow, a Republican, Ron Paul For President Supporter, and the self-proclaimed President of The “Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy,” or “CASH” took out this ad in the Austin Chronicle asking “Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a young “hottie” impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas? Contact CASH and we will help you publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords spouting family values hypocrite and fraud.”

Larry does not care if you have had straight or gay sex he just wants some documented evidence of illicit sexual or intimate relations with the governor. Anyone else ready for a road trip to Texas, first time sucking some cock could end you up a millionaire.

Falcon Studios Turns 40

One of the pioneers and visionaries of gay porn Chuck Holmes, founded Falcon Studios in San Francisco in 1971 when porn was sold in blurry 8mm film, photo sets and was vaguely illegal. Selling from under the counter at book stores like Le Salon, Falcon and businessman Chuck Holmes helped change the industr and became on of its greatest successes.

September 24th marks Falcon Studios 40th anniversary and will be celebrated with parties and re-releases in conjunction with the annual Raging Stallion Folsom party and plans to announce Falcon's first ever "Man of the Year". Chuck Holmes has since passed away in 2000, but sure he would be thrilled with the direction of Raging Stallion Studios with founder Chris Ward pumping out high quality porn.

Falcon’s influence on the history of gay porn cannot be overstated. Holmes took a hobbyist’s industry and modernized it, building a studio and star system based on the MGM model. At a time when many directors were focusing on theatrical distribution, Holmes concentrated on mail order, producing not only his own films but also buying up rights to those of his competitors. During the 1980s and ’90s—the heyday of VHS—Falcon dominated the industry. Today, in the haze of a thousand websites and imitators, it remains one of the most enduring brands.

“I grew up watching Falcon movies back in the 1970s and 1980s,” said Ward, who in late 2010—with the help of Raging Stallion parent company AEBN—engineered a purchase of the company. “My favorites from the early years were Al Parker and Dick Fisk. Both of these men greatly influenced my own direction when I started my porn career.”

Ward is not the first porn director influenced by Falcon Studios. Over the course of 40 years the company has served as an incubator for gay porn’s greatest talents. Steven Scarborough, GayVN Hall of Famer and founder of Hot House Entertainment, was vice president of the company in the late ’80s and early ’90s (as well as Holmes’ real-life partner during those years).

In turn, Scarborough hired John Rutherford, now president of COLT Studio Group. Rutherford took over operations of the company after Scarborough’s departure in 1992, and continued after Holmes’ death in 2000. Chi Chi LaRue of Channel 1 Releasing, Bruce Cam of Titan Media and George DuRoy of Bel Ami all spent formative periods shooting for Falcon. Studio heads Michael Lucas and Kristen Bjorn started as models for the company.

Perhaps the most anticipated fruits of the celebration, though, will come from the vaunted Falcon Studios library. Beginning after Labor Day, Falcon will release previously out-of-print titles from the Falcon vault, transferred from the original master prints. While no titles have been specified, certain titles—sometimes shelved by Holmes after he began dating a specific model—haven’t been seen in nearly 20 years.

Fleshlight Goes Spookie with Freak Dildos

Get ready to scare your asshole and cock with Fleshligh Freaks products. Both Fleshlighs and dildos are available now in Zombie, Alien, Frankenstein, Dracula and Cyborg varieties. Each product features a design inspired by the monster or alien it represents: For instance, the Frankenstein options have a green dildo that looks pieced together from several parts (that's one way to make the perfect man), while the Fleshlight sleeve has the same motif.

Each of the Fleshlights in the Freaks line also features a new texture unique to each style, making these one-of-a-kind collector’s items.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Porn Legend Ryan Idol Convicted of Attempted Murder

Ryan Idol aka Marc Anthony Donais star of the best selling 90s porn titles Idol Eyes, Idol Worship, Idol Country and Idol in the Sky has been convicted of attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend with a toilet tank lid by a Sacramento Superior Court jury. During the trial, Donais testified that he thought his ex-girlfriend had a knife when they were in the bathroom, where she was taking a bath. He said he hit the woman in self-defense. Jurors, however, didn't buy his argument.

This isn't his first time in trouble, he was accused of "misuse" of non-profits funds of a Kids charity of over $30,000. He testified that because of his 1998 fall (Idol has stated that he doesn't recall jumping but that "the drugs and alcohol took over."", he was not at his full faculties and could not recall the details.

Regarding his sexuality, Idol stated, "I don't like to label myself....I'd just like to say I'm a loving person. I can love a man and I can love a woman

Check him out in action from All Worlds / C1R Trade Off

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R.E.M. Michael Stipe Au Natural

R.E.M.s frontman posted a video of his daily routines from his bathroom on tumblr and he has a nice fat.