Thursday, October 9, 2008

GayBowl 8 US National Gay Flag Football This Weekend

Who doesn't like football, tightends, big balls, and all that butt slapping. This wekeend is GayBowl 8 the Gay Flag American football tournament bringing together 20 teams and 350 players from across America.

The contest this year is being held in Salt Lake City and is set to provide spectators with some hot action of the on-field football variety, of course.

With so many hot gay footballers in the one place at the one time, there are sure to be some great man-on-man stories to tell after the weekend - from both on and off the field.

Check out the site GayBowl for all the info and some hot sweaty pics.

BangBangBoys Signs 18yo Top Brazilian Exclusive

Christopher just turned 18 and what a gift to all of us for BangBangBoys to sign him exclusive. A native of Sao Paulo Brazil, hes hot, hung and a Kinky top.

"I just turned 18, and the opportunity was there," he explained. "I enjoy working with [BangBangBoys honcho] Gavin Lowe. It was fun and he made everything easy, plus he showered me with cool gifts. Whatever clothes I [am photographed in] I get to keep."

Although Christopher hasn't been in the adult industry long, he said he likes what he's seen so far. Does he intend to stay, or is this just a diversion?

"I'm not sure," he said. "Ask me in a year. I just turned 18. I still haven't decided what I want to do."

Matthew Rush, Johnny Hazzard in Safe Sex Message

Porn stars like Matthew Rush, Jonny Hazzard, Steve Cruz and many others are pushing the safe sex message in a campaign called How I Roll.

With the rise in popularity of bareback porn, Cruz and his fellow porn dudes are trying to remind gays that condoms are at the forefront of stopping the continuing spread of HIV.

Porn Star Mason Wyler Raped and Beaten at Gunpoint

In a very scary story, Mason Wyler and his partner were held captive and repeatedly assaulted and raped for over 5 hours in their home in Dallas. If that isn't bad enough, Police accused him of bringing the assault on himself and they were charged $100 for a rape kit.

It started off very innocent when Wyler agreed to meet a fan that he thought was going to be deployed to Iraq at a Dallas club. Whler accidentally left his wallet behind and the attacker showed up at the couple’s house.

The meeting started off pleasantly enough, Wyler recalled. "The guy was hotter than his pictures. Real big and muscular. Me being who I am, I felt him up and then kissed him. He kissed me back. Then his shirt came off; then my shirt came off...."

The assailant-to-be told Wyler he was into muscle worship, and that suited Wyler just fine. When he wanted to move into edge play, Wyler said he figured "Why not?" He let the alleged captain bind his wrists, then blindfold him and later tie his ankles.

"That freaked my boyfriend out," Wyler said. "But I was like, you know, he's going to Iraq and we're being safe." Wyler's assessment of safe changed the moment the man pulled out a gag.

"I've always been afraid of that, I don't breathe well through my nose, so I breathe through my mouth a lot. When he wanted to gag me, I decided it was time to stop."

The captain, however, wouldn't take "no" for an answer, and when Wyler's boyfriend tried to run for help, he brandished a gun to enforce his will.

Wyler said the gunman repeatedly raped both him and his boyfriend over the next five hours. He beat them. He sodomized them with foreign objects and injected them with what may have been drugs.

"I thought it was a piss enema at first," Wyler said, "but because of the way I felt afterward, I don't know."

Wyler said things became a bit confused after that. He remembers loosening the restraints on his wrists and finding the assailant's gun within reach. He said he tried to fire it in the direction of his attacker's voice, but the weapon either wasn't loaded or was only partially loaded. Nothing happened when he pulled the trigger. The effort earned him more physical and verbal abuse. At some point, Wyler heard the assailant use a phone to invite others over to participate, but he can't say for sure whether any arrived or how many others may have participated.

"Eventually, I got so exhausted from fighting him and the drugs, I didn't even care anymore," he said. "I thought we were going to die."

Wyler isn't sure how he managed to get out of the apartment and go next door seeking help. He thinks the assault must have been over by the time he sought assistance from his next-door neighbor, who he believes is straight and a cop.

"Initially, that's what I thought would save us," he states. "I knew he was home and the walls and floors are so incredibly thin, I didn't see how he could not hear what was going on. Of course, I had this mask thing [made of tape] over my head, so I couldn't scream."

Wyler is coping with the assault better than he imagined although he said he is much more cautious about where he goes and who he talks to.

"Be aware that looks can be deceiving," he said. "[My attacker] didn't look like a rapist. What does a rapist look like? Just be careful."

Classic Pre Condom Falcon "Like a Horse"

Whether you love the 80's big hair, or the HUGE Cocks Like A Horse is Falcons most famous Videos. Starring the str8 stud (who once said he never got fuck in gay film... guess he forgot huge cock in his ass). The "Adam and Adam" fantasy with a live tiger is HOT! Check out the Clip of Like a Horse

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AMG New XXX Hot Fantasy Contest

AMG want to know your wildest sexual fantasy and if you win, your fantasy will appear in an Upcoming AMG Brasil Film plus a shout out from the cast of Suruba: Duro. Entries will be judged on relatability, legibility and applicability.
To enter go to, deadline is October 13th at midnight.

Who wouldn’t want to see their hottest darkest fantasy come true on screen, I know both Evan and I are going to enter.

AMG Brasil Officially Wrapped Latest “RIO”

Award winning AMG Brasil has wrapped up its latest hardcore feature Rio this week. The project which was announced last month blurs the lines between hardcore porn and documentary. In Rio, models are interviewed about their experiences working as porn stars and escorts in one of the World’s hottest and most dangerous cities, before playing out their fantasies on film.

You Can Fuck Sarah Palin like she wants to Fuck the US

If you thought Sarah Palin is full of hot air, this blow up love doll from Topco Sales will prove you right. It’s called “This Isn’t Sarah Palin” Love doll and is just as smart as the real one. If you ever wanted to see an Alaskan Beaver, now is your chance.